Hetero Sex Stories

Saturday Morning

Saturday early morning sexual encounter at home. My wife and I bumped into each other going about our chores and instantly grope each other by the genitals.
4 1111 words 5 mins relationship

My First Gangbang

My first gangbang experience with 6 guys without my boyfriend.
3.7 1889 words 8 mins first time & relationship

Sex with Liz

I met Liz while out drinking with a group of co-workers. She also worked for the same company, but in a different division and floor, so I'd never met her before. She was ten years older than me, very attractive with dark eyes, black hair, and a wicked sense of humor; we hit it off immediately.
3.8 1836 words 8 mins friendship

Irritating Incident at The Ivy Industrial Institute Part 1

It was a beautiful spring day in Puttyville and at The Ivy Industrial Institute, everyone was excited for the important events.
3.3 1432 words 6 mins beginnings

Seduced by Mother in Law

Being swingers for over 10 years, They had free hall passes to use whenever we wanted...
3.7 1585 words 7 mins beginnings

Further Maintainance

I rang the bell and a older care assistant, Anne, let me in and told me that they wanted to see me in the office. I nervously went along to the office but there was no need to worry it was just to pick up a list of jobs.
4.6 2319 words 10 mins encounters

A Night Shift on the Cabs

The unexpected encounters of a young Londoner while trying to earn a crust.
4.5 1221 words 5 mins encounters

Exchange Student Part 2

She pulls off my cock turns around and starts to suck what cums left in me. I can't believe my eyes as she's doing this, never have I had such great sex and she's not even close to being done.
3.5 1034 words 5 mins encounters

Good Maintenance

The handy man had left and they was struggling to replace him. I rang the bell and a very young care assistant answered, she was short and slim and her name badge pinned above one of her nice little pert tits.
4.2 665 words 3 mins encounters

Exchange student

Ella pulls off my cock, turned and licked and sucked me dry. While she was doing that, one hand was fingering her cum filled ass hole, moaning wildly.
3.5 1045 words 5 mins beginnings

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