I Made Widowed Sister Naked

Hi all, I'm Mandy a guy from Nashik, Maharashtra, 24 age. You can call me a pussy licker n pee drinker too. 5 Ft 10" height, fair complexion and lean body. An Engineer and on working at a leading EdTech company.

And to say i never had measured my dickie. Didn't get any chance to measure. Strong positive mind and determination. Everyone n anyone think of me as a noble man by my look and innocence. But deep down I'm a kinky n horny guy looking at each n every lady in a lusty way. As since 24 year's I'm a virgin and still looking for some real love making which I'm still looking.

This is a real play which i played with my angel at nigh while she was sleeping. To talk how it all started i was loving porn since childhood, watching porn, mastrubating since 7th standard of my age. This story is about my fantacy with my widowed sister. And how i want to love her and make her satisfy her physical needs.

It starts from year 2012 when i was in 9th standard. We started to go to her house every weekend. As she was living with her husband a great man, her 3 kids. Her name is Ann. She and my mom got close and our visits were increased. In between the mean time i was getting horny day by day watching porn and mastrubating. And all of a sudden in 2013 her husband passed away. It was like a nightmare to her and all. And from here starts the real story.


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The start

After uncles death i used to go on some weekend and sleep at their house. As i was having my mobile phone at that time i used to take it with me and download the porn. And once they were all sleep . Ann, her 3 kids i used to watch porn. And once they were slept they were like in another world. They would never woke up till morning. So this was like a victory for me. I can do what i wish for. Talking about Ann she's fair, 28 Boobs a bit perky which I'm imagining again while writing. 30 waist and 32 Ass. Overall 28 -30-32. She is soo hott. So when they slept one night i was at last beside my left was her kid and then slept Ann. As I'm My hand easily reached to her boobs. But i used to make her kid sleep on my left while me beside Ann.

And here comes the risky thing me being a horny guy, Ann being a Widow and my sister. I was afraid if i got cought what will happen to me. But still gathering courage that day and checked if she's in deep sleep by taking her name to wake her up.

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But she didn't, so i took chance and kept my hand on her right boob lightly which feels softer than a soft ball. I was so excited and feared at the same time. My heart was beating like hell and i was shivering too as it was my first time.

But overcoming my fear the lust dominated me and i pressed her boob little slowly. And still there wasn't a y reaction from her side which gave me more courage. As indian women's wear Saree and blouse. I started to press her boob over her blouse which was feeling n making so horny. While my teenage dick flung to it's full length in my short making a big tent but I didn't cared.

I kept pressing her boob till i felt her perky nipple poking my fingers and extreme heat radiating from me and her boob making me hot like hell which was the first experience of mine to touch a sleeping beauty and invade her personal space touching and playing with her perky tits and boobies.

As i keep doing it for about 5 min her nipple was hard and was really exciting to touch her on blouse. I then decided to go further and my wicked mind started to run fast. And started to insert my finger under her blouse as it was a bit loose i could feel her bra beneath her blouse which was holding her boobies.

I then inserted my two fingers in her blouse n i could feel the lower part of her boob. Woww what a feeling to have me touching my lovely n widowed sister's boobies. I was on cloud nines, and then i made my two fingers like v shape so i can feel her softy booby, i inserted them till i could feel her nipples on my finger it was small n hot.

I was dying to lick n kiss them but it'll ruin everything. So i decided to just play with them so i tried to unbutton her blouse. Which was something new to me, i literally started sweating and my heart pumping faster and then i struggled to unbutton her 2 buttons from downside. Which was well enough for me to take her booby out from her bra cage n released to play with by a horny n incest monster .

After bit of struggle which felt like year's i took out her right booby in the air. While this all was going on i was hot like hell my dick paining to come outside and get released from my undies. When i took Ann's booby out i was mesmerized by her beauty. Wow here was my lovely siso in deep sleep and her little brother taking our her booby from her blouse and playing with them. It was my first ever boob i saw and touched. And not to forget i played.

As i saw her booby her nippy was light brown. I even have imagined when i saw her. As i have some sort of power or quality that i can tell colour of nipples and pussy by looking the colour of the eye's. That's what i feel. Mostly correct n might be wrong rarely.

As i saw her nipple i wanted to kiss it, lick it and bite it but i couldn't do it. So i started looking at it for about 2 to 3 minutes. Her chest going up n Down slowly as my angel my babe was in deep sleep, making her booby up and down too. After watching i took my right hand to her boob again and started feeling her whole boob from down to up slowly feeling the texture of her.

And feeling the awesome sensation's which i was deep diving into the sensation feeling like only I'm left in this world. And i took her nipple in my fingers to play as it was already hard as a rock woww i was loving it's feeling on my fingers a bit hot n soft with textured skin sending shiver's in my body.

Now i was ready to explore more of her so i started pinching her nippy bit slowly so that she will not wake up. And with other hand i was now pressing the underside of her boob slowly which was so hot. Her nippy was like a cherry on cake but perky one. As i was doing this suddenly she moved a bit damn i was scared like nothing else.

Thoughts running in my mind to save myself from punishment and all. So i suddenly took off my hands and acted like i was sleeping. But with half closed eyes i saw that she stopped moving. That means she was in deep sleep. Fuckk i was out of a big problem. Now i again gathered courage without any fear and took my both hands started rubbing her boob and pinching nipple.

After that i sat up and started to move my lips toward her naked nipple. I then inhaled more air so that i can handle my breathing and she won't notice my breath on her skin. And with light touch of my lips on her nippy i took that hot n perky flesh in my mouth.

Ahhh !! That was an fucking awesome sensation. Taste of her nipple was out of the world like it's never tasted before. A bit of sweaty due to her bra, somewhat dusky but overall an different taste which can't be expressed in words. It'll be insulting if tried to write. So i slowly took more of her nipple in my mouth savoring her taste on my tongue and my first ever nipple which i was having in my mouth after being breast fed.

As i was eating her nipple out slowly I started pressing her boob slowly so that her nipple stood more up and i could take more of it. This was happening like there's no else in world except me and my angel siso. Once i started pressing i can feel heat building inside of her as i can feel ot on my hands and her breathing got heavy slowly as i was engulfed in the act of mine.

After suckling the right boob for about 10 mins nonstop i was panting i jave ran 100 KmpH. Lol !! As i had to control my breath, inhale again for a long time and then exhale out. Fuck but in front of her hot boob and perky nipple i forgot everything. Now i dared for more but stopped for 2 mins so that her breathing got downed and i was ready to attack the sleeping beauty again.

Now i reached to her blouse again which was unbuttoned by 2 buttons before by the nasty hands of me an Incest lover, secret admirer of my lovely widowed sister. Now i took the upper 2 buttons and unbuttoned them in a fast pace than before which took me a min at that time. Now i did it in few time. Woww now i was seeing her right boob free in air with my saliva on it making the nipple hard again. And here was her left booby caged in her white bra ready to be free like a bird in a cage.

And hell yes i now struggled to make the left one booby out as it was after all bound with bra so i could feel the difficulty to remove it out completely but i was like i will do anything to take it out so , i made some more effort and was finally Successful and i was blessed now with the two twin globes, her perky boobies. Sized like a donut yet perfect for her as there she was sleeping while me enjoying her boob display. Getting up and down slowly as she was breathing i was into another world for another minute and fuckkk something happened which frightened me like nothing else coz this time it was my angel who was going to wake up and make a move.

So what will happen next, would i be able to enjoy her left boobies again ?? Or would i be caught for my act by the person who would be waking up ? Or would my angel will woke up and slap me as she'll realize i have made her nude... Everything is possible so is my kinky desire for my angel. So i would love to hear my mistake, your suggestions and response and id you will like to add some kinky things in my story at my mailbox.

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