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Bisexual Experience With Neighbor During College

Sam started talking funny again and I got the message this time. We were sitting on the sofa smoking a joint when he slid his foot over and pressed it against my foot. I pressed back and we moved closer to each other. He asked me if I wanted to party, really party. I said I wanted to party all night, all the way. He said he wasn't sure what I meant, but that he wanted to do something, and wasn't sure if I wanted to go along with it. I said, Go for it.
4.2 1499 words 7 mins

Watching My 8.5 Inch Roomie Fucking Allison

Chris was about 5'9", yellow skin, pretty boy, wavy hair, muscular, jock. I had always wondered what his dick looked like. I got up to go take a piss when I looked down and saw that Chris lad left his draws laying by the couch. I looked closer to see that he had came in his draws. Not only did he cum in his draws but he left them laying so that I could see the nutt. There was one big pool of nutt laying in the pouch of his boxer briefs. I didn't' touch them. I got down on my knees and started to jack my dick. I blasted my own nut right next to his and left the draws laying there. I left and went over my girlfriends house. I got back about two hours later.
3.1 808 words 4 mins

Buck Wild College Sex With Professor

"Yes, Ms. Mitchell, this pussy will do nicely" he said as he slapped his dick on my hood,"You have a swollen clit, it looks like a little penis coming from under a fat lip, let suck your little dick, bitch..." I was shocked! Yet, Excited! Maybe he was just trying to explore...who knew? He bent down and began to lick then suck my clit like it was a dick indeed. I felt like I wanted to shoot off in his mouth! I had often had dreams of coming with a dick of my own. I had dreamed of coming all over the face of some bitch or some man I had made my bitch. This was almost a fantasy come true, little did I know, it would get even better. He sucked back and forth, back and forth, licking my sloppy pussy lips every now and then. Then, he acted as if he could not take it any more.
2.7 1184 words 5 mins

Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

Don and Jade washed first and I turned on the tv but there wasn't much on. I heard the two of them in the bathroom giggling and banging around. Jeez I wish they'd hurry up. They came out with their arms around each other. Don was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. He had such a great hairless chest and washboard abs. Underneath the cotton I could make out a semi-erect package. Jade blew me away! She came out of the bathroom with matching red silk panties and bra--very fuckable. So thin and sexy. What really caught my eye about Jade was her cute belly button and a small birth mark above it. She looked so hot.
3.8 1660 words 7 mins

Short Story About Kinky Professor

I would accompany him to various college events and socials, always dressed up per his instructions. His return on investment was that he had the right to strip me naked, oil me up and photograph me naked with a hardon whenever he wanted. He would rub the warm oil all over my body and stroke my penis to erection before shooting any pictures. I never saw or heard from him again.
3.3 256 words 1 mins

Ben And Daves Hot Cream Bisexual College Adventure

Anyways I should stop rambling and get to the sex. One night Ben and I were tired from partying all the time so we decided to just chill in his dorm room. As we sat around we began to talk about sex.
3.8 1235 words 5 mins

First Time Bi Sex College

I quickly got undressed and began sucking Karen's nipples. Soon we had Karen moaning and groaning in pleasure. Then Karen woke up "Ohh, Pam, you finally decided to share Jason. Can I suck his dick?" Not waiting for a response, Karen grabbed my dick and engulfed it with her mouth. Pam took this opportunity to get undressed.
3.7 974 words 4 mins

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Work that day was a breeze. It was the Saturday of a long weekend and there was practically no one in the malls. The day dragged by while Andy and his coworkers distracted themselves by talking about their plans for the weekend. Most of the time Andy was talking to Rob, another university student who worked in the back doing inventory and receiving. Rob was Andy's age and just as much of a sports freak, with the short-cropped dark hair and muscular build suggesting a swimmer. They were just getting to know each other and had discovered a lot of shared interests, and even frequented the same bar on weekends. The two teens looked hot in their work outfits: black and white striped referee shirts with gray nylon shorts that showed off their muscular legs.
3.7 1539 words 7 mins

It Was Not To Be

One night my father had come into my room when I was getting into my PJs and he got this worried look on his face. He kept asking me if I was all right, and did I have any pains of any kind, and I said I was fine, but he said I'm gonna have a doctor check you out. I want to be sure you're okay, so he made an appointment with Doctor Levine who gave me a complete physical, and then he went into his office with my father leaving me to have a private consultation, leaving me alone in the examining room. I was starting to get worried. Was there something really wrong with me? Was I going to die?
3.1 1504 words 7 mins

Hard And Straight

I was showering after dinner, preparing for a party thrown by my old friend, Nick. Nick was a party animal. We were thrown together by our circumstances and remained friends throughout grade school and high school. Nick knew how to get the girls, and he constantly talked about sex. I didn't have much to talk about, I was 19 and still a virgin. I guess the girls didn't have much use for me. Maybe it was a lack of self-confidence or something. At any rate, I was going to one of Nick's parties, and the night held great promise.
3.7 1485 words 7 mins

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