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Hello all. Myself Ravi from Hyderabad, back with another story. Thanks for your feedback. Any women interested in having a discrete relationship and exploring your fantasies are always welcome. A humble request to not ask for the numbers of these aunties as their confidentiality is my promise to them and it is my responsibility.

This happened before lockdown. I am excited to read the blogs about couple swapping and when I started to get information about it, the results were shocking that many Indian couples are already into this lifestyle and specially telugu couple. During my regular search on social media I got connected with a lady Srilu (name changed) from Vijayawada and she expressed that her husband Raju (name Changed) is interested in swapping and she too got influenced by that. She asked if I am interested in swapping my partner.

To come to the point, I do not have a partner for this, so I have asked one of my friends Jyothi (name Changed) and she accepted after requesting her as she too was interested to experience that. After introducing each other we exchanged phone numbers and I was talking to Srilu on phone regularly and I understood many things about her like her interests, fantasies etc. After Raju meeting Jyothi he too was comfortable with her. We decided to proceed and planned to meet at Vijayawada in a friend's house which was vacant. They were married couple with 2 kids. She was about 5.3" height with a curvy body. Good pair of boobs size around 36 and round ass which would move rhythmically when she walks it tempts any man to fuck her ass, and her husband was slim.

One night during our video call, I asked her that I am interested in seeing her private parts, to my surprise she removed her dress and showed me her upper body. My god, those boobs were so perfect shaped with stiff nipples even after giving birth to two kids and she has covered her legs. Later we fixed a date to meet them and myself and my friend traveled to Vijayawada.

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We reached the destination house in the late evening and were waiting for them to come. The couple arrived with their kids and as planned before her husband carried vodka and whisky. We were happy to see each other. Srilu fed the kids first and they were sent to sleep. It was a three-bedroom flat and kids occupied children bedroom and we were left with two bedrooms each. Sitting in the hall and watching TV, we started to drink vodka first, Srilu didn't have any experience of boozing, we influenced her to drink it by mixing a fruit juice, after few requests she accepted and started to drink.

She managed to have 2 pegs. We started to talk on general topics and slowly the topic went to personals. Since I had many video calls with Srilu, there was nothing much to talk about us also, she was feeling drowsy by now. I told her husband that we are going into one bedroom and he can have drinks with my Jyothi and whenever they are comfortable, they can go to sleep.

Srilu told Raju that she is going to sleep, and I took her in to the bedroom. It was exciting moment for me to take someone's wife into bedroom in front of her husband. After getting into the bedroom I locked it from inside and hugged her tightly. She was comfortable with me since we had many calls before. I kissed her and pressed her boobs over her blouse.

They were soft. I pulled her pallu down and completely removed her saree and threw it on the bed. She was standing in petticoat and blouse. I started unbuttoning her blouse one after the other. Last button was tough to remove, Srilu helped me in removing it. Now she was standing in sky-blue colour bra. The bra was not able to hold the boobs and they were popping out. I was sitting on the bod and the boobs were just in front of my face.

I kissed those boobs and wrapped my hands around her and unbuttoned her bra and threw it down. Her boobs are pink in colour with light brown nipples. They were perfectly shaped and soft. I took one boob into my mouth and started sucking it. My tongue was making circles around her areola. Her nipples were stiff now and I could see her boob was changing its colour. I started sucking it hard and pressing the other boob. The vodka was showing its effect and I could see that Srilu was enjoying the act. She was moaning, holding my head and pressing it towards her boobs. Closing her eyes and biting her lips.

I placed my hands on her butts and started rubbing them and feeling the shape and softness. I started licking her body and running my tongue from her boobs on to her stomach and making circles around her naval. Wrapping hands, I was pressing her butts and feeling her ass crack. I untied her petticoat and it fell at once. Now she was in her panty. I could see the wetness on it as she was hot, and her pussy was already secreting juices. I continued kissing her belly button and my hands were on her butts, I inserted my fingers under into her panty and started exploring her ass hole. My tongue was in her naval checking the depth of it. She was going crazy and pressing my head. She was moaning and shaking her waist. I pulled the panty down and now her clean-shaven pussy was in front of me. It was pink with juices oozing.


I stood and made her lie on bed and folded her legs and spread them giving me a clear view of her juicy pussy. I bent down and placed my tongue on it and tasted her juices for the first time. It was salty the smell was driving me crazy. I started to lick it passionately and started to fuck her with my tongue. She was moaning loud and wrapped her legs around my shoulders, pressing my head to her vagina. I was feeling breathless, still managed to lick. At the same time I was rubbing her thighs and now I placed my palms under her butts and rubbing them while licking. She was enjoying this and was pushing her pussy towards my mouth. I separated her labials exploring her pussy with my tongue, licking her clitoris. She has pushed my head hard to her pussy and shivered with a moan, her juices were flowing on my face. She is done with her first orgasm.

I stood up and gave my dick to her for a BJ, she is such an expert in doing it. I have never come across anyone like that. After few minutes I made her lie on her back and spread her legs, the pussy was full of juices. I positioned my dick on her pussy and started stared to insert it. The lubrication of the pussy has made the entry easy. I bent on her and licked her boobs and gave kiss to her. Looking into her eyes I started to fuck her in missionary position.

She was holding my shoulders and giving me opposite pushes. Her boobs were swinging according to the body movements. My dick was rubbing her vaginal walls touching her clitoris. She was enjoying the act and her eyes half closed she was moaning. She wrapped her legs around me. Even though the AC was on low temperature we both were sweating.

I was fucking her hard and I could feel that I was going to cum. I whispered in her ears and got to know that she too has the same feel. We both increased the speed and had orgasm together. I wrapped her tight and released my load into her pussy, she was asking me not to release inside as she doesn't like that even though she had her vasectomy operation. To tease her I released it. She got up from the bed and ran into the bathroom naked. She was looking sexy in that position. Keeping the bathroom door open she started to pee and washed her private parts. I went into the bathroom and she cleaned my dick as well.

We both came out and she wore her new camisole which she bought for today's occasion. I was lying naked and she was resting her head on my shoulders and were talking about what could be happening in the next room between Raju and Jyothi.

She was telling me how her husband used to fuck her thinking about Jyothi after talking to her. He was so excited to fuck Jyothi. Maybe by now they might have gone into the bedroom. To check what was the situation I peeped into hall and they were not to be seen. The lights in the hall were put off. I walked naked towards their bedroom and tried to listen from their bedroom. I could hear the moaning sounds of Jyothi and gasping sound of Raju. Understood that they both are fucking like hungry animals. I asked Srilu to come and listen to these sounds, she joined me and quickly ran into our bedroom. She was feeling shy to explain about what could going on there in that room. We both turned hot after this and feel like to have another round. This time its was easy to remove her camisole as there were no inners for her.

I lied on the bed and asked her to adjust her pussy to my mouth so that comfortably I could lick it. She sat on my face and positioned her pussy such that I inserted my tongue and tasted her juices and started licking her clitoris. I put my palm on her boobs and started pressing them. She was holding my head and moving her hip and I was tongue fucking her. This was new to both of us.

After few minutes I asked her to come 69 position. She changed her direction and took my dick and started giving the Blow Job, I was licking her pussy and as the tube light was on, I could see her asshole just in front of my eyes. It was small, cute with one mole on her butt. Rubbing her butts while licking I inserted one finger into her asshole. She gave a jerk and again continued sucking my dick. I asked whether she liked it, she told that she loved that act. I continued licking her pussy and fingering her asshole.

After few minutes I got down the bed and made her sit like a duck. She was sitting on her knees and legs folded her pussy and asshole were clearly seen from behind. I positioned my dick on her pussy and pushed it. In this position the dick entered and started rubbing her clitoris directly. I started pumping her and again inserted one finger into her asshole. She started moaning loudly, dug her face into the bedsheet and holding the bedsheet tightly she started pushing me back. I was hitting her pussy and my balls were making sound "Thap Thap". I started pressing her boobs and fucking her hard. I was running my fingers and tickling her back to make her hotter.

I was holding her waist and pumping my dick and she was moaning. My lower body hitting her butts and pushing her towards the bed, and I could feel that my dick was touching her pussy end. Doing these acts like fingering her asshole and fucking her, after few minutes she shivered and I understood that she had another orgasm, I too increased my speed and again released my load into her pussy.

She shook her hip avoiding this but couldn't escape as I was holding her waist. I was exhausted and lied on her back. She again jumped from bed and ran into the bathroom and cleaned her pussy without closing the door. I too joined her and again she cleaned me as well.

This time we both slept naked and next day morning she woke up before me and was busy making breakfast and taking care of husband and kids. I dressed and walked into the hall, kids were playing, and Raju was sitting in the sofa reading newspaper. Srilu was in kitchen. I went to kitchen and rubbed her ass and pressed my dick on her ass crack and wished her good morning. She gave me tea and when I asked about Jyothi she replied that Jyoti is still sleeping. I went to their bedroom and tried waking up Jyothi, she was buried under soft quilt, I tried pulling the quit and force her to get up. I found that she wasn't wearing anything and completely nude. I searched for her inners. They were kept in the cupboard. I understood that whole night they were completely nude...

I shall tell you about our next day activities in another story soon. Hope you liked it, forgive me if there are any mistakes in my explanation. Any women interested in having a discrete relationship and exploring your fantasies are always welcome.

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