Irritating Incident at The Ivy Industrial Institute Part 1

It was a beautiful spring day in Puttyville and at The Ivy Industrial Institute, everyone was excited for the important events. Today was the pep-rally for the big game later in the afternoon against Excelsior Electrical Lyceum, the school's major rival. Coupled with the pep-rally was the announcement of the Bastermats' Sophomore Scholarship, a coveted prize awarded by the local employer, The Bastermats Chemical Company, to the sophomore who best demonstrated the Institute's ideals. The gymnasium was magnificently decorated with scarlet streamers and red and black balloons, the school colors. On both sides, students packed the bleachers laterally along the longer walls of the gym. From half court to the entrance, faulty and parents were seated in rows of red and black folding chairs, easily removed for the game later. At the other end, beneath the brand-new scoreboard topped with the latest large-screen television, or JumboTron, was a large dais serving as the focal point for the occasion. The red and black-clad band was seated along one side of the elevated platform, while the uniformed basketball team, known unofficially as "The In-and-Out Balls", and cheerleaders were seated along the other. The local television station, WENF, as well as the students' cable access channel, ENM-TV, were set up to cover the event.

Atop the dais, approaching a podium, Provost Regina DuBois looked out over the crowd with a regal visage on her face. Strikingly a full six feet tall without heels, with a statuesque, near Rubenesque, figure, the woman looked every bit the domineering disciplinarian she was known to be. Dressed in a very snug red leather sleeveless sheath dress, with large black metal buttons running up the back, complimented with 4-inch red heels, Ms. Dubois perfectly matched her school's colors. Her red hair coiffed in a rather authoritarian fashion, combined with a fiery sardonyx hair comb and matching red coral hoop earrings completed her stern, but most fashionable, appearance.

Despite her firm, composed outer appearance today, inside she was bubbling with anticipation for today's big moment. The moment HER daughter, the bright, brassy, and beautiful, Primrose Dubois, would be recognized by all in the city as the winner of this monumental honor. Regina relished the idea of elevating Primrose while simultaneously humbling the only viable competitor, Beth Modiste, who in her mind, was clearly the wrong choice. Beth attended the Institute on a scholarship, and Regina believed Beth lacked the breeding the school espoused as well as the guidelines of the Bastermats' prize. Regina just knew Primrose had won. Besides, although Beth was quite attractive, and part of the cheerleading squad, (albeit captained by non-other than Primrose), Regina felt Beth lacked the sophisticated smoothness her daughter Primrose was beginning to exhibit. Unfortunately, only the college president, Cordelia Ivy Cockfosters, and the President of the Bastermats Chemical Company, Ernest Crescentcrotch Bastermats, knew the winner, as all members of the selection committee submitted their votes anonymously. In addition to the cash prize scholarship, there was a prize for second place, which was a red jasper statuette of the great chimney at the chemical plant, emblazoned with the company name. This mini sculpture was humorously known to the student body as the "popsicle" because it resembled a large sex toy. Being the runner-up and awarded the "popsicle" was a comic event, and was always captured in suggestive, but hilarious, photographs later to be published in the school paper and yearbook.

Although she relished being the center of attention at this moment and she was so ready to shower another honor on her haughty daughter who so reminded her of herself. Ms. DuBois felt a twinge of uneasiness as she strode, clicking in her magnificent heels, to the podium's position of authority. The provost had packed on a few extra pounds during the last few fall months. While no one would dare call her fat, she now sported plenty of curvature. Along with an ass to die for, she was endowed with a balcony you could recite Shakespeare from. The dress she picked out for today was one from a slimmer time in her youth and despite complete confidence in the "foundations" she selected for today, she fretted the choice of the too-tight leather dress with a back button closure as a bit risky. Because of the dress's body-hugging fit and the warmth of the gym, Regina had foolishly, like her daughter, forgone sensible undergarments in the form of a slip. Her formidable undergarment rubbed directly against the leather confines of her tight dress. Ms. DuBois's face flushed at the thought of a wardrobe malfunction in front of her admiring audience. She nervously felt beads of sweat form on her back as well as on her scrumptious décolleté.

Both Beth Modiste and Genevieve Jameson sat to Primrose, the squad captain's, left. Both resplendent in their cheerleader uniforms, the "Institute Intensities". The squad wore brilliant red and black short wool skirts, short, midriff-baring wool button-up sweater tops, black sneakers with red ankle socks. Prim wore her beautiful still-blonde hair in a high ponytail with a strand wraparound. Beth opted for a simple ponytail, while Genevieve chose sexy high pig tails. As specified in the school code, all girls save one, wore regulation brassieres and panties and also donned beneath their short skirts, full-coverage scarlet cotton panties necessary for decorum's sake during acrobatic performances. Prim didn't want to show any perspiration during her moment of glory and unwisely wore neither brassiere nor under-panties relying on her woolen button-up top to restrain her magnificent breasts.

Beth was astounded at the pomp of the ceremony, with hundreds watching and cheering, she was very proud to have gotten this far in the competition. While she believed she stood a good chance to win, she worried Primrose and her scheming mother may have altered the competition to give the younger beautiful DuBois an unfair advantage. Still, Beth was a strong young woman and would not be intimidated by the likes of those two.

Genevieve was irritated to have to be onstage for this event, having acquiesced to Primrose's insistence the cheerleaders be seated on the dais with the basketball team. Primrose had the nerve to confide in Genevieve, "that Gen's appearance complimented Prim's gorgeousness", and Primrose needed Genevieve at her side when she took the big prize away from Beth. Rolling her eyes, Genevieve wondered why her dork brother was not with the rest of the basketball team. He was probably doing something for the bimbo Primrose, whom he adored.

Primrose sat basking in her believed forthcoming glory. She could not image a more perfect day except for one annoying detail. "Where in devil was Miles?" Primrose wondered from her seat. He was conspicuously absent from the rest of the basketball team seated nearby. Although she was extremely popular with all the jocks, she chose the dishy Miles as her steady boyfriend for three reasons that would appear obvious shortly.

High above the dais, concealed behind the scoreboard, Miles Jameson balanced carefully in his Chuck Taylors on the support beams. Still in uniform, he had slipped out before the ceremony began to launch his chivalrous plan to avenge his Primrose. Miles worked part time in the school office and while snooping through the Dean's files the secretary left unattended looking for parking passes, he discovered a terrible injustice. Beth, not Prim, had been named the scholarship winner. After days of apprehension, he hatched a plan without Primrose's knowledge to humiliate Beth before the entire student body, faculty, and parents. In his hand he clutched a bag of Acme XXX Itching Powder, purported to be the most noisome product available. Advertised to cause extreme itching and sneezing, Miles knew this would be the ultimate act of revenge.

When Beth came to the podium to be recognized, he would sprinkle the powder on her from above and watch the hilarity ensue. He blushed with the thought Beth may have to pull off her sweater to stop the itching and he would see her bra-clad breasts! He fantasized at what color her bra would be. Jarred from his reverie, he looked down at the group assembled on the dais below and with titillation realized from his position, he had an amazing view down the front of the provost's low-cut leather sheath dress. As she stood up and clicked her way imperiously to the podium, her bouncing bosoms resembled a couple of ripe melons, straining her not-up-to-the-task, brassiere. Dreamily, he imagined his head resting on those soft pillows so reminiscent of those of her daughter, Primrose, while he simultaneously felt a stirring in his loins.

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