As agreed beforehand, Roger, in the company of His wife Gail, entered the garage. It would be a first to cum match. Stan was already nude as were where the three men that he brought along for the show who were part of his sex-fight club. His wife Sue was sitting on the beat up couch in lingerie.

Roger quickly stripped. Gail knew that she didn't have to strip but she had decided to add a bit of sexual tension to the room by stripping down to a bikini bathing suit that she had on under her jeans and tee shirt. For a woman her age she had remarkably perky small tits and a nice tight little ass. Gail had never done anything like this in her entire life. Stan notice that she couldn't take her eyes off of all the of the exposed dicks some of which were already hard or semi-hard. Stan's three nude friends were all in good shape and Gail took particular interest in the one that had a remarkably large dick (let's call him Pete).

Just prior the beginning of the the fight the two opponents stood standing face to face each other in the middle of the mat sizing each other up. Roger pushed up against Stan so that his face was only 6 inches from Stan's face with his dick touching his stomach. Roger then lightly grabbed Stan by the chin and said "time to make you my little bitch".

Gail and Sue settled down on the large couch with the three male spectators men. Gail told the men point blank that she would not fuck any of them even if the action in the ring got very hot.


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So the fight began. The fighter's approached each other on the mat with their hard dicks snapping up and down as they walked. Their hands locked together as they both stood with their feet planted on the mats, face to face.

Roger grabbed Stan by the throat and pushed him away. Then with his free hand he punches Stan hard in the abs and then grabs him by the balls and twists. Stan screams out in agony. It then occurred to Roger that as much as he was enjoying dishing out this kind of punishment it was making him very hot, and thus making it more likely he would be the first to cum.

Thus, he tried to focus his mind to the task at hand, making Stan spray his cum first. With both fighters lying on the mat he maneuvered around behind Stan and forced his arm around Stan's neck (in a sort of half-nelson type hold). Then with his free hand began exploring Stan's ass checks trying to locate Stan's puckered up little touch hole so that he could finger fuck it. Stan was still screaming and kicking his legs wildly in an attempt to escape the hold. Roger momentarily glanced to the couch.

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Sue and Gail now had their arms draped over each others shoulder with each having stuck their hand down their own panties fingering their pussies. The three men were all now standing and cheering their favorites. While Roger was distracted Stan broke free, rolled over, jammed his knee into Roger's nuts then punched him in the nose causing a trickle of blood to flow. Stan then leaped to his feet and grabbed Roger by the hair and pulled him up very painfully. Roger was stunned and in deep pain. The sight of the bloodied and stunned nude warrior caused the crowd to get even more rowdy

Stan went down to Roger, spread his legs and kneeled between them. His finger entered his ass roughly. Rodger screamed out and feebly tried to crawl away. Stan gave him a hit in the side. "You like your pussy fucked Roger? Just cum. Get it over with "

Roger was truly hurting. His nose was still bleeding and his ears were ringing from Stan's elbow to his head and now he was getting punched in the kidneys. Then Stan slapped him hard across the face causing even more blood to come from Roger's nose. Stan then rolled him over onto his stomach and put him in a scissors hold and then pulled one of Roger's legs high up into the air with his free arm. This totally exposed Rogers asshole to the full view of the audience with Stan all the while continuing with his finger fuck.

The reaction of the audience was instructive. Two of the men were on their feet hovering over the fighters yelling and generally being lewd and rowdy. One of the the men actually began cumming with huge gobs of sperm ending up on Roger's exposed ass (providing lubrication for Stan's finger). The other man, his attention focused on poor Roger's cum covered ass, began shouting "let me fuck him, let me fuck him".

Part of Gail felt pity for Roger. Not only was his face bloody but now gobs of cum covered his ass with Stan continuing to have his way. Price wandered over to one of the male spectators sitting next to her and noticed that his dick had grown very hard. she pulled off her bikini bottoms and crawled over and started tongue kissing him. A moment later she crawled up onto his lap and pushed his very large dick deep into her vagina. He began cuming almost immediately. Gail crawled off of him and walked over to the edge of the mat ostensibly to cheer Rodger on But knowing that Rodger would immediately see the gobs of c** dripping out of her vagina and down her leg. It didn't occur to Gala she was doing this that what she really wanted to see what's to Rodger her husband to lose and get totally humiliated.

Sue, for her part, was totally into the fight. She passionately was rooting for Stan. To help give him the edge she too had removed her panties and she stood up near the edge of the mat where Roger could see her and began masturbating while talking very obscenely (she had learned from Stan before the fight that Roger really, really wanted to fuck her and she correctly guessed that what she was doing would help cause Roger to involuntarily cum - Roger did indeed notice but he was presently in too poor of a state to indulge in fantasies about hard fucking Sue). Stan pulled his finger out of the ass and again grabbed Roger by the nuts and began to squeeze. Roger screamed and begged for mercy but Stan was in no mood for mercy.

Roger's humiliation seemed complete. He was bloodied and humiliated. He had cum dripping down his ass and was witnessing his wife getting shamelessly fucked before his eyes by a man with a huge dick (much larger than his own) and all the while with Stan continuing to beat the crap out of him. He hoped that he would have second act in the fight and that somehow he could persevere and make Stan cum first and then stand victoriously over his prostrate body cumming on his face to humiliated in front of Sue.

Stan had been momentarily distracted watching Gail's perky little tits and the cum dripping down her leg That gave Roger a small opening. Somehow Roger was able to struggle free from Stan's scissor grip. He was able to push Stan to his back and then leap up on top of him stomach to stomach pinning his hands to the mat.

He knew that the object was to make Stan cum and to do that he would have to get him more sexually aroused. He began kissing Stan trying to get his tongue down Stan's throat while at the same time dry humping Stan's dick with his own hardon. Roger knew that this maneuver was risking in that he would being making himself more aroused but he was hoping that it would have the same effect on Stan. Given the course of fight up to that point he figured that he had nothing to lose.

Stan managed to roll over on top of Rodger. He kneed him in the balls and gave him two kidney shots. He then started jacking his long cock. He moaned. Stan moved down and put Rodger's cock into his mouth.

Roger was in bad shape and in real pain. He glanced at Gail over on the couch. She had a kind of stupid dreamy smile on her face as she rubbed her now sore cum drenched pussy. Sue was down on her knees at the edge of the mat urging Stan on (she was amazed at how deep Stan was taking Roger's dick down his throat). One of the male spectators, while continuing to jack himself, had his eyes fixed on Stan's now exposed ass and and hard cock.

The dick sucking gave Roger a new burst of sexual energy which momentarily made him forget his (probably) broken nose and very sore bruised ribs. He grabbed Stan by the hair and violently pulled his head off of his dick while simultaneously yanking him off to his side. Roger quickly rolled over and got behind Stan and put him in a full Nelson. Stan was for now immobilized. Maintaining the nelson, Roger rolled Stan over onto the top of his body so that Stan's hard dick was exposed for all to see. In that position Roger probably could have forced his dick up Stan's ass but that would have led to sure ejaculation and defeat.

Gail, in the meantime, having discovered the extreme pleasure of having wild sex while her beat up, and bloodied husband helplessly looked on, found herself staring at Stan's large exposed dick. Her gaze then drifted to Sue's well shaped naked ass and the fantasizing morphed into a nude wrestle match with Sue with the loser having lick the winner's pussy as the nude men in the audience looked on masturbating.

Stan could feel Roger's dick rubbing up and down on the middle of his back. With Stan still locked in the full nelson hold, Roger rolled the two of them over so that now Roger was now on top with Stan's face pressed against the mat. Roger forced Stan's legs wide open with his own and really began applying pressure with the nelson. Rodger realized that he wasn't actually that close to cuming after all due to the condition of his crushed nuts and broken nose. for that reason he slipped his hard dick deep in Stan's ass knowing that it would drive him sexually crazy. Stan could feel Roger's hot breath in his ear. Roger's humping motion was forcing Stan's hardon to rub back and forth against the mat. Stan found himself fighting the urge to cum.

With great effort Stan was able to free himself from Rogers Full Nelson hold. He gave Rodger another hard shot to the kidneys with his elbow. It hurt him. Then he gave him another. Roger was on his back moaning in pain and semi unconscious. Stan scrambled over to his long cock and started sucking on it again.

Roger was in real pain but with Stan's wet mouth now going up and down on his dick he felt himself inching towards possible ejaculation. He tried to change the subject in his mind but it didn't help that Gail was off to the left, with cum dripping down her thighs, talking smack to Sue face to face.

Stan had foolishly left Roger's arms loose as he slithered down to suck his dick. Roger sat up and grabbed Stan around his neck with an arm in a choke hold. Roger pulled Stan back and then up on top of him so that Stan's back was on Roger's stomach. Stan was immobilized as Roger tightened the choke hold. Stan was gasping. With his free hand Roger grabbed Stan's hard dick and began slowly and gently stroking. Roger was impressed with the size and strength of Stan's dick. Roger was pretty certain that Stan too would soon be fighting the urge to cum but Roger first had to keep himself from cumming. It didn't help that Roger's hard dick was rubbing back and forth over Stan's cheeks. It also didn't help that the two girls were now getting verbal and lewd. This made the three nude spectators get even more aroused as they stared in amazement at their good luck. To sex lights at the same time. Fuck fantasies kept popping into Roger's head. His dick wanted to fuck someone, anyone, be it Stan, Sue, Gail or even the nude spectators, but NO, Roger had to refocus his mind away from sex at least until he made Stan explode.

Meanwhile, one of the guy spectators started chanting "girl fight, girl fight, girl fight . . .". It wasn't clear, however, if she wanted them to have a real fight or he simply wanted them make out as they rolled around nude on the mat.

This afternoon had been a real revelation for Roger about Gail. She was being so out of character from her "normal" self. Objectively her naked body was hot looking and it was pretty clear that every man in the room (and probably even Sue) wanted to fuck her given a chance. He didn't know where the two girls were going with this. Would they grab each other by the hair and start a real cat fight, or would they simply start kissing and fucking each other.

Roger knew his fight with Stan couldn't last much longer. It was almost like Roger's dick had a mind of its own and that Roger was having trouble keeping it from sliding up Stan's ass as Stan lay face up on top of him. Roger fought to keep his mind off the subject of sex while at the same time he began licking Stan's ear as he continued with his choke hold hoping that this extra stimulus along with the dick stroking would finally cause Stan's cum to start flying all over the room

Suddenly Stan exploded and orgasm.Roger pushed the whimpering Stan off of him. Stan's cum had spewed all over the room including a spattering that had landed on Roger's face.

Roger stood up and glared down in triumph over the defeated Stan. He then, to the pleasure of the crowd, stepped to his right and positioned himself close to the rowdy men and women spectators so that they could closely inspect his victorious hard manhood.

Roger really, really wanted to hard fuck Sue, but for his "prize" he instead announced that he would cum inside of Stan's ass. He pulled Stan to his feet and positioned himself to his rear. He called for the girls to move closer for better look. He then reached over and scoped some of the cum dripping from Gail's pussy and rubbed it over Stan's anus as lubrication. To the cheers of the crowd Roger stood behind Stan and slowly slipped his dick deep into Stan's ass. Stan uncontrollably moaned. Roger was so aroused by the fight and from the sight of Sue's magnificent nude body standing next to him that he began to cum after only a couple of strokes. He pulled his dick out and the cum started to immediately drip from Stan's ass and down his leg.

Sue and Gail had been whispering to each other on and off during the fight. Now, both stood before the seated men and announced that they would stage a short "exhibition" wrestling match for the pleasure of the men. The object would be to pin the opponent to the mat. The winner would get to fuck any man or woman in the room of her choosing.

The girls moved to the center of the mat. Gail quickly grabbed Sue by the hair. Sue then did the same to her. They circled each other pulling and yanking.

Sue was bigger and stronger and threw Gail to the mat. The two rolled around for a while trying to get on top but Sue soon had Gail pinned. Sue slapped Gayle hard to the face two times practically knocking her out. Sue leaped to her feet and declared herself the winner. For her prize she quickly climbed up onto the couch and straddled herself over Roger's lap and maneuvered his dick into her pussy and began tongue kissing him

Meanwhile the sexually aroused male spectators we're driven into a frenzy at the site of the semi-conscious nude Gail line on the mat. With Rodger Stan and Sue distracted on the couch the three of them gang raped her. One of them quickly came on her face and as the other two fucked her in the pussy and ass.mGail soon found herself screaming (later when describing it to Roger she said that she wasn't sure if the screaming was from pleasure or pain because she confessed to him that she often masturbated to gang rape fantasies.). In the end she lay their prostate on the map with come all over her face pussy and ass.

Exhausted, everyone crowded into the shower to clean off and then they all got dressed. They then moved to the living room for drinks and Netflix.

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