Wife Challenges me to BJ Contest

I'm a 40 year old married guy, who came to appreciate the joy of cock in my throat. It started while watching Vikki (wife) sucking my cock, I told her that she really looked happy with cock in her mouth, and she said it was one of her favorite times of the day.

"Wait", I said, "times of the day?".

"Whoops, I let the cat out of the bag", was her response. "I love you truly, and dearly, but I just need that feel of throbbing in my mouth, and usually have two or three guys a day come and feed me."

I was shocked, but also amazed that sucking cock could be that entcing, so rather than get upset, I decided to find out the thrill. I asked her if any of her her "friends" would be open to two suckers. This shocked her, but she quickly overcame the shock, like I had : Kismet. She said perhaps her wednesday may be possible, he loved getting his dick wet.

I took the day off, and around ten that morning, the doorbell rang. Vikki answered, weaing her crop top and cut-offs, as usual. When she brought him into the living room, he was shocked. Vikki introduced us, and quickly brought Hector up to speed. "wow" was his only stunned response. knowing his pattern, Vikki say him on the couch, unzipped him, and pulled out his already hardening cock ( obviously, this was going to work out OK. She knelt between hin legs, and layed some sloppy licks to "our" new cock. Hector was all smiles, so I was called over. I knelt down in front of my first cock, and Ican tell you, my heart was pounding. I wrapped my hand around his now fully hard prick and started jerking him. Almost immediately, some pre-cum oozed out, and I couldn't resist; I leaned over and ran my tongue over his head, already emerged from his foreskin. I knew then that this wasn't going to be a she sucks/he sucks event' this was mine, to the end. I was awestruck. I put my lips around his head and nursed like an infant. That didn't last long, because I wanted hot meat in my mouth; I had immeiatelly become a cock hound. he liked it too, because he soon came a load in my mouth. I didn't swallow, because I wanted Vikki to see my trophy. I came up, and opened my mouth, so she could see it full of cum, then i swallowed, licking my lips.

I told Vikki, there and then, that she had competition in town, and I was planning to set up my own cum-eating habit.

She said, why compete, let's join forces. Hector was all in, and we figured to drop the news to her other cocks.

We immediately got two others from them, and Hector said he knew two guys he could bring in.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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Suddenly, we had a regular group of cocks to share. Sometimes we had 4 or 5 cocks, two or three times a weeks. Vikki said she was still the best, because of her experienc, but I said the novelty of a dude so happily sucking your cock could counter that. Either way, they all loved dropping their loads in our mouths.

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written by ptmcke

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