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Gangbanged on My Son's Wedding Day

Firstly let me tell you the background. I am a 50 year old housewife Jayashree a professor in college, married , with two children. My husband have been, well, fairly ordinary in the bed stakes. You know - once or twice a week, rather unimaginative, with not really enough interest in my needs and desires.

My Mom Fucked By Young Boys

I always had an attraction for older women in their 40s. I live with my mother Jayashri and my dad and brother in Pune. My mother is around 40 years old but she is good looking and a hot aunty. She is little chubby with fats at the right places. She mostly wears sarees. So now I will directly come to the story. Last month we went to karad(Satara) for the wedding of one of my cousin.

Sunbathing Topless

She used to like to work on her tan, so she would either lay out on a towel or lay on a lounge chair. She would save time by wearing her bikini under her dress. I always teased her and said she should go topless at the local nude beach near where she lived, she laughed and said yeah right, the most I would do is sun bath topless.

My Trip to the Nude Beach

I turned 18 three months ago. My name is Brad. I graduate from school in May. I've been dating my girlfriend, Angie, for almost 2 years. I get along really well with Angie's parents. They are very cool. Last month Angie's parents invited me to join them on a family trip to Florida. It would be a chance to get away. We would be able to get some sun.

Some Public Fun

After several minutes of this, we were both ready to cum. So, in perfect unison, we both sat up and put our asses down into the water. The cool water again felt so good on my pussy, and he got his cock into me so deep, that I could not hold off cumming for another minute. He came at the same time and my pussy squeezed his cock so tight that it felt like we would never get apart. We just sat there for another few minutes, not believing how amazing that had felt, when suddenly we heard another group of vacationers coming. We got down into the water, got our suits back on. My husband gave me a wink and we got out of the pool.

Sexy Bus Ride to Remember

She wasn't even wearing panties! My teeth almost dropped onto the floor! She put the bag up there and sat down. She introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Tiffany. What's your name?" I smiled and said, "I'm (I had to think) Tom. Are you from Ithaca?" "No, I'm from Buffalo. You?" was her reply. I was amazed that she was from Buffalo. That meant that she would be sitting with me the entire four hour ride there. I told her of my place of origin and she made a comment on the coinci- dence. The bus got ready to leave. The driver closed the door, made the usual pre-departure announcements, and we were off. As we left the station, the driver turned on the air conditioning. It took a few minutes to get back to where we were sitting but when it did, I started to get cold. Tiffany did also.

Mowing the Neighbours Lawn

Leaving the two women talking and catching up on all their mutual friends, I went back to the yard and started cutting the grass. After finishing with Stacy's yards I cut my own, starting in the front and ending in my own backyard. As I started the mower, I noticed Tracy lying face down on a chaise lounge wearing only the bottoms of a thong- style bikini. As I watched, she reached down and took the bottle of sun tan lotion and let it drip on her exposed ass. Putting the bottle back on the grass, her hands went behind and began to rub the slippery oil into her skin, her buttocks gleaming in the sun light. In spite of my now solid erection, I started the mower and began to cut my yard, but I must admit that I walked much slower when I was moving in her direction.

Milking Your Breasts and Fucking Your Brains Out

"That's all right Mr. Ozinski, I have a new baby at home, and every four hours or so I have to milk by breasts and save it for later," she replied, "but I'm having all sorts of trouble with the stupid machine, and I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor, and well, nothing seems to be working out today." Andy was listening to what Donna Wilkens was saying, but his eyes were riveted to the magnificent tits that sprung from Donna's slim chest!

Eating Pussy for a Job

The interviewer introduced herself and told Chuck to come in and have a seat. The interviewer sat across the desk from him and Chuck figured he was saved as he could not see most of here body because of the desk. The interview started off ok but things started getting tougher for Chuck. not only were the questiones getting more difficult and more personal but the interviewer leaned back in her chair, kicked her shoes off and put one leg up on the desk.

Base Baller meets Woman on the Train

I'd dealt with this before, and laughed it off, but this dream was too wierdly powerful. When I caught the train, I was sleepy. I got my seat, which seemed to have another, unoccupied seat, next to it. But that seat did smell of sweet perfume. I settled in and, as the train moved slowly, I curled up and tried to rest. Then, someone sat down in the adjacent seat, which my back was then facing.

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