Exchange Student Part 2

Wow! what luck I have, Ella's coming back to visit for a month or so in early summer this year. I can't wait to see her and hopefully pick up where we left off.

As I think about all the sex we had my cock starts to get hard in anticipation. So what choice do I have but to take it out, jack off and dream of eating out that sweet pussy.

The day finally arrives for her to arrive so I pick her up at the airport around noon. Perfect timing for a quick snack of cherry pie, I make my move but I'm shot down in a instant. Shit! what's up with that I wonder? She never said that we'd not be fucking, huh! well hopefully this changes.

It's a few days later, the wife's gone for the afternoon and Ella comes up to me wearing a see through shirt with no bra on. Damn Ella I say looking at her perfect tits, her response was get on your knees. I did exactly what I was command to do without hesitation.

Once there she took off her shorts and panties, grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face in her pussy. God what a smell this girl had, I instantly got hard as I licked her out. The taste of that pussy was driving me crazy and for a moment didn't even know where I was, except in heaven.

She's moaning getting close to climax as she grinds her pussy in my face. Oh fuck! she cries out as juice squirts out and coats my tongue and face. I wasn't expecting that I said to her as I lapped up all of her sweet nectar. Neither was I she said as she released her grip on my head.

I got up and she gave me a passionate kiss, I've always like the way my pussy tastes she said. That makes two of us, this has got to be the best I've ever have had, I said back.

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Well let's continue then she said as she led me to the sofa. We get there and she pushes me down, pulls down my jeans to release my cock from it's cotton prison. God I forgot how nice your cock is she said, just before she took it into her mouth.

Damn this girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose if she wanted to. My cock has never been sucked as good, hell my wife can't even suck like this. Here it comes I say in a short breath, she sucks deeply as I cum in her mouth. Ella swallows every last drop of cum before she takes my cock out of her hungry mouth.

I need more she said, one time is not enough for me. Of course I'm not going to say no, so she starts to jack me off until I was rock hard again. Once there, she turned around took some of her pussy juice and lubed up her ass hole.

Slowly she impaled herself on my cock until I was balls deep in her. You are so tight, I say to her as she starts to plunge her hole. She's into a fast up and down pace in no time at all. Ella's moaning wildly as she rides my shaft, within 30 seconds she's having an anal orgasm clamping down hard on my cock with her muscle.

I let out a moan as I fill her ass full of sperm, holding her hips and corressing her clit. Man she's wet as hell as I finger her pussy. She pulls my hand away and licks her juices from my fingers, wow! what a woman this is I'm thinking as she's licking my fingers clean.

She pulls off my cock turns around and starts to suck what cums left in me. I can't believe my eyes as she's doing this, never have I had such great sex and she's not even close to being done.

But before we can go another round, I get a text from my wife saying that she's in her way. Ok we'll need to pick up this at a later time I say to Ella, she gives me a kiss and walks away.

We get cleaned up and have dinner and enjoy the rest of the night with small talk and a movie. I slept really good and woke up around 6am, wow my wife's already up. So I get dressed and head out into the living room and what did I see, my wife getting her pussy eaten out by Ella.

So not saying a thing as I get my almost hard cock out and join the two of them. I catch my wife's eye and she gives me a smile, I line up behind Ella and insert my now rock hard cock in her pussy.

She pauses only for a second to moan as I get deep in her, then she goes right back to munching on pussy. God I must be in heaven, two beautiful women eating each other out and I get a ring side seat, sort of.

I pull out of Ella and she changes positions with my wife. Now I'm fucking my wife while she's eating out Ella. They are both moaning wildly as they enjoy being both eaten and fucked.

I pull out of my wife, they both come over to share in my bounty. I'm getting close as they are sucking my cock and fondling my balls. I moan as I shoot my load, they quickly share my cum between them and swallow every drop.

I leave to get cleaned up, they continue with their pussy munching for at least another 10 minutes or so. When I come back out they are both laying on the sofa still tangled up in each other.

I never knew that my wife was interested in women until I caught her with Ella. We all have shared each other many times after that first encounter for the whole time Ella was with us. Now I'm wondering if there is anyone else that we might have fun with while Ella's gone?

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written by anonymous-w5

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