Good Maintenance

I was a maintenance engineer for an old peoples nursing home, it very was strictly run by a matron with sisters, nurses and aux nurses. Then one day they asked if I would go and do some repairs at there sister home ( 20 miles away) as the handy man had left and they was struggling to replace him. This was an old peoples care home run by a manager with care assistants and no nursing facility and I agreed to do one day a week until they found a replacement

I rang the bell and a very young care assistant answered, she was short and slim and her name badge pinned above one of her nice little pert tits had Susan written on it. I told her my name was Mel and was going to work here for the day, she said wait and called out "Ange they've sent Mel Gibson for you" a slightly older and taller girl with bigger tits appeared and looked me up and down and said "oh he'll do let him in."

The first job was to fix the stair lift and I had no sooner fixed it when Sue, Ange and a little old lady came down the stairs together on this one person stair lift. I thought hello there's a totally different regime here. Later in the day sue asked me to have a look at a faulty ceiling light. I asked if they had some tall steps and she replied yes they're at the back of this big cupboard but there is no light in there but I'll hold the door open while you go in and get them.

I walked in and to my surprise Sue shut the door and it was complete darkness, then I heard a giggle and knew I was not alone, I was feeling around in the dark when a hand found me. I groped and found a nice firm young bare arse and then a pair of lips found mine and we kissed passionately, I was enjoying her lovely tits when she undone my jeans and pulled my cock out and said we don't have long. Her mouth left mine and she dropped to her knees and pulled my long foreskin back and started licking my cock then sucked my balls one at a time and then took my helmet in her mouth and sucked up and down my 6 inch cock.

I grabbed her head as started fucking her face as she deep throated me. She jumped up and said quick put it in my pussy and I pushed her against the wall and ran my hand up her thighs to her soaking wet pussy, I slid two fingers in and started working on it but she grabbed my cock and fed it into her. It was unbelievably tight and I was really enjoying a knee trembler when she said fuck me properly on the floor. I got between her legs and shoved my rock hard cock deep into pussy, she groaned and told me to fuck her hard as her legs wrapped around my arse pulling me in.

I found a nipple with my mouth as rammed her tight pussy then with a lot of moans and groans she shuddered and then went limp. She asked if I had come and when I said no she replied good and got her mouth back on my cock and in just a couple of minutes of this great blowjob I was coming, emptying my balls down her throat. She shouted out "Bingo" and the door opened a little to let enough light in for her to find her tunic and we quickly made ourselves decent.

Ange dashed to the bathroom and I got the steps out and fixed the light. The rest of the day was full of fun banter and innuendos with all the girls and I left happy, not believing my luck and couldn't wait to go back the next week.

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written by doslipme1

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