A Woman's Fantasy

As you all know that Indian women are not so expressive, and they hide all their feelings within themselves. I could see that this trend is changing now. This is a recent incident when I got connected with a married woman on a social media, her name was Sheba (name changed) aged about 35 years. She explained me that she has a fantasy that she likes to be fucked outdoor. I was excited to hear this and we planned to go for an outdoor trip. Now the problem is where? Because now a days getting an isolated place is very difficult. We spoke to each other many times and had phone sex during our chat.

I picked her from her house one evening when her husband was out of station. Their kids went to grandmother's house. She was free that night. She was wearing a black long skirt and a white top. We first got onto the outer ring road of Hyderabad. It was a good feel driving with a woman and trying to do some naughty stuff. After 10 minutes of drive I placed my hand on her right thigh and rubbing it. She was silent and enjoying. I pulled her skirt and placed my hand on her knee and started moving towards her thigh, it was warm, I still further moved my hand upwards and reached the pussy. I touched it above her panty and could feel that she was wearing a netted panty. I pressed it with my thumb, and she felt relaxed and spread her legs giving me space. The car was moving at reasonable speed required so as no one outside would notice us. I started rubbing her pussy with my thumb finger and applying pressure at regular intervals. She was enjoying this.

I was rubbing her pussy with all my fingers. This tickling sensation making her feel hot. She started pressing my hand against her pussy. I moved my hand to the entrance of her panty, and it scroll down from there till her pussy. The pussy was shaved, my middle finger being long among others, that was the one searching for the pussy entrance and it found the way, the first one to get an entry in too her pussy and started to explore it. Press the clitoris and rub it. The pussy started secreting juices and within no time the pussy was wet. I was running my finer in her labials and now two fingers entered one rubbing the clitoris and other looking for the depth, I this process I touched her G-spot and she made a moan. Grabbed my dick, started to press it above my pants, unzipped it and pulled my dick out and started stroking it.

I continued to finger her pussy and she was moaning and biting her lips and shouting to fuck her. Since it was closed environment the sound is confined to the car. I continued my drive and was looking for a suitable place to stop the car. Since it was outer ring road, I cannot stop there. I found a good route and got down from that road and entered a service road. We drove for about 3 kms inside where no one was seen and mine being a black car the chances of noticing from distance is also nil. We reached a lonely place. I switched off the car and got down and went to her. She was still sitting in the car. I opened the door and turned her towards me. I lifted her top and saw her melons wrapped in her bra, they were ready to jump out anytime. I lifted her bra and released them, didn't take risk of opening because we were in an unsecured location so we should be prepared to escape anytime. It was a full moon day and I could see her white boobs and dark nipples. My mouth was watering, I quickly took one and started sucking it hard. She likes sucking hard and nipples being pulled with lips between teeth. I was sucking one and pressing the other. I changed this and now started sucking the other boob. She was holding my head and was running her fingers in my hair. I sucked it for few minutes.

I lifted her skirt; the thighs were white and tempting. I started kissing them and licking them. Placed my tongue on her legs and moving my tongue up towards her pussy. This action has made her a tickling feeling, she was laughing and feeling hot. I reached between her legs and smelled her pussy; the smell was tempting me. I planted a kiss on her pussy above her panty. I inserted one finger into the panty from one side, pulled it to one side, exposed the shaven pussy. It was pink in colour and dripped in juices. I liked them; the taste was sweet mixed with salt. I loved it and started to exploring pussy with my tongue. Rubbing the labials and clitoris, licking all the juices. She wrapped her legs on my shoulders. I was enjoying licking her pussy, rubbing the thighs. I pulled the panty down and asked her to step down.

She stepped out, I made her turn around and asked her to lean on the seat. I lifted her skirt and applied my saliva on my dick and entered her pussy from behind, she moaned, I started to fuck her holding her hip. She was moaning and I was pushing her hard, I was excited to see my dick pumping her pink pussy. I entered my thumb finger into her ass hole. She gave a jerk and moaned loud. I increased the pace and was fucking her hard. I spank her butts and was fucking her hard. My dick was rubbing her clitoris and her labials. The pussy walls have turned red and she was moaning loud and giving me reverse pushes. I increased my speed and started pressing her boobs under her arms and pressing her nipples. She was moaning and was reaching climax, she's saying, "fuck me hard baby, ah ah ah ah.... Am coming...". Saying this she squirted. I too have increased my speed and reached climax and released my load into her pussy and leaned on to her back..

After few minutes we came back to our normal position and cleaned ourselves with tissues and dressed. She thanked me for fulfilling one fantasy and hugged me and we kissed passionately. That was an awesome feeling fucking a beautiful woman outdoor on a full moon day. We got back into the car and joined back the ring road and I dropped her back home. After that there were many other wild fantasies fulfilled which cannot be shared here...

Hope you liked this experience. Kindly excuse me if there are any mistakes in my explanation. I look forward in getting connected with women who are interested in having discreet relationship and having real fun. Please feel free to write me.

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written by rbeeti

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