Hetero Sex Stories - Page 2

I am going to Fuck BIGFOOT

Things are not always what they appear. Or what you expect.
3.3 encounters

Day with Ashley

The atmosphere in place is always a little different when she's around. It's as if her aura takes over the space... And who is she?.. If I had to describe her simply put, she's gorgeous... A deep caramel skinned beauty with full suckable lips.. Her name is Ashley, and she's all mine.
2.6 interracial

Gangbanged on My Son's Wedding Day

Woman gets gangfucked during her eldest son's marriage. Twelve months down the line I think it is time that put pen to paper (metaphorically) and make public the events that have had such a profound effect on my life.
3.8 encounters

My Mom Fucked By Young Boys

My mom was fucked by two young boys when we gone to attend a marriage for my cousin.
3.1 encounters

One In The Same

Too close for comfort…until comforting it indeed becomes.
2 domination

My Home Health Aid

This is the true story of my recovery form a bad crash with the assistance of my great home health aid who went above and beyond to make me feel good.
3.9 relationship

My Femdom Education part 1

This is the continuing story of my sexual education by the best teacher in the world, my mother, who better to show me the virtues of my sexuality and introduce me into a world previously unknown to me.
3.3 beginnings

How I got started, Thanks mom

This is the true story of my sexual education, by who better than my mother but it was not the typical birds and the bees story.
3.9 beginnings

The Witch and Her Runaway Wardrobe

Animation potion is spilled and April is stripped in public.
1.5 sci-fi/fantasy

Selena's Book of Shadows

Kate discovers a spell book and learns an animation spell to enhance her naughty solo play.
3.8 sci-fi/fantasy

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