Hetero First Time Sex Stories

My First Gangbang

I was really hesitant at first because like why would he want to share me?? but I decided to explore the idea.
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Sis squirt's on my face

She married her high school sweetheart and they had two kids and we're married until she was 29. So I was working in Arizona for about a year and while I was gone my sister and her husband got a divorce. Now I came home and she was a mess and needed a shit ton of work done around her house so we agreed that I would be staying with her for a while helping out.
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My First Fuck

I could hardly believe it when I felt his palm press at me through the material. I had to look down to make sure it was what I thought it was. All I did was slide my own hand between his hand and mine, and he made a strategic withdrawal. For the next month or so, our kissing got more frenzied and the petting a little bolder. Soon I was letting his hand slide up under my blouse or whatever I was wearing to cup my bra covered breast. The unwritten, unspoken rule was "no petting below the waist." After a few of these above- the-waist sessions, he finally found that I would permit the bra to be unhooked so he could feel the natural me. During all this, we would kiss until our faces were wet with perspiration and saliva, and just about to fall off.
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Cuming all over Linda at Camp

Linda was 21, finishing her degree in Physical Education at York University in Toronto. Jack discerned that she was bright as well as pretty. The similar nature of their specialties helped them become friends. Once in while they would go for a walk, but he was a bit threatened by her attractiveness. Linda was out of Jack's league and he was content just to chat with her. Jack did not have a great self- image, even though he knew he was a good physical specimen and had a brain and a sense of humour. Still, when it came to women...
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First Time Sex

His hands roamed down to her pants. He cupped his hand over her mound and rubbed firmly through the thick fabric. She sighed her approval and slid her hands down to the bottom of his shirt. She reached inside and pressed her cool hands on his torso, then lifted his shirt over his head. He paused to remove it completely. He felt the heat rising in her and himself, and reached down to fumble with her button and unzip her pants. She raised her hips off the bed and he helped her wriggle out of her jeans. She unbuttoned his jeans and he stood to pull them off. His cock was already well on its way to a full erection. She stood up next to him, both of them only in underwear, and pressed her body against his as she placed his arms over her in a close hug.
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First Time Anal

Adelaide reached over into her nightstand and brought out a copy of your magazine from a few months before. She showed me a letter about a woman who had used anal sex and "naughty talk" to give her husband the thrill of his life. The letter related how the women would entice her husband by spreading her asscheeks and then begging him to fuck her. Let me tell you, reading that letter and thinking about how my wife had looked when offering me her fine fanny made me determined to try anal sex the very next night.
3.6 1034 words 5 mins

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