Hetero Science Fiction/Fantasy Sex Stories

The Witch and Her Runaway Wardrobe

She had just finished her freshman year of College and was packing up her dorm to leave in a couple of days. She did, however, secretly practice witchcraft with a coven close to her campus. Being that she was new, her first lesson was to study potions. She had the choice to choose any potion she desired just as long as the potion she created worked as intended.
3.6 1210 words 5 mins

Selena's Book of Shadows

All day she had eyed the clock on the other side of her uncle's antique shop rolling her fingers on the side of the cash register. "5:00 pm", it displayed seemingly teasing her as the last thirty minutes of her shift slowed to a crawl. She couldn't complain too much since it helped pay for college and it was only for the summer after all.
3.8 2045 words 9 mins

My Remote Controlled Gothic Hottie

He wasn't a bad looking guy but his self-confidence was a little lacking and the fact that most girls in the school knew that he was a pervert kept him from scoring a girlfriend. He lived with his Dad, who owned a lucrative sex toy business and had apparently had a breakthrough recently in product development.
4.3 2702 words 12 mins

TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 1

The last time he was here his experience had been amazing. Now that he was once again standing at the cave's entrance he was beginning to regret his decision to come back. The boy had come to the delightful conclusion that the cavern's tenant was likely out and about in the forest. With the cave unoccupied it would be best for him to return home with all haste.
3.7 4822 words 21 mins

Brian and the Living Mannequin

Arianna had stolen a pocket pussy from a local sex toy shop and brought it to life with her magic. She sent it out in the middle of the night to sneak into the store. "Go my new pet. Show Brain the time of his life. " Arianna giggled as she flew off into the night. The pocket pussy flew down to hide inside the department store, hoping to make a chance encounter with Brian.
3.5 2558 words 11 mins

Night of the Living Pussy

Soon her high school days would be over and she would be off to medical school. She was very beautiful and considered the heart throb of every guy in school, but her reputation for being a prude turned off many would be suitors. She lived with her mother; an extreme conservative who brainwashed her since childhood into believing that all sexual things were evil.
4.1 2326 words 10 mins

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