Best Rated Bi Relationship Sex Stories

Tonight I'm His

No, I saw his cock on her desktop. Thick and pretty long. Cut with a big purple knob. She tells him it makes her wet when she looks at it. It makes me hard and drooling when I sneak a peek. I want him to Daddy me. I think they leave it on just as cock teasing. They know I can see.
3.2 1186 words 5 mins encounters

Vikki advances my training, by whoring me out..

A few weeks ago, she wanted me to put on a bukkake show for her, with me blowing a bunch of our cock supply. She suggested I wear some make-up, to " enhance my features" as she put it. I have to admit, I did like it. Especially the bright red lipstick I left traces of on lots of cocks.
3.4 529 words 2 mins

Wife Challenges me to BJ Contest

It started while watching Vikki (wife) sucking my cock, I told her that she really looked happy with cock in her mouth, and she said it was one of her favorite times of the day. "Wait", I said, "times of the day?". "Whoops, I let the cat out of the bag", was her response.
4 562 words 2 mins encounters

My Wife Turns Me

We had done the cockold bit and more then a few groups. We all knew that I was comfortable sucking cock to help out but was not something I was on the hunt for. My wife enjoyed playing with toys in my ass, although our friends didn't know about this. Like most couples we had fantasies we talked about. Mine was being taken by a group of people and used as their sex toy.
3.3 569 words 3 mins first time

Her Bisexuality and My Bisexual Tendencies

I got so fed up I was going to do something that I had not done In years. I wanted to go suck a dick. I went to an adult book store. There were not even glory holes back then. It was just a booth bench seat with a big screen. I pulled up and parked I had not been there in years. I went in got some tokens went into a booth put tokens in and started jagging off.
3.2 1841 words 8 mins

My Story of Me Being Bi

He was telling people I was sucking his cock. The story got around but no one made a big deal out of it. There was a lot of guys that would try to get me to suck their cocks but I never did, but still it was no big deal til I was married in my early 20's. Someone went to my wife and told her about it in front of a bunch of our friends. She confronted me about it but I denied it.
3 535 words 2 mins

I Made Widowed Sister Naked

You can call me a pussy licker n pee drinker too. 5 Ft 10" height, fair complexion and lean body. An Engineer and on working at a leading EdTech company. And to say i never had measured my dickie. Didn't get any chance to measure. Strong positive mind and determination. Everyone n anyone think of me as a noble man by my look and innocence.
3.5 1891 words 8 mins


It would be a first to cum match. Stan was already nude as were where the three men that he brought along for the show who were part of his sex-fight club. His wife Sue was sitting on the beat up couch in lingerie. Roger quickly stripped.
3 2885 words 13 mins

My Wife Watched as I got Fucked by a Big Cock

So, I swung by and she told me to come into her office and she closed the door behind her and locked it. She went to her bag and pulled out the most realistic dildo I have ever seen. She had this wicked look in her eyes telling me to feel it. I must have had this look of amazement; doesn't it feel real she asked.
4 4639 words 21 mins first time

Young Marrieds

The fact is he was more than an old friend her brother the guy who had introduced me can mutual masturbation when I was 15 years old. We talked for a while and he told me to stop by and see him if I got a chance. I told him I couldn't meet him at our old place because it was too public.
3.6 767 words 3 mins friendship

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