Hetero College Sex Stories

Tart in the Computer Lab

Her shirt was so light that I thought I could see her brown tits pushing against the silk. Her hair was dark brown, and she had blue eyes. The flourescent lighting made her fair skin look pale and sick. She sat down by a computer just across from the office window where I was working.
4 1841 words 8 mins encounters

Video Store Tart

This particular porno wasn't one of those with several scenes of people just fucking nonstop, it had one couple and it went all the way through foreplay and finally worked up to guy lubing up his cock and fucking her ass. We were both watching pretty intently by this time. When the scene finally ended, Jill said "that really made me horny." Sort of speechless, I said "yeah, me too." Of course, that was pretty obvious by the way my cock was bulging in my pants. She then said "if we fucked, would it compromise my job?" "Oh no, not at all" I told her, "we could do it and then pretend it never happened." "Good," she said, "because I really want you to fuck my ass."
3.5 1188 words 5 mins

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