Sex with Liz

I met Liz while out drinking with a group of co-workers. She also worked for the same company, but in a different division and floor, so I'd never met her before. She was ten years older than me, very attractive with dark eyes, black hair, and a wicked sense of humor; we hit it off immediately.

I asked her out, which eventually led to her bedroom and a long night of sex. We were so sexually compatible that this blossomed into a year-long fuck-fest, romping naked three to four times per week.

The second time we had sex, I was kneeling on her bed as she lustily sucked my cock, which I really love. It was completely wet with her saliva. She pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed my wet penis all over her face, moaning in heat. She opened wide and slid her mouth slowly down my hard shaft and began to buck her hips and whimper. Her mouth strokes quickened, her hips undulated, and her cries became urgent, building to a crescendo, then relaxing with deep moans. She looked up into my eyes as she rubbed my wet cock all over her face.

Her voice, low, and guttural, said, "I can't believe I had an orgasm from sucking your cock." I was in love. Imagine that. I now wanted to please her badly.

I gently reached out, took her ear lobes in my hands and guided her mouth to my cock. She slowly lowers her lips over my cock as she looked into my eyes. One of her hands cupped and fondled my balls, while the other roamed my buttocks. Her tongue swirled over and over my now throbbing cock head. Her lips moved up and down my glistening shaft, and soon the level of stimulation got very high.

I knew my cock was going to pulse, so while still maintaining eye contact, I pulled her greedy mouth off my cock and held her face so my hard penis was against her cheek. She played with my balls as I felt my ejaculation welling up. I relaxed all my muscles and then my cock spasmed and hot, thick, semen flowed from my cock head. It throbbed twice more, oozing more cock cream. My cock was aching for release, the pre-orgasmic contractions releasing some love butter before me cumming.

I rubbed my semen into Liz's face with my cock, then leaned down and kissed and licked it off her face. I kneeled back up and she quickly began sucking me again, greedily, and my cock began to throb once more, her moaning turning into a whimper.

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"Ughh," I knew I was going to spurt ....

Liz's whimpers became one long cry, as she began to orgasm.

"Eat my hot thick cum!" I said as my penis throbbed and ejaculated into her wanton mouth.

Her sex-noises added to the intensity of my own orgasm, I really got off from her orgasming from me ejaculating into her mouth.

Spurt, after spurt, she swallowed, always looking into my eyes. My heart raced with sexual excitement and heavy breathing. She continued to lick, suck, and rub her moaning lips against my still rampant post-orgasmic cock; it sounded as if she were eating a gourmet meal! I wanted her to get her fill, but she never stopped, so eventually, I gently grabbed her shoulders, and laid her back on the bed, and she instinctively spread her legs.

I grabbed her behind her knees and swiftly pinned them next to her ears, upturning her hips, exposing her gaping cunt-lips. I moaned in anticipation, as I slowly lowered my face to the spread pedals of her pussy and inhaled deeply, "GRUFF," escaped my lips as her powerful feminine scent overwhelmed me. I lightly rubbed my lips over her pussy, making my cock so very hard now. Soon I was getting my entire face wet in her cunt, gruffing and grunting like an animal. Her "oohs" and "ahhhs" were pleasing to the ear.

By now my cock demanded attention, so I let up her knees so her butt was on the bed and rubbed my swollen cock head over her clit.

"Oh God, give it to me," she said.


"Don't tease me ... give me your cock! Now!" Liz was a bit in heat.

I slid my cock head just into her pussy, and she bucked her hips up powerfully, and my cock plunged all the way in; we both grunted. I began to give her long, slow, powerful cock-thrusts in the missionary position, my muscular arms holding me above her hot little body so I could watch her tits and my cock plunge into her sloppy wet pussy.

For minutes on end I watched, enthralled as her gaping, receptive cunt was rammed by my strong hips, listening to her moans and cries. Eventually I noticed she was quiet. I never stopped fucking her ... I looked up at her face and her eyes were bulging, her hands behind her knees, spreading her legs straight out from her hips like a gymnast. I began to thrust faster, but still deep and long. She threw her head back, wailed like a banshee as her orgasm began. I kept shafting her good and hard and long all the way through her orgasm. She let go of her knees and let her hands roam my ass and balls.

She licked my ear and said "cum inside me."

I made a final thrust, burying my cock in her overly wet cunt, pinning my hips to her, as my cock spurted rope after rope of semen into her bare pussy. I held her close. "That was the best" she said, and began to cry. I couldn't figure out why, but we held each other for awhile.

After a brief rest, my beast took over once again. I knelt up, my cock 90 degrees erect, demanding attention. Liz had a devilish look as she once again started sucking my cock. Man did it feel great! As my lust gained power over me, I shoved her onto her back, spread her legs up to expose her cunt, and planted my mouth over her swollen lips. My tongue snaked in, causing her to moan. Her hot, thick, cream pie was so very ripe; I rubbed my face into it, getting the wetness of our sex all over me. I was feasting on her, licking, sucking, kissing, and inhaling her scent.

I grabbed her hips, turned her on all fours, forced her shoulders down to the bed, my cock rock hard against her pussy. I thrust hard, sinking my cock into her, and began fast hard fucking, no gentleness. I let my hands pinch her nipples and clit, rubbing her torso and back, never stopping. She came, crying out as I pummeled her hard. I rolled her on her side, sliding one leg up, exposing her pussy, and once again sank my rigid cock into her willing cunt. I fucked her deep and hard, all the while gliding my hands over her attractive body, never missing a chance to tweak her tits and flick her clit. She came again.

"Oh God, cum in me you fucking stud!" It was a command. I don't know if she was tired of fucking, wanted to prove she could make me cum, or just like taking the final thrusts of man's ejaculation deep inside.

I rolled her over on to her back, never withdrawing my cock from her pussy, so I could be in the dominant thrusting position. She spread her legs wide as I gave her one last fast thrust, holding myself out in the push up position.

"Shoot your load inside me." Her hands went up to my nipples, and her fingernails played with them. That was fucking it . . . my nipples are so sensitive, and she found a weak link.

"UGHHHH," I shouted as jolts of pleasure ran across my nipples. She noticed and scrapped her nails in circular motions around and around my hard nips. My hips bucked, my back arched, I held completely still as my buried cock ejaculated streams of spunk into her wet, welcoming, pussy.

She wiggled beneath me, and my cock head was so sensitive, I cried out "don't!"

"Just wait baby, let me be inside you," I said as I looked into her moist eyes. She just wrapped her arms and legs around me, engulfing me in her. Eventually, I slid off her, and we spooned, both drifting off to sleep.

A while later I awoke with a raging boner. The room smelled of semen and pussy, sending me into overdrive. Liz was asleep on her side next to me. I rolled her over onto her back, but she didn't seem to be lucid.

I kneeled up, got between her legs, my cock jutting up and out between my legs. I spread her wide. She was very groggy. I slid my penis against her pussy lips and thrusted ... to my delight it sank right in, her cunt still wet.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," she mewed in a whisper as I thrust inside her.

I ejaculated after just a few thrusts sating my animal need, then rolled her over and spooned with her, my cock still swollen and between her legs. It was all wet there as my cum leaked out her twat.

Light was dawning through the window and I was vaguely aware of rustling on the bed. I felt the bed shift as Liz moved closer to me. Her hand found my morning wood and I moaned from her ministrations. I cracked my eyes to see her squatting over me, holding my cock as she slid her ever-wet pussy down its entire length in one fast move!

"Grunngg," was my only response.

"OK boy, you're gonna make me cum," she said with a stern voice.

Liz grabbed my muscular shoulders, her feet on either side of my hips. No slow fucking this morning! She rode me fast and hard, her tits bouncing around so much I could not even suck on her nipples, so I just rubbed my face into her tits and inhaled her wet smell.

After about ten minutes Liz began to grunt, not moan and wail like the night before, but an urgent erotic feminine sound. I reach other and let one hand move from breast to breast, and the other I used my finger to flick over her clit. That was all it took.

She yelled out in orgasm, squatting all the way down crushing her cunt on my pubic bone, her orgasmic cries and wet pussy triggering my ejaculation. I thrust my hips clean off the bed, impaling her all the way as my cock spurted deep inside her. She collapsed on top of me, shaking in the after effect of a simultaneous orgasm.

We had many gratifying sexual bouts during our relationship; the sex was never less than great. If she's out there, hopefully she'll write a story of how she remembers our sex together.

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