Exchange student

It's going to be a good late winter into early summer, as I'm expecting an female exchange student to living with me and my wife for the next 6 months. We pick Ella up at the airport and let me tell you this girl is exactly what I had hoped for. Young and beautiful with long blonde hair, big beautiful eyes, nice tits, legs that go all the way up to one hell of a nice ass.

But the fun is off a little, it takes time for her to warm up to us. It's about a month in to her stay and let me tell you the fun is just about to start.

One particular day the wife was gone and so was our student, I'm in the laundry room and see a pair of Ella's panties in the hamper. I pick them up and look at them, small string bikini and the thought of smelling them overwhelmed me.

I brought them up to my nose and took in a deep breath, the smell was intoxicating and my cock got instantly hard. So I take it out and begin to stroke it with her panties, imagining her pussy was right there.

Next thing I know I hear Ella behind me, what are you doing? She asked. Oh my God what could I say but I don't know what came over me, I'm so sorry! Ella said for what, as she came over and grabbed my cock.

Oh my I said as she came in for a long passionate kiss. All the time Ella had her hand stroking me. She let me go and undid her pants and slid them down to her knees. I reached down and slid one finger into Ella's moist pussy as she let out a soft moan.

I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted heaven, so this brought me to my knees and licked Ella out with a passion that was untamed. She's got her hands on the back of my head driving that pussy hard into my face. Ella comes hard and squirts all over my face and I loved it.

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I stand back up, we kiss again and we are savoring her taste together. I pick Ella up and carry her to the sofa, and quickly shoved my cock deep in her quivering pussy. Ella gasped as I was quickly balls deep in her, pounding her hard and fast. God I'm going to cum I said, I want to suck you dry she said. I pulled out just in time for her to wrap those beautiful lips around my cock head and explode.

Ella did just what she said as I cam she sucked every last drop of cum and swallowed it all. I would have never known that you like cum like that, I said. Yeah I've acquired a taste for older guys cum and your's exactly what I needed.

Glad I could help with your need, I said as Ella gave me one more suck. We get cleaned up just in time as my wife pulled into the driveway. We ate dinner and had small talk like usual, but the look Ella gave me once my wife wasn't looking said it all. I want to fuck your brains out, with out saying a word.

We finished the day out with small talk and a movie then went off to bed. Saturday morning I was still asleep when my wife left for work. I'm sound asleep the next thing I know I wake up and have a pussy right in my face . Ella must have waited for my wife to leave, so here she is completely naked 69ing me.

God Ella's mouth felt good early in the morning around my cock, as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. I've always said breakfast in bed is the best and cherry pie can't be beat.

Her smell and taste of that delicious pussy is making me feel dizzy with lust. So much that I sink my middle finger deep in her ass. Ella let out a small hint of pain but quickly let go of any tension and started grinding on my finger.

Ella moaned, looked back at me and said fuck my ass please. Are you sure? I asked back, yes, yes please do me. Ella let go of my cock and positioned herself right in front of my cock. I get up and line myself up with her ass hole. Gave her a quick slobbering lick and proceeded with entering her back door.

My god she was tight as hell, as I slid just inside her ass and stayed there until she relaxed. She was breathing deeply and I could tell she was loving it. I slid in a little further, slowly until I was balls deep. Ella's moaning fuck me hard! so I pulled almost all the way out and slid back in fast like she wanted me to. With that Ella climaxed with a powerful orgasm, clamping down hard on my cock sending me into a cum volcano explosion.

Ella pulls off my cock, turned and licked and sucked me dry. While she was doing that, one hand was fingering her cum filled ass hole, moaning wildly.

I never knew anal sex was so great, I'll need to ride you more like this Ella said. She got up and walked away real slow almost in tears I would say. Later on she sat down next to me on the sofa and said, maybe next time we can go a little slower on the anal part! until I get used to having that big cock in me. Anything you want I said, Ella stayed with us for six months and in that time I lost count on how many times we had sex, or anal sex or any kind of sex for that matter.

In fact now that Ella's gone I found my cock doesn't hurt like it used to. I mean I guess we had so much sex that my cock finally got a break. I sure do miss that girl and her thirst for sex. I'm hoping she returns some day and hopefully we can pick up where we left off.

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