Seduced by Mother in Law

Being swingers for over 10 years, my wife and I both had free hall passes to use whenever we wanted. Helen got to use hers a lot more than me, but that didn't bother me. I loved when she was out drinking with either work, or her friends, and she was naughty. I always knew when she had something to tell me, just by instinct. And she was usually mega horny after some fun. She would wait till I was inside her before telling me what she was up to. And she found it easy to attract attention with her 36dd tits, usually barely contained in a low top. Lucky for me she got her looks from her mother Michelle.

I had seen old pictures of Michelle, and she was a stunner in her day. Her tits had been smaller than her daughters, maybe a 34d, but she had been slimmer, and I had to admit, actually sexier than my wife. But she was at least 2 stone heavier now, and her tits were huge. And saggy too. But, I often stared at her cleavage, and wondered if she was as dirty as her daughter.

With her husband long dead of a heart attack, I usually did the d.i.y. around her studio apartment. She had downsized from her house after her 3 kids had left. Usually I would be alone in her apartment, she would go shopping or out for a coffee. I had got into the habit of looking for dirty knickers for a sniff, and one time , I was having a nose in her undies drawer , and found some old holiday snaps. I had hit the jackpot. There was some pics from Spain at least 20 years ago, and there were her glorious tits on show. Pure wank bank material ! I even photographed them with my phone for home use. There was also a small rubber butt plug, and a dildo. She was as dirty as my wife hehe.

But that was months ago. So here I was under her sink trying to fix a leak. It was damn hot outside. I had arrived in shorts and a t-shirt. And when Michelle left, I had removed my top. After less than half an hour Michelle had arrived back home. She explained she had been caught in the rain and needed to change. Her white cotton top wasn't low, but it was now clinging to her, revealing the fact that she had no bra under her top, and also the clear outline of her nipples. I couldn't stop sneaking a peek as we talked. Not sneaky enough though because she told me to take a picture it would last longer. I had gone bright red but she just laughed and said she was going for a shower. I put my hand down my shorts to straighten what decent semi. Hearing the water of the shower only feet away was making me even hornier, knowing she was naked. My cock was getting even harder.

I got back to what I was doing under the sink to try take my mind from my naked mother in law. I heard the water stop, and a few minutes later she was out of the tiny bathroom and only feet away from me. She asked how I was getting on and I explained it would take longer than I had anticipated . I told her it was harder than I though. She agreed, and said it looked hard. We both went silent. I wasn't sure if she meant the repair, or my cock, which unfortunately for me was on view for her, and I couldn't really move. I chatted on, assuming it was meant innocently. She asked me if I wanted a cup of tea and I accepted her offer. I heard the kettle go on, lucky it already had water in it.. And a few minutes later she told me brews up. When I awkwardly emerged from under her sink, she was only wearing a bathrobe. And it was open ! Revealing her nakedness underneath.

Fucking hell I exclaimed. She laughed and tied it loosely, her tits still on display. She said sorry , and then asked if I wanted a biscuit, like it was the most natural thing i the world. I told her I was good. So Helen says she said and laughed as I spit out my tea in shock. I told her I hoped she was joking. She said she wasn't joking, that Helen told her I was a great fuck. Well she shouldn't be saying anything about our sex life I said. Although I was glad she said something positive. And to be honest, my hard on was back. I knew I was tenting.

She also told me you have a free pass she said. I was mortified. My mother in law knew we were swingers. She laughed at my embarrassment and walked over to me, putting her hands on my arms. Her voice was softer than usual. Her robe once again fell open. She pushed herself forward her body touching mine. I could feel her breasts on my bare chest. I knew she could feel my hard cock. She pushed her hairy pussy on to it. I groaned in pleasure. She look up at me saying nothing. I kissed her hard and passionately. My arms slipped inside her bathrobe, around her back, pulling her closer still. My hands squeezed her fat flabby ass. It was what I wanted. It was all I wanted. This time she groaned in pleasure. She grabbed my head down from her mouth and onto her soft tits. I almost attacked her hard nipples with my mouth. She groaned again and moved slowly backwards toward her bed settee.

She slipped down away from me onto the bed settee. As she almost sat on it she hit a button on the side of the arm, and pulled me with her in one fluid motion. As I fell forward on to her the settee turned into her bed, even before I landed on top her. Her actions were so smooth, so practiced, I knew she had done this many times before.

She was beneath me now, pulling my shorts down, my erect cock springing free. I pulled her robe aside and she wriggled out of it, now naked, as I was seconds later. My mouth went to her neck, biting her hard , but not hard enough to leave a mark. Something I had perfected on her daughter. She moaned loudly and pushed her self toward me . My cock slid into her soaking wet pussy. I arched my back in glorious pleasure. We both cried out. Soon I was fucking her like a horny teenager. I was looking at her face, her eyes closed, her face in rapture. My hand hand went to my mouth and wet my finger. I moved it between my body and hers and found her ass. I rubbed her ass as I fucked her. It was awkward but she loved it. She shouted don't stop, oh yes, and soon had the first of many orgasms.

She reached out gently but firmly , and pushed me to change positions. I lay on the bed as she climbed on top of me. I could feel her belly hang down and touch mine. I gazed at her large soft saggy tits and grabbed them, squeezed them as she moved her pussy onto my cock. I slid in easily. She started fucking me, moving back and forward at an increased speed. I felt her pussy tighten on my cock and I gasped. She laughed and asked me if I liked that. Fuck yes I cried and pulled her toward me so I could kiss her. I started thrusting my cock into her, me now doing all the work. We fucked like that for a while , then she sat up straight. She wet her finger and started to rub her clitoris. As she did this, and it was a magnificent sight, she started to squeeze my cock again with the muscles of her pussy.

She judged my verbal responses expertly and soon we both came together, loudly. She moved off me and we both lay there breathless. She explained my wife knew what was going on and was happy with the situation on the condition I was to tell her everything later on in bed. I told her I would, but hoped I would be able to get hard again. She smiled at me, and slowly moved down my body and said she knew a few tricks to get a guy hard. She looked up at me, and said she give Helen a few tips. I wasn't usually able to perform so soon after coming. But without ever breaking eye contact with me, Michelle took my semi hard cock in her mouth. Her hand went to her pussy and cam back wet with both our juices. Still she stared into my eyes, my cock now in her mouth. The tip of her tongue played with the head of my hardening cock. Her wet finger found my ass and played with it. Soon my cock was rock hard again. Michelle just smiled, the manoeuvred herself on top of me, my cock never leaving her mouth. Soon her dripping pussy was pushed into my face. Well this was new, even for me. But, what's a guy supposed to do ? The end. Hope you all enjoyed this tale of fantasy.

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written by chlofree

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