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Cuming all over Linda at Camp

Jack is the baseball instructor at camp and Linda is the new gym instructor. He first noticed her gentle laugh, but also her fantastic body. At 5'7", 110 pounds and a 35-23-34 figure, she was the epitome of feminine athleticism -- supple, firm, graceful.
3.5 first time

Helping big breasted Tracey in the photo copy room

The new girl, Tracey, has problems operating the photocopier and asks me to help her. We are all alone in the office and she catches me staring at her big boobs.
4 encounters

Mandy is Randy

My wife Mandy and I meet up at a restaurant. She plays footsie with my hard dock under the table and continues to tease me until I am about to burst.

A Sexy Reunion

She flies in for a weekend romp and he is anxiously waiting for her at the airport. Their eyes meet as she's walking up the jetway and he sees that she 's wearing a very sexy short skirt, tight-fitting top and heels. He pulls her body very tightly against his and she feels his hardening cock jutting against her stomach and presses her pubic bone into it.
unrated beginnings & relationship

The Summar Party

Amy with a really fit body starts showing me that she is interested. She is a friend of a friend and after some flirting I decide to dance on over her way and rub myself against her. She pushes her small little rear into me.
4 encounters

Jane teaches Rita how to use her Pussy

Rita and Jane meet at Bens house and all three of them end up teaching Rita how to behave infront of a man. The secrets of how you truly keep a man interested.
unrated friendship

Sex with the Pregnant Slut

Even with her breasts pulled heavily down, her cleavage aroused me. Her dress was too short, her sauntering walk in the August heat too inviting for a mother. When we were finally alone, I told her I'd never seen a pregnant lady naked. 'I would feel so much better that way...it's so hot...', she responded; so we both worked to peel off the awkward clothes.
4 encounters

First Time Sex

Both were in love and nervous at they sat on the edge of her bed. He saw the love and lust that had been building up since they had met those many months ago.
2.5 first time

Sex with the Bodybuilder Babe

Byron meets the pumped up body builder woman and is faced with a woman that not only is stronger than himself, but also knows how to handle a man.
2.5 encounters

Fucking my Neighbour Robin

Robin and I have known each other for a long time, but suddenly we are both taken by storm by our sexual desires and I faced with the opportunity of fucking her.
3.6 friendship

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