Hetero Friendship Sex Stories

Sex with Liz

She also worked for the same company, but in a different division and floor, so I'd never met her before. She was ten years older than me, very attractive with dark eyes, black hair, and a wicked sense of humor; we hit it off immediately. I asked her out, which eventually led to her bedroom and a long night of sex.
3.8 1836 words 8 mins

Best Friend Gets His Face Fucked by Me

50pm and the doorbell rings. I'm at the living room in my couch about to put some porn on and masturbate to. The doorbell rings again, I get up and walk to the door and open it. It's my best friend Will. I look at him, "I have to tell you something, its about Angela" he says looking at me all tensed up and frustrated. Angela is his girlfriend. "Come in". I say.
3.2 469 words 2 mins

Jane teaches Rita how to use her Pussy

One weekend, Ben's parents had left for a week to go to Hawaii. Ben was sitting around the house, waiting for one of his friends to call him for a party. He was careful not to let anyone know his parents were gone--parties were fine, but he didn't want to clean up afterwards. His thoughts turned to his girlfriend, Tracy. She had dumped him when she moved. Ben tried to take it philosophically, but his heart wouldn't let him. He wished that his emotions were more like Jane's. The phone rang.
3.5 2807 words 12 mins

Fucking my Neighbour Robin

Robin turned toward me. She stretched up on her tip toes and pressed her full lips against mine. The softness of her breasts brushed against my chest and I felt her nipples swell with desire. Her delicate fingers lightly pulled my hips toward her, and I'm sure she felt my stiffening cock press against her abdomen. "Maybe it isn't really cooler in here," Robin said softly as she pulled her face back and looked deep into my eyes. "Maybe it's hotter." I lifted her off the floor and carried her the last few feet to her bed. We fumbled with buttons and zippers and clasps, but before long we had stripped each other and our clothes had been strew around the room.
3.6 2439 words 11 mins

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