Saturday Morning

Its Saturday morning and the children are still asleep. My wife and I bumped into each other going about our chores and instantly grope each other by the genitals. I slide one hand down her slacks feeling her wetness while she eagerly grabs my now growing cock.

A feeling and act we often perform and as always, it felt intense. Its been over two weeks since we last made love. Not long after our encounter we "meet" each other in the room and it is clear that we both have a wanting for each other. She is already dressed in a see through skirt displaying her eagerness for some passion and sits down on the lounger in a rather provocative way, spraying open her legs just enough to make a "come touch my pussy" statement. I bolt the room door and return to the lounger where I drop down on my knees as she lays down in front of me.

I quickly remove her panties and note the wet spot confirming she is in anticipation of what is too come. Off comes the see-through skirt and blouse leaving her naked and vulnerable to my touch. I gently spread open her legs and part her pussy lips just enough to get a view of her wetness. Her hands already exploring herself as she rubs her clitoris. The vision automatically draws my head down between her legs and my mouth comes into contact with her gorgeous velvet smooth pussy. I start licking her clitoris slowly and suck on it between licks. I let my tongue wonder around her pussy, darting into her wetness and tasting her delicious love juices and drawing in her aroma deep into my olfactory, wakening every sexual thought of her within me.

I continue to lick and suck on her now hardening clitoris while clasping her buttocks with one hand while massaging her beautiful firm breasts with the other. A position I gladly submit too. A position I love, to suck on her hot wet pussy.

Its not long when I feel her thrusting her mound towards my mouth, encouraging me to enhance my foreplay, to which I gladly respond. Her body now grinding up onto me and I glance at her as she grabs her hair with her right hand while caressing her breast with her right. I know this to be her heightened state of sexual feeling, she is now quite horny. I quicken the licking and sucking on her now erect clitoris and dart my tongue into her wet pussy, taking in her juices of which I cannot get enough of.

Her hand now grabs for my erect cock and she slowly strokes it up and down, her touch sends electric pulses through my body and I start to gently fuck her hand. She senses my heightened horniness and says: "I want to suck your cock". I quickly insert a finger deep inside her pussy and put it into my mouth, relishing the taste of her as I move forward to present my hard cock to her mouth.

She expertly takes me and licks me, sucks me and treats me to a sensation not possible in any way to explain. I gently fuck her mouth as I look into her loving eyes and the sensation drives me to a groan of pleasure. I bleat out "ahh, this is beautiful" to which she reciprocates and intense suck but then withdraws and kisses the head of my cock. The instant loss of the sensation instinctively makes me grab my cock and start to masturbate in front of her naked vision.

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The thought of cumming on her breasts and body is ecstatic.

She senses my horniness and quickly guides my, hard throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. I slide my cock deep into her, feeling her body twitch with pleasure. I start sucking on her nipples as I thrust in and out of her, each time feeling her wetness cover my cock. She thrusts back at me as we both groan with ecstasy, each time I thrust deep into her hot pussy. With the taste and aroma of her love juices still on my mouth coupled with the sensation of my rock hard cock gliding in and out of her gorgeous hot wet pussy, and her heightened horniness, drives me passed the point of no return.

With a rush, I cum deep inside her with a feeling of total passion passing over me. I lay on top of her, my cock pulsating as I keep cumming inside her. The feeling is indescribably beautiful.

As I feel my cock go limp, we caress and comfort each other. I can feel she is still horny and, I now wonder if she came. This excites me. I slip my now soft, but very wet cock out of her and she quickly clutches her pussy capturing our combined love juices from flowing out of her. I grab a towel to wipe myself off, as she wipes her now wet hand.

I then kneel down next to her. I slowly spread her legs and start licking and sucking her beautifully enlarged and wet clitoris. She immediately grinds up into my mouth and I respond with eagerness and increased attention to her needs. In fact, I need it too. I keep sucking and licking her all the time while she grounds against me with pleasure. She guides my wondering hand towards her pussy and I immediately know she needs extra attention. I insert two fingers into her hot wet pussy, which is still filled with both our love juices and I finger her lovingly. Her breathing and groaning increases as her horniness intensifies. I keep fingering her with both fingers while sucking and licking her, tasting both our love juices mixed, together. Her horniness drives me crazy as I feel my cock hardening again. I want to push my cock into her mouth, but I am consumed by her heightened state of pleasure and continue fingering and sucking her till I feel her body subside into total hypnotic state of ecstasy. I slowly withdraw my now soaked fingers, covered in our love juices from her hot wet pussy, and lay beside her as we once again comfort each other.

The taste and aroma of her is now even more enhanced on my mouth and each breath I take I relive every gorgeous moment licking and sucking her. This continues for the rest of the day and each time I smell her, I instantly get a hard on, just thinking about sucking her.

I often wonder if she has the same thoughts as I do.

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written by sueton

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