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My Femdom Education part 1

I grew up in a rural part of the country with my family, my mother/best friend and father and older brother.

How I got started, Thanks mom

This is the true story of my sexual education, by who better than my mother but it was not the typical birds and the bees story.

Hot Wet Kisses

We had been seeing each other for a couple of years and always enjoyed all sorts of sexual variations. We were only about 19 when we met and neither of us had very much experience beyond heavy petting and some groping. We learned about lots of different sex play together and enjoyed almost everything we tried.
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A Sexy Reunion

She moves to the couch and he hovers over her, leaning in with his face close to hers, and kisses her - letting her taste herself on his tongue. Their mouths devour each other as their tongues entwine, sucking and biting and savoring the flavor. While they are lost in their exploration, he pushes her back until she is lying on the couch - his body half covering hers. Her arms find their way around his body and she runs her hands along his sides, across his back, then down to squeeze handfuls of his ass while pulling his hard cock tighter against her. She works his shirt loose from his waist and pulls it up so she can rake her nails across his bare flesh.
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Used by a Woman

While Shelby normally didn't let much get under her skin, Dean's constant needling her about the lack of prowess of the female of the species was starting to nag at her, and in a fit of anger she spat, "I'll bet I could pin your butt, big mouth, the heaviest thing you can curl is a can of beer."
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