Hetero Relationship Sex Stories

Saturday Morning

My wife and I bumped into each other going about our chores and instantly grope each other by the genitals. I slide one hand down her slacks feeling her wetness while she eagerly grabs my now growing cock. A feeling and act we often perform and as always, it felt intense. Its been over two weeks since we last made love.
4 1111 words 5 mins

My First Gangbang

I was really hesitant at first because like why would he want to share me?? but I decided to explore the idea.
3.7 1889 words 8 mins first time

My Home Health Aid

At first, I didn't fair too bad and was just shaken up until one of my best friends hit the oil slick and went down as well and I got hit with a three-hundred-pound motorcycle doing close to 60 or 70 miles per hour. To say I was fucked up was a bit of an understatement. Broke my right shoulder my right arm and wrist smashed my hip and broke my foot.
4.1 6216 words 28 mins

Hot Wet Kisses

We had been seeing each other for a couple of years and always enjoyed all sorts of sexual variations. We were only about 19 when we met and neither of us had very much experience beyond heavy petting and some groping. We learned about lots of different sex play together and enjoyed almost everything we tried.
3.8 1103 words 5 mins beginnings

Debbie's Wild Ride Home

my former cum dump girlfriend we sat in the diner enjoying our dinner in an effort to achieve upper scale status I imagine this diner was a byob establishment. We commented to the waiter too bad we did not know beforehand or we would have brought a bottle of wine.
3.8 3383 words 15 mins

Debbie's Night She'll Never Forget

So, she was on her own for the first time living comfortable but not the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to so she was reduced to working for a school where she told me she was ogled and hit on by every low life bus driver, janitor teacher you name it so she was looking to date a normal person hence we met so much for normal.
3.7 2439 words 11 mins

The Taking of Debbie K

I honestly think she was self-taught on how to give a blowjob by watch some lousy porn. She never thought outside of the box and relied on everything her mother told her about sex both good and bad mostly bad.
4 1975 words 9 mins

An Afternoon of Delights with my Wife

I lay back and after a few minutes of her fondling my shaft she licks her lips and starts by kissing my cock all over and licking the head with her talented tongue in such a way that in a matter of seconds I am ROCK HARD. She follows this by engulfing my engorged member into her waiting mouth and she sucks it in and out of her mouth like she hasn't had a meal in weeks. After several minutes of her sucking and licking I am going out of my fucking mind and I feel the urge to reciprocate but she denies me the oppurtunity for the moment as she wants to tease me further with her practiced art of fellatio until I go completely NUTS, so I continue to enjoy her talented tongue and mouth doing its magic on my tallywhacker until she is forced to come up for air.
3.7 1414 words 6 mins

A Sexy Reunion

She moves to the couch and he hovers over her, leaning in with his face close to hers, and kisses her - letting her taste herself on his tongue. Their mouths devour each other as their tongues entwine, sucking and biting and savoring the flavor. While they are lost in their exploration, he pushes her back until she is lying on the couch - his body half covering hers. Her arms find their way around his body and she runs her hands along his sides, across his back, then down to squeeze handfuls of his ass while pulling his hard cock tighter against her. She works his shirt loose from his waist and pulls it up so she can rake her nails across his bare flesh.
3 1284 words 6 mins beginnings

Carwash Cock

This was the signal and Tina was quick to respond. She pulled at her little tight little sun dress and threw it over her head in a second. Totally nude she was grabbing at Franks shorts as he pulled off his shirt. He raised his hips and she tugged them down until his cock popped free. They were both laughing as she stopped tugging and took his half hard cock in her mouth and began to suck it as it grew. Fighting the impulse to just sit back and enjoy Frank pulled his shorts and threw them off as well.
2.6 974 words 4 mins

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