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The Stupid Things I Do for Sex

Her name was Bonnie. She had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, curvy figure. She was coquettish as hell. We had done everything but fuck, as opportunities never presented for full sex. Halloween was coming and an invitation to a costume party. We were talking amongst friends and the subject of were we going and what to wear came up.

Played Gloryhole Game at ABS

I've dabbled with bi activity since college, often going years. I've had cock in my mouth, but never went to completion. But over the last few years, I've been increasingly turned on by shemales, crossdressers, bi-couples, and gloryholes. I've eaten my own cum for years, sometimes off my wife's tits or pussy even. Then last year I stumbled across this thing called "The Gloryhole Game" on a site.
4.2 first time

The guys we met at the cabin

Well Cathy and I discussed this all week what to do and how to do and how she wanted to start things. So when Mike and Scott arrived we invited them into the dining room where we all sat down around the table ,Cathy got the guys a beer and we sat and talked ,smoked a joint to loosen everyone up.

A lucky day hiking

We'd went into this old cabin that was a attraction on the trail that you could tour self guided. We walked around the cabins interior and checked it out ,Cathy sat down in a chair at the table then grabbed my pocket on my jeans and pulled me over to her and undid my pants and pulled out my cock and started licking and sucking it.

Rescue in a Parking Lot

I was in N Y C one evening visiting my favorite gay bay in that city. I'm a bi man leaning towards the homosexual end most times. I had hoped to hook up with a nice guy for some sexual fun that night. I didn't meet anyone I wanted to have sex with that evening. There were a number of nice guys in the bar that night but none that really set me off. So I d3cided to call it a night.

Secret Encounter with my Father-in-Law. Re

I had wondered about my sexuality. So I found out who I was. And I was living a private life as a bisexual man. I think there's a difference between being gay and bisexual. I think one of these days I might be coming out of the closet and show myself as a true gay man. My wife is very naive and has never suspected that I'm her bisexual husband.

Teenager's Gay Sex with The Old Watchman

He will have passed away many years ago as he was about 65 to 70 then. He was quite a big man with grey hair and always wore an old jacket and trousers with an old leather belt holding them up. It was around the time I first started masturbating.
3.9 first time

Maintenance Man with Hot Tenant and Her Black Boyfriend

I've always had the hots for Danielle since the first time I saw her. She is mid 30's I'd say with a nice firm pair of 36 breast and a gorgeous ass with short curly blonde hair to her shoulders. Her boyfriend was a nice looking black guy around 5'10 with a muscular build, shaved head and mustache with a nice bulge in his pants. His name is Mike.

A Horse Dick Harry Fuck

Harry is the Uncle of Charlie, one of the three [miscreants that assaulted and raped me](https://www. taletopia. com/gay-sex-stories/taken-by-the-delinquents/ "Taken by the delinquents gay sex story") one day while playing hooky. Charlie and Harry found me in the store one Saturday and they took me to Harry's home and Harry proved to me why he was called Horse Dick Harry.
4 beginnings & domination & friendship

My first BBC

A few of us decided to go into the city one night after a hard day's work. We barhopped for a couple of hours before ending up at a nightclub for a final round (or two). All of our group had called it a night by this time except for a female colleague. She & I were already pretty drunk but wanted to extend the evening. This place was fun, with a lively crowd.
3.6 first time

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