Hetero Sex Stories - Page 3

How I got started, Thanks mom

This is the true story of my sexual education, by who better than my mother but it was not the typical birds and the bees story.
4.1 3019 words 13 mins beginnings

The Witch and Her Runaway Wardrobe

Animation potion is spilled and April is stripped in public.
3.6 1210 words 5 mins sci-fi/fantasy

Selena's Book of Shadows

Kate discovers a spell book and learns an animation spell to enhance her naughty solo play.
3.8 2045 words 9 mins sci-fi/fantasy

Hot Wet Kisses

This is a true story of a young married couple having the best sex of their lives during a swinging time in the Big Apple in the 70s.
3.8 1103 words 5 mins beginnings & relationship

My Remote Controlled Gothic Hottie

A high school senior steals a device that allows him to stimulate a girl remotely.
4.3 2702 words 12 mins sci-fi/fantasy

Debbie's Wild Ride Home

This is another chapter in the story of Debbie K. and her transformation from Ms. Boring-Fuck to a wild sex maniac to say she was a quick learner would be an understatement. In her words she was hungry for sex and not only desired it but needed it as often as she could get it.
3.8 3383 words 15 mins relationship

Debbie's Night She'll Never Forget

This is the continuing story of how I helped my girlfriend become a nymphomaniac who constantly seeked to push the limits and experience as much as she could making up for lost time.
3.7 2439 words 11 mins relationship

The Taking of Debbie K

This is a series of short stories about a lover I had who went from being Ms. Vanilla boring divorcee to a middle-aged nymphomaniac.
4 1975 words 9 mins relationship

TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 1

A young farmer meets a mythical, and constantly horny, blue-skinned woman called an Oni. She helps him save his mother and begins to teach him the ways of magic, setting him on the path to becoming a Runesmith.
3.7 4822 words 21 mins sci-fi/fantasy

Brian and the Living Mannequin

A mannequin magically comes to life and has its way with the store owner.
3.5 2558 words 11 mins sci-fi/fantasy

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