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Hansel & Gretel Meet Bavarian Witch

Gretel was entranced by the sight of her brother's lovely cock, and eagerly attacked it with her lips and tongue. As Gretel sucked the lush purple knob, the Witch slurped up and down the underside of the thick shaft. Soon their lips met, and merged in a passionate kiss as the woman in black continued to jerk on that lovely cock and the blonde babe fondled her brother's balls. The women were totally enraptured in that kiss, their tongues dancing and slithering around each other's mouths. But the sugar plum on the end of the hard shaft they held was too much to resist, and slowly, gradually their kiss became mouth to mouth to cock.
3.2 1147 words 5 mins historical

My Jeff Hardy Encounter

Before I could wave she was gone.I felt my hand go downstairs and into my pants.I just couldn't help thinking about him.Just as I started to slip a finger in i heard a door opening and i ripped it out immediately. It was him. It was really him. I was here,alone with Jeff Hardy,the hottest guy in the world! He gave me a quick up and down check and extended his hand. I thought i looked pretty good with a short,tight black skirt and a fire red halter,and 6 inch high lace-up boots. We then sat down acroos from each other. He spoke,the words went through me like a soft breeze, "What's your name?"
3.5 1210 words 5 mins

Eric And Lori - Bisexual Teen Anal and Oral Sex

"Well, I have to admit, I wasn't really gone, I was sort of listening on the other side of the wall. She really got so upset over that Dildo that you found under my bed?"
3.2 1268 words 6 mins

Slave for the Night

I started to lick her slowly to start off. I kissed around it but never on it. She pushed on my head and told me to ' eat her harder....make her come hard'. I looked at Dan and I could see him starting to wank at the show in front of him. I then licked her harder and sucked on her clit. It was driving her wild and I knew it wouldnt be long. I sucked hard and then I heared Britney moan ' Put ur tonuge right up me now!' and I couldnt say no hehe. I pushed my tounge up inside her and she screamed out! She pushed on my head and then I could hear Dan moaning. I licked and licked Britney like mad and sucked on her clit madly. She pushed on my head and I licked soooo much and then she started writhing around on the floor. She legs were around my back and her nails were dug in my back.
3.3 1211 words 5 mins

Lita, Matt And A Little Bit More

She looked surprised but interested at the same time, Lita stood up and Matt started to zip up his trousers but then Lita said "No leave them open theirs no need to stop, maybe Trish would want to join in. Trish was more then happy to help. So Lita walked over to Trish and started to make out with and then lifted Trish's top over and off. So Trish responded by taking off Lita's top, now both standing in front of each other start to kiss again and Lita slowly unzips Trish's trousers and slips her hand down her panties and inserts a couple of finger into Trish's pussy still kissing Trish unzips Lita's trousers and slips a few fingers into Lita's pussy, Both ladies standing in the dressing room fingering each other Matt was in heaven.
4 771 words 3 mins

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