A Night Shift on the Cabs

I drove a mini-cab in London in the 70s. You supplied your own car, its upkeep and fuel and the cab company installed a shortwave radio. You paid them a radio rent and for the hire and reward insurance and whatever you earned after this was yours. They had some account work which you had to do but as this was paid monthly in arears you would try and limit it to cover your fees.

The office was opposite a night club which was a good earner for the short period at kick out time, you would hope for lots of short runs with tips and not long runs and to avoid getting waylaid by shagging the clients.

Late one night in a quiet spell, between pubs closing and clubs closing, I went into the office to grab a coffee and the controller asked me to take this fare and pointed to a very beautiful young lady in Arab robes. She wanted to find her husband at one of the gaming clubs.

As we went to the car she tripped and I caught her but unintentionally got a handful of tit. She sat up front, she was very drunk and kept telling me how drunk she was and that I was a very cheeky taxi man.

She took me to a place that she said her husband frequented, they didn't let her in and speaking through a little hatch in the door they insisted that he was not there. there was a lot of shouting and two Chinese men ( Triads) came over to me and very threateningly told me to take her away. We drove to another club and as we traveled she kept gripping my thigh and telling me how drunk she was and how very cheeky I was. We had the same sort of result at this club also. I pointed out how big the fare was getting and she said not to worry and pushed a handful of notes in my hand and said there is one more at Hampstead and he will be there.

As we drove she told I was a very cheeky taxi man and had made her very horny by groping her breasts, I insisted that it was a complete accident but as I looked at her I could see that she had pulled her robes open and was playing with herself.

I stopped near the pond on Hampstead Heath and it was very quiet and dark. I turned the radio off and asked her did she want to get in the back so that I could sort her out and she said "Yes please you cheeky taxi man".

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She laid back across the back seat with her robes completely open showing her lovely firm young tits and a very hairy pussy. I started kissing her then moved down to those great tits and sucked and chewed on them, she was pushing my head down towards her pussy but I ran out of room and had to open the door this made the light come on but we was past caring now. I was licking her pussy lips and sucking on her clit and stuck two fingers in her pussy as she made a load of noise. Her moans seemed to have got a bit muffled as I adjusted myself so that I could fuck her and just as I put my rock hard six inch cock into her very wet but tight cunt I was shocked to see that there was a man at the other door and he had his cock in her mouth.

She was enjoying it so I carried on fucking her hard and it was evident that she was really enjoying being fucked at both ends and then I was coming and shot my load deep into her. As I pulled out and stood up another man with his cock in his hand pushed pass me and entered her, I watched as he fucked her really hard then the man at her head announced that he was coming and she took his cum in her mouth and swallowed it. Another man soon took his place and shoved a large cock in her mouth and she eagerly sucked on it, I looked around and there was four more men with cocks out wanking and watching waiting for a turn.

They got her out and was fucking her over the the bonnet and I was trying to get them of before they dented the car and then they had her bent over the boot and as one was balls deep in her I was hard again so stuck my cock in her willing mouth. I was enjoying a lovely blow job when a tv dressed in a basque and fishnets and stilletos stood next to me as he wanked he told me I had picked a good dogging spot, I said had I? and he said putting the light on told everyone it was ok to join in. They all slowly disappeared back into the darkness, slapping my back as they went and thanking me for bringing a quality piece of arse, much tastier then what they usually get.

We cleaned and tidied ourselves up the best we could as a police car pulled up and put a beam of light on us and I quickly found the A to Z.

The cop said I see your a minicab, waving the map book I explained that my fare was trying to direct me to this gambling club to find her husband but we were a little lost. He gave me directions and told me that I hadn't picked a very good spot to stop and I should move on before I got some very unwanted attention.

I took her to her posh hotel, it was about three in the morning and she told me I was the best cheeky taxi man in he whole world and push another bundle of notes in my hand.

The night porter helped her in and I drove off and parked up in a quiet spot and counted my takings, I couldn't believe how much she had paid me, I would have paid her for such a good night.

I had a little kip for about an hour then went around to the office for a coffee. The controller was as white as a sheet and shouted " You Barstard". I asked whatever was wrong and he pointed at a large scar on his desk top and said that he had had an Arab and his bodyguards, complete with sabres, in looking for me. He said that when his wife came back he could tell she had been up to no good and when he checked her out he found that not only had you fucked his number three wife but you had fucked her arse and it was still full of cum.

I was gutted I had missed out on fucking her arse.

He said the Arab had said that when he found you had fucked her he was going to slit your throat but now he knows you have fucked her in the arse he going to castrate you. He said you best fuck off and not come into the office for a good while.

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written by doslipme1

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