Bi Sex Stories

Straight Invaded Ch. 10

As Dave prepares to return to his "Normal" life after being used as a gay sex toy for more than a week, he has one last encounter with Beth, the woman who helped turn him.
5 2632 words 12 mins domination

First Time for Married Man with Park Blowjob Encounter

My first time bi was surprising to me.
3.4 471 words 2 mins encounters & first time

Day Dreaming

I was searching for a bit of solitude but fate had other ideas! I just needed to be on my own, I made a sandwich and a drink and just jumped in the car and drove. After about 60 miles I ended up at the coast, it was very early in the year and the beach had only two anglers on it.
4.4 1093 words 5 mins encounters

Still a Creamboy

Throughout my childhood, the only two guys near my age that lived close by were cousins. Bill and Mike. I hung around all the time with them, and we fished and camped a lot in the summer. A "Happy Ending" to a young guy's story.
3.5 594 words 3 mins first time & friendship

First Time Sucking a Older Man’s Cock in the 12th Grade

My first time with a cock in my mouth. I was in the 12th grade. I took a job cutting a guy's lawn in Fridley who lived on a lake I swam at.
3.7 288 words 1 mins encounters & first time

We Developed a Sex Slave

Tables turned
4 492 words 2 mins domination

My Awakening the Day I realized my New Bisexual Life

My dad was a very prejudiced man, he would tell me how much he hated blacks and gays. That always disturbed me to say the least. Not long ago my dad passed , about 6 months ago. Well at his wake I found out he had a lover and to boot he was black!
3.7 453 words 2 mins encounters

SoCal Play

Erotic fantasy of the gender fluid. I can't explain it to you, man. Those of us who live in free states have a whole other appreciation of smoking weed and being a horny gay dude. You think it's not that big a deal until you live in a need to weed lifestyle.
3.7 945 words 4 mins encounters

Tonight I'm His

This older guy that my wife's been cyber sexing or camming. He's really hung. No, I saw his cock on her desktop. Thick and pretty long. Cut with a big purple knob. Two horny men work something out.
3.2 1186 words 5 mins encounters & relationship

Vikki advances my training, by whoring me out..

My wife, Vikki, and I have been sharing cocks for months now. I found a new use for all the cocks we sucked. It started a new phase in my cum addiction.
3.4 529 words 2 mins relationship

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