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I rang the bell and a older care assistant, Anne, let me in and told me that they wanted to see me in the office. I nervously went along to the office but there was no need to worry it was just to pick up a list of jobs.

All the staff seemed friendlier with a smile on there lips or a twinkle in their eye and 2 or 3 took the liberty of groping my bum on their way past as I was bent over looking at something.

Wendy told me that the cold water tap wasn't working in room 31 and I showed her my clipboard full of jobs and she said I need it fixed today and I replied I'll see what I can do and she puffs out her very ample busom at me and informs me that it is urgent so I say ok where is 31 and she tells me it is right at the top of the house and when I'm ready, to go and find her and she will take me there and show me the problem. Later on while changing dead light bulbs I find myself by 31 so I knock and go in, the room is empty so I check the non working tap and discover that someone has turned a stopcock off. I turn it on and check for the leaks and find no reason for it being off.

While on a tea break Wendy comes to me and asks if I'm ready to go to 31 and I tell her no need it is all sorted and she yells but you was supposed to fetch me, I explained that I found myself near 31 so went in and fixed it. She glares at me then storms of in a huff, I can't understand women I thought she would be pleased.

I'm sitting in the staff room having my lunch and one girl is reading a newspaper and another a mag and Anne has got her head back and her eyes shut, then Sue comes and stands next to me at the table and starts writing up a report in her log. She is rubbing her hip against me so I drop my hand down and stroke her calf, she doesn't move so I start stroking higher going up past her knee and her legs open slightly so I continue up to her soft inner thigh and her legs open more. I have a quick glance at the other girls, they are taking no notice and Sue is still writing so I run my hand round and feel her firm young arse, she wiggles it a little and I move back down and start rubbing her pussy through her panties and I can hear her breathing now. I feel over her arse and slip my fingers inside the elastic of her panty leg and travel down to her bald pussy, It is quite moist and opens up on contact, I slip a finger in and then two, opening them up and sliding them in and out, she is breathing heavy now, I swap my two fingers for my thumb and she gasps as I find her clit with my two wet fingers.

One of the girls looks over the top of her newspaper but Sue is still writing and I'm studying my clip boards so she goes back to reading.

I'm working my thumb in and out of her very wet pussy and playing with her clit and she's wiggling her hips and her leg starts to shake then she lets out a muffled sort of groan pushes my hand out and dashes out of the room.

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Anne's eyes spring open and she asks if a buzzer went off, I tell her I didn't hear one but Sue had dashed of so she may have responded to one. All the other girls are looking at me and as I'm drying my hand on a paper napkin I am thinking it smells a bit pungent and I'm sure their noses are starting to twitch so I leave the room.

While washing my hands Sue creeps up behind me and as she touches me up she whispers " You dirty bugger you made me cum" I replied why don't we go to the cupboard so that I can do a proper job and to my disappointment she says she doesn't think that would be possible today.

A little bit later Sue tells me that at three the manager will out the staff will be at tea and the residents will be napping so we could get together in the dark cupboard.

She said we cant fuck but she would give me a nice blow job and I said ok and she said make sure your dead on time. It was an hour or so away and the time really dragged and I kept going hard think of what was to come.

Three on the dot I was tapping at the cupboard door and Sue tapped back so I quickly slipped in closing the door behind me. Where are you I ask as I undo my belt and push my jeans and pants down, waving my very hard cock about, then a hand grabs it and puts it straight into a very soft warm mouth. The sucking on my cock is intense as she slides her mouth up and down my shaft and one of her hands finds my balls and I hold onto her head trying to resist fucking her mouth as it may interrupt this great action as she takes it all deep in to the hilt. She slips a finger into my arse which sends me over the edge and I'm cumming stream after stream down her throat.

Suddenly the door opens and I turn to the light and all six care assistants are stood there pointing and laughing and I see Sue is one of the six, I turn back to see a little old lady putting her teeth back in.

A couple of days later, at my proper job I was informed that my services at the rest home were no longer required as they have found a handyman to start straight away.

I was gutted, I really needed to fuck that cute little Sue. I could think of nothing else all day, we had unfinished business so after my shift I drove over to the rest home.

I sat in my van a little way up the road and saw Sue and Ange coming out, they walked to the bus stop and kissed and Sue ran across the street and turned into another road leaving Ange at the bus stop.

I followed Sue and caught up with her and leaned across and swung open my passenger door. She looked in and said hello what are you doing here? I lied and told her that I had to bring something for the new man and that I had seen her walking and wondered if she wanted a lift. She looked long and hard at me then said "yer ok then" and that her boyfriend often picks her up on his Harley but not today.

As she slid into the seat her tunic rode up showing the top of her legs and she started pulling it down and I told her not to and started stroking her thigh, she pushed my hand away and said DRIVE.

She directed me into the car park of some playing fields and I parked right at the end by the wood. We kissed I squeezed her firm little tit and asked did she want a walk in the woods and she said you never know what's in those woods and jumped over the seat into the back of the van. I quickly followed her moving tools and stuff to make room and I rolled out a dust sheet to lie on.

Her tunic had a zip down to her naval so I unzipped her and pulled it down of her shoulders, we snogged heavily with tongues and lip nibbling as I got her bra off. Her tits were small but firm with amazingly long nipples which sprung out like pencil stubs as soon as I got my hands on them. As we kissed she she demanded I pinch her nipples and was shouting harder, harder as I pulled, twisted and pinch her rubbery nips. She raised her hips as I pulled her tunic of and I caught sight of a face looking in the vans rear window, I didn't say anything as I didn't want to risk it stopping the action.

I was sucking on her lovely tits and she was saying "fucking bite them, harder you cunt, bite them" and I bit as hard as I dared on her nipples and wondered if this is how they got so long.

As I pulled her panties off I saw the voyeur dash round to the passenger window to get a better look.

Her pussy was completely hairless, the lips swollen and gaping open and her little clit was poking out. She barked " don't just look at it fucking eat it" I got down and started licking it and pushed some fingers in it and began sucking on her clit and she shouted "fucking bite it you cunt"

I stopped to take my clothes off and she shouted "why have you fucking stopped you stupid cunt" and I said to do this and rammed my rock hard six inch cock deep into her pussy. I looked over my shoulder and saw the voyeur had climbed onto the bonnet and had his face pressed against the windscreen.

I was fucking her really hard as things in the van rattled and fell and she shouted "bite my tits you fucking cunt" and I wondered if the voyeur was riding the bonnet like a bucking bronco.

She stopped me and pushed me off and told me to slap her arse and turned over, I gave it a slap and she shouted " do it properly you cunt, fucking hit it" so I did as hard as I could, her arse was reddening my hand was stinging and she was still shouting " harder you fucking wanker"

Then she said "fuck it, ram your fucking dick up my arse". I pulled apart her tight little arse cheeks and spat on her ring, pushed my finger in, more spit then two fingers and then I gently put my helmet to it and gave a little push and it popped in, easy, I thought you done this before. Then she shouting at me to fuck her arse hard then she shouting at me to pull on her tits. I'm banging away at her arse as hard as I can and pinching and twisting and pulling her nipples and she got the fingers of one of her hands in her pussy and she is slapping at her clit with the other hand and shouting and screaming abuse at me.

Then she is cumming, making loads of noise almost howling. I feel her orgasm as it shudders through her body and her ring tightens on my cock and I cumming hard emptying my balls deep up her arse and she squirting everywhere and then we collapse in a heap and we just lay there, quiet for a while. My spent cock shrinks and flops out and I sit up and look out of the window just in time to see an old git tuck his cock away and scamper off.

I got a roll of blue absorbent paper, it is not soft tissue, but it's all I got to clean her up with. I offer and she says start here and pulls her arse open and ejects all the cum that I've pumped into her, Then I carefully dry her legs and mine, everything is wet and there's a big wet patch on the dust sheet.

As I climb into the drivers seat she is already dressed and is fixing her hair in the mirror. She looks gorgeous, freshly fucked with slightly swollen lips and a rosy glow to her cheeks. She looks so young cute and innocent how could this possibly be the cursing foul mouth animal I just had in the back? demanding pain and to be fucked in the arse?

I drove her to the spot she wanted dropping off and asked if she lived here she said no a few streets away but didn't want us to be seen.

I told her how fantastic she was and how about a rematch and she said NO. I said I think you owe me a blow job after the cupboard trick and she said I think you enjoyed the blowjob you got of that 85 year old. Dorothy enjoyed her mouthful of cream, you have woken something long dormant in her and now she's eyeing up all the men.

I said I thought Ange gave a great blowjob but the old dear was something else. She said she wouldn't tell Ange that I said that but she would tell her off our session in the van. I asked if Ange had a biker boyfriend as well and she said Ange was gay and lives with her older partner, I said she didn't give that impression last week and she told me that Ange doesn't really like cock she was just having some fun on the day.

She went to climb out and I pulled her back for one last kiss and could not resist groping a tit and I asked you sure we cannot get it together sometime and she replied NO! I live with my boyfriend, I love him very much and squeezing my thigh she says AND he has a much bigger cock.

She gave me a peck on my cheek and disappeared out of my life.

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