My Story of Me Being Bi

It started in 1976 , I was 12 when my friend first started sucking my cock and a year later I started sucking his for the next four years we sucked each other's cock. He was telling people I was sucking his cock .

The story got around but no one made a big deal out of it . There was a lot of guys that would try to get me to suck their cocks but I never did, but still it was no big deal til I was married in my early 20's.

Someone went to my wife and told her about it in front of a bunch of our friends . She confronted me about it but I denied it. But the story got around and people started to say things to me about it . I started travel for work and the stories seem to die off for awhile til I was in my 30s.

I remarried , my new wife broke down one nite and told me about sex between her and her child hood girlfriends. So I broke down and told her my story. She was turned on about it and wanted to do a 3 some with another guy and watch me and another guy go at it .


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So we did , 5 times .

10 years later we divorced and she spread it around what I did in front of her and said I begged her to do it.

So now I am persecuted again by others .

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Less then a year after she left I started meeting with guys and doing this regular and continue to date women

I managed to keep it quiet for awhile til a x gf caught tale of it and started watching me secretly and telling people what I've been doing with other guys , she knew guys were coming to the house but had no real proof. I have given up on my bi side ,that that I wanted to because I had too .

I got busted in 2018 by my then gf. We'd been together over 4 years and she got in my lap top after I left for work and went through my email and for ads I had put on c l and that was it and done.

She told anyone and everyone about it and still does . I have no real friends anymore because of this and I don't meet with men any longer

My family no longer talks to me and my mom hates because of my bi side . I am married again to someone not from my area of town and we are happy ,but I am waiting til someone runs and tells her.

When that happens it'll be over.

When Ronnie started sucking my cock and trying to get me to suck his and I finally gave in. I loved it and wasn't nothing like it. I loved sucking cock and 40 some years later I still do but had to quit or go away. Anyone that knows me knows the story now and it's coated me so many relationships with women it's not funny.

I like sucking cock but would never take a man over a woman, but I never thought it would destroy my life literally. So here I am.

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written by Bob 35

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