Hetero Encounters Sex Stories

Further Maintainance

I nervously went along to the office but there was no need to worry it was just to pick up a list of jobs. All the staff seemed friendlier with a smile on there lips or a twinkle in their eye and 2 or 3 took the liberty of groping my bum on their way past as I was bent over looking at something.
4.6 2319 words 10 mins

A Night Shift on the Cabs

You supplied your own car, its upkeep and fuel and the cab company installed a shortwave radio. You paid them a radio rent and for the hire and reward insurance and whatever you earned after this was yours. They had some account work which you had to do but as this was paid monthly in arears you would try and limit it to cover your fees.
4.5 1221 words 5 mins

Exchange Student Part 2

I can't wait to see her and hopefully pick up where we left off. As I think about all the sex we had my cock starts to get hard in anticipation. So what choice do I have but to take it out, jack off and dream of eating out that sweet pussy. The day finally arrives for her to arrive so I pick her up at the airport around noon.
3.5 1034 words 5 mins

Good Maintenance

Then one day they asked if I would go and do some repairs at there sister home ( 20 miles away) as the handy man had left and they was struggling to replace him.
4.2 665 words 3 mins

Doctor Visit

She was nervous cause this was going to be her first male gynecologist. Previously she had had a woman. We arrive at the doctor's office and the nurse asked my wife to take her clothes off and change into a paper teddy that tied around her neck. We both went into the exam room and I assumed at some point I would leave before the exam actually started.
3.6 1126 words 5 mins

I am going to Fuck BIGFOOT

I thought and said I am going to fuck bigfoot, It was a woman who got nicknamed bigfoot she was tall. I was on a mission. He was walking with me. I said where the fuck are you going? He says we are going to go fuck bigfoot. I say there is no we here !. I am going to fuck bigfoot! There is no we in this. I knock she lets me in. I walked in the door and he sneaks up right behind me.
3.3 910 words 4 mins

Gangbanged on My Son's Wedding Day

Firstly let me tell you the background. I am a 50 year old housewife Jayashree a professor in college, married , with two children. My husband have been, well, fairly ordinary in the bed stakes. You know - once or twice a week, rather unimaginative, with not really enough interest in my needs and desires.
3.8 1898 words 8 mins

My Mom Fucked By Young Boys

I always had an attraction for older women in their 40s. I live with my mother Jayashri and my dad and brother in Pune. My mother is around 40 years old but she is good looking and a hot aunty. She is little chubby with fats at the right places. She mostly wears sarees. So now I will directly come to the story. Last month we went to karad(Satara) for the wedding of one of my cousin.
3.2 1082 words 5 mins

Sunbathing Topless

She used to like to work on her tan, so she would either lay out on a towel or lay on a lounge chair. She would save time by wearing her bikini under her dress. I always teased her and said she should go topless at the local nude beach near where she lived, she laughed and said yeah right, the most I would do is sun bath topless.
4 1408 words 6 mins

My Trip to the Nude Beach

I turned 18 three months ago. My name is Brad. I graduate from school in May. I've been dating my girlfriend, Angie, for almost 2 years. I get along really well with Angie's parents. They are very cool. Last month Angie's parents invited me to join them on a family trip to Florida. It would be a chance to get away. We would be able to get some sun.
3.2 1214 words 5 mins

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