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In Your Face - Bukkake Group Sex Party!

I stepped into the apartment. Right when I open the door, I am greeted by three guys, waiting in a queue to get into the other room. Sit back and relax and let me tell you about my very first Bukkake party. I was not quite prepared for the sight that greeted me. The room was filled with 35 men. All were completely naked, except for me and the three other guys. We quickly started undressing.
3.5 16 minutes beginnings

Quick Blowjob in the Gym Showers

It had been an extremely hard work out. One of those where you end up feeling extremely happy with yourself. I walked into the locker room and as always at this hour it was pretty empty. I guess the guy that I saw heading in here earlier was already gone. I had hoped I would be able to see him naked in the shower...
3.6 12 minutes encounters

You Fuck My Face in the Middle of the Night

I am laying on my back and I am sound asleep. My chest moves up and down as I continue to slumber. You look at my thick and full lips. Your cock throbs. Your cock wants to enter my warm mouth. You think about how you can wake me up so that we can have some wild sex. Last night, you initiated a conversation about our relationship. We established that your sexual desire is simply greater than mine. You told me that you often wake up at night, feeling incredibly horny, but I gave you a solution.
4 15 minutes relationship

Stud College Roommate Asks Me To Suck His Cock

I was a virgin when I entered college. I never had a serious girlfriend in highschool, so I never really had a chance to have sex. But I wanted to desperately. I masturbated a lot, sometimes imagining what it would be like to have sex with another guy, as well. Usually I felt ashamed after I came so I figured I would NEVER actually act on my thoughts.
3.5 11 minutes college hunk muscular  big cock  fraternity

Confessions Of A Cum Eating Junkie

This one night I was reading one of my favorite letters, about how this girl really loved to suck cock and eat cum. Of course she wrote that she just loved the taste of it, and I got to wondering if it really tasted as good as she said. Just the idea of tasting my own cum was enough to make me blast a load into my palm. Normally, I wiped it up with a tissue and threw it away, but this time I held it up to my face and looked at it closely. I smelled it, and the slightly tangy odor of it didn't seem bad at all, so I stuck out my tongue and gingerly touched it to the pool of sperm in my hand.
3.9 18 minutes college twink  big cock  blowjob

My Cousin Jared Hits Puberty and We Meet Again

My aunt and uncle had invited me out with them and my cousin Jared for a weekend vacation at their resort. I had just gotten out of college and was looking for a job over the summer, and they knew that I really needed to take a break. I'd gladly accepted their offer.
3.6 16 minutes friendship pool

Sucking Huge Football Jock's Monster Cock

One of the guys I tutored was called Turk (his real name was James ... I don't know why they called him Turk ... college is weird). Anyway, I don't really know a lot about football (not into sports), but he was one of the lineman who tended to ram into other guys and knock them on the ground, but was actually a pretty nice guy and had a great sense of humor. He was a very big guy, probably about 6'2", and just a bit overweight, maybe 260 lbs, but very muscular. He would come over to my apartment twice a week for tutoring, usually just after football practice and I would usually spend about 1-2 hours with him. We got along quite well and had many other interests in common.
3.7 25 minutes college big cock  monster cocks  blowjob

First Time Sucking Cock In The Locker Room

I was in ecstacy with his hand on my dick, but I still more fascitated with his rod. So, I had him lay down with head resting on a stack of towels and since he was wearing shorts I pulled them off right over his shoes. God, I still remember the sight of him laying there with his pale white skin in just a t-shirt, white sweat socks with red and blue stripes and faded blue Vans with holes at the toes. His big cock at almost a 45 degree angle and the purple swollen head was bobbing up and down with each throb. I started to jack him off again, this time with both hands, feeling his baby smooth balls. He was breathing really heavy and was sweating alot. When I thought he was about to cum, I stopped. When he asked why I stopped, I asked could I suck him.
3.6 8 minutes first time big cock  locker room

Catch Younger Brother Being Fucked And End Up Fucking His Hotest Friend

They started begging me not to tell anyone. When I looked at Brian, he looked so scared I thought he was going to cry. So with them at my mercy I decided I would turn this situation in my favor made a deal with them. I told Brian that since he liked fucking my litle brother so much he had to let me fuck him. He was hesitant at first but then thought it was better than me telling everyone that he was a fag. So he stood up and I leaned him up against the dresser and bent him over slightly in the same position he ad my brother. By now my dick was pulsating with the anticipation of finally living my greatest jack-off fantasies.
3.6 5 minutes first time anal sex fucking

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