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It was the third year of my marriage that would later in the divorce and I ran into an old friend. The fact is he was more than an old friend her brother the guy who had introduced me can mutual masturbation when I was 15 years old. We talked for a while and he told me to stop by and see him if I got a chance. I told him I couldn't meet him at our old place because it was too public. He said not to worry he have another location that was even more secure as he had the key for after-hours access.

I went home and being that my wife wasn't home I immediately took off my clothes and jerked off. You might be wondering why this reaction was so profound? I had spent from the time I was 15 until I was 24 meeting Jimmy on occasion and we would get undressed and jerk each other off. As time progressed he introduced me to both grinding are cocks together and sucking each other. He preferred me to come in this mouth and I prefer to jerk him off to conclusion. It was a mutual gratification program that I loved and only stopped when I got engaged and then later married. Since I knew where we hung out I kind of avoided that area so it's not to be tempted.

On this day I was not thinking and proceeded to go by where he hung it out and that was when he waves me down. The next day I stop by and he said you want it go do some stuff and I said sure he said follow me. I I smiled when I realized where we were, it was not just the fact that it was an elementary school but that it was a Catholic Elementary School. Do you have a key and unlock the door we went in and he locked it behind us.

He said that he thought here and it was a perfect location where we were safe and secure. We resumed our usual routine, taking off her clothes walking towards each other grabbing each other's cock and jerking a little. The Next Step as we would grab each other's ass and grind our class together. Boy did I miss this, it was easy it was fun and then they were the end I was going to be great satisfaction.

As we were humping he told me that he missed our sessions and was glad that way would be resuming. I told him I felt the same way and that after I saw him I went home and jerk off just thinking about it. He smiled and said he did the same thing and we laughed out loud. After some more playing with each other we laid down hang out in the 69 position so that we can lick and suck each other as we had done so many times years ago. I had never been with anyone other guy than him except my neighbor when I was not a teenager yet.

I told him I was close and as usual he would fondle my balls, bob up and down faster and add pressure so that I came with a wonderful grunt. I asked him if he was ready yet and he said not yet he wanted me to suck him some more and play with them. I gladly complied and surprisingly got hard again. We got back into 69 and after I was nice and wet I turned around and got on top and proceeded to frot with him and told him that believe it or not I was not too far off from coming. He asked me to suck him just a few minutes more and then get back on top and we would come together in my favorite position. Just like clockwork it didn't take more than 2 minutes and we were both spurting on our bellies to a wonderful orgasm. Being that this was his classroom he had tissues for us to clean up and we got dressed and left.

When I got home I did not have guilt because my wife did not enjoy sex, did not like to suck me off and would never take a load in your mouth. I was grateful that I had Jimmy and for the next 8 years until I moved away. We got together once a week for a wonderful cum. Jimmy was special in that he could get me hard within 15 minutes of coming and I could go again.

Those were the days.

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written by jjwilson3320

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