Her Bisexuality and My Bisexual Tendencies

I was laid off and looking for a job all morning. I got so fed up I was going to do something that I had not done In years. I wanted to go suck a dick. I went to an adult book store. There were not even glory holes back then. It was just a booth bench seat with a big screen. I pulled up and parked I had not been there in years.

I went in got some tokens went into a booth put tokens in and started jagging off. The door cracked open bit he looks in, say's can I come in? I said sure. We were both standing and jagging off watching the porn. Then he gets on his knees starts sucking me. It felt so good it had been a long time. She sucked dick good but men just suck dick better.

I was enjoying it he was a real cocksucker sucked my dick passionately. I wanted to suck some dick so goddam bad we barely fit on the bench seat we started 69ing it felt so good to suck a dick again. In some ways, I hate to admit it but I am a real cocksucker. I love sucking dick. I have a fetish for hairless tight smooth balls. I love balls.

We were getting into sucking each other off stopping to put tokens in. We were both running out of tokens. I get this bright idea I think well she won't be home for hours. So I suggested we go to my house. He follows me we both park. We walked in and did not get 10 feet from the door both were taking our clothes off.


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We get on the floor start sucking each other dicks 69ing. He had such a sweet dick nice and long slender with a slight curve. He was sucking I had not got my dick sucked like that in a long time. We were enjoying ourselves. I wanted to time cum both of us at the same time in each other's mouths. We were in sync sucking each other's dicks.

Then the door opens and she is standing there looking right at me. I did not even have the time to take his dick out of my mouth. She is standing there she looked like a big bird, on sesame street with her mouth hanging open looking right at me with this dick in my mouth, and as if that is not bad enough he's black. We weren't 10 feet from the door, on the floor, it just happened so fast. What was I supposed to say, this is not what it looks like?

I was busted with a dick in my mouth. I said to myself, oh well she knows now, I am a cocksucker. She was standing looking down at me, not a word. The look on her face. I did not know what to think. I would feel better if she started screaming. It was so awkward the silence was excruciating. I stopped for like 40 seconds he did too. Then, I figured hey why should I stop? I said to myself fuck it.

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So I just started pumping my head up and down sucking his dick and kept on enjoying it the hell with it. Then he started sucking again too. I looked up and she was still standing there. I thought about it. Then I motioned her down. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and I pointed it at her. Without hesitation, she put it in her mouth started sucking it. We swung together as a couple before.

It was not as if I had never seen her suck another man's dick. It was more about her exploring her bisexuality. I was never really comfortable with my bisexuality. I had still do have insecurities about it all. We were together for years. I had very few encounters few and far between. I never knew how she would react.

I never felt comfortable about bringing it to the surface. I just left it alone. Things always seem to just have a way of bubbling up sometimes. Sort of like the truth sooner or later it always comes out. I knew at the time that I opened up a weak spot. I realized I would become vulnerable. That much I knew without a doubt.

So there we were she was sucking his dick. Then I went down and started on his balls. I love balls!!! His were perfect no hair tight. My fetish for smooth, hairless, balls. I get fixated on licking, kissing, and gently sucking on them.

She was watching me feasting on his balls. I did not care at that point. I was just going to enjoy myself. Then she pulled his dick out of her mouth and pointed it at me. The same way I did to her like an invite, she smiled.

I think she was watching me enjoying his balls so much. Think that she just wanted to enjoy them too. Then we both start licking the shaft worked our way up together. We both started licking and kissing his dick head. We were looking into each other's eyes. She was smiling, It was awkward but I did start to feel more relaxed and at ease. Both of us were enjoying it. That was becoming very obvious.

We both were sucked his dick with the same enthusiasm. I almost felt relieved that she knew that I was a cocksucker. So then she laid down on her back and he started eating her pussy. He had the most beautiful round jet black ass. It was up high.

His face in her pussy tearing it up. His ass is high in the air. It was like an open invitation to put my dick in his ass. I put it in then he let out a groan. I stopped and waited a bit. Then I started pumping it just a little deeper than just a faster than a bit more.

Until we both had a nice steady rhythmic motion going started making slapping sounds both moving in unison. His ass coming back and meeting my every thrust. She is looking up watching me fucking his perfectly round ass.

He had his face buried in her pussy. She was smiling and looking up at me watching me. I was pounding his beautiful black ass. She had hold of his head, all those sounds her moaning.

I knew those sounds. She was about ready to come. It was going to be a real gusher. We both went off same time or close. He looks back his face was all wet. I said to him you rang her bell. He says no I think we rang her bell. We all bust out laughing.

She was smiling up to that point then there was not a word spoken between us the whole time. That smile on her face. It said more than words ever could or would. We all enjoyed ourselves. I thought when she walked in it was going to be a real disaster.

I still remember what had happened when she caught me in bed with another woman. That did not go over very well with her. I was on LSD over by promontory point. I pulled over that poor woman she had bald spots all over her head where she pulled her hair out.

Her eyes were all black and blue and swollen shut blood was coming out of her nose and mouth. We finally escaped my ribs were broken my vehicle was all smashed up.

When she hit us on 75th street. I had a van I was telling her how sorry I was at the light. Then BAM!!! When she hit us she was in the passenger seat the force o hitting my van so hard the seat collapsed she flew hit the back window

I looked back she was laying there moaning covered with glass. I did not know what the fuck was going on then I look in the mirror. It's her backing up going make another run at me.

I floored it no chance lose her in south shore I flew around the curve she was right behind me. I finally lost her in Hyde Park. I got back on LSD where I pulled over by promontory point.

She laying in the back covered with glass. I went out got the back door open she laying there I poked her nothing. OH, SHIT she's dead! I looked up at the sky and said WHY ME GOD? What the fuck? Thought what am I going to do with this body?

I broke down-dropped to my knees started crying as sickening as it sounds started praying. Then I hear her she says what's wrong? I said thank you, GOD. I was so relieved I went and kissed her she says that hurt. Then I did not know what came over me

I got up in there pulling down her pants I wanted to finish where I left off. When the big bird came in and went wild turkey on me her the car. She was giggling asks where are we said this is a nice view. Sure is I am showing you the sites. She was a dancer and artist very beautiful woman. I got her home well where she was living.

I got her in bed crushed some ice was trying to get swelling down could not leave her blind, not able to open her eyes. I kept apologizing to her. Should have fucked her again I did not want to push my LUCK?

I had to go back to work. I went out looked at the van all smashed up. I knew I was doomed. I mean doomed. It was about a week of running, ducking, hiding, and piss running down my leg.

She was the sweetest, kindest, and nicest I ever knew. The can of whip ass she opened up that day, on that poor woman me my van. I did not even know that woman. That was the fuckin psycho woman from goddam hell. It took a while I got back in.

I knew I did unrepairable harm and it was only a matter of time. The things women endure. I never cheated on her all those years. We lasted two more years. I was flying around the country chasing the buck. I left her alone too long. We reap what we sow. That is a fact...

To be continued?

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.

This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

That's the signpost up ahead-your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

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