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Bisexual Homecoming

The crowd from the ship had dispersed and we were alone except for an officer who was approaching. Since I was in uniform I reluctantly prepared to salute him. He returned my salute and spoke to me in an authoritative voice toned down for just Susan and my ears. He said "sailor I hear you want to suck my big black navy officer cock. The same one that has been fucking your girls pink pussy." I didn't know what to say but he was massive and sexy so I said "yes sir, I need you big black cock to feed me your cum." Susan giggled with excitement and we were off to our house.
4.4 1486 words 7 mins

Late Watch in the Navy

Where I stood watch was a room where nobody went unless they were on watch or needed rarely used supplies. The frequently used supplies were kept elsewhere. So I could relax and beat my meat at a leisurely pace. I had a locker at my watch station with fuck magazines in it. Sometimes though you could find mags that other watchstanders had hidden around the room if you looked hard enough. Those were bonuses because then I would visualize some stud sailor jacking his salami to the same magazine I was. The only problem with jacking off on watch was the door couldn't be locked, but if you waited until the late watches it was fairly safe. If someone came in you had to scramble to cover your act.
3.8 2138 words 10 mins

Two Soldiers and Eva

Man, I'm lovin' the way her lipsticks comin' off as she sucks the Serg's cock. Slidin' her mouth down on his cock she's gettin' spit outta the corner of her mouth. Then she does this thing with her tongue, kinda flicks it across the top a' his cock. I'm sittin' right next to the Serge n' I'm gonna be gettin' my cock sucked like it should be for the first time. N' I'll be seeing a cunt, n' suckin' those tits!! I should take off my socks but I don't wanna miss this. That mouth a her's is perfect! Sittin' here in just my socks n' undies n' Sergeant Lincoln next to me in just his socks with a girls head bobbin' up and down between his legs. I keep pushin' my boner through my undies but I'm not gettin' it out, I'm not jerkin' off like every other fuckin' night.
4.6 2181 words 10 mins

Boot Camp Bi Experience

Then there was that hot summer week that I had particularly good group. There was this hot little blonde girl named Donna. She was around 5'6". She had big tits and this devilish grin that made you want to fuck the smile off her face. There were these two black guys named Brian and Tony. They were both real dark skinned. Brian was around 6' and fairly muscular. Tony was slightly shorter and thinner.
4.1 2118 words 9 mins

My Awakening

Short of money I had thrown my flippers, mask, snorkel and prybar into a travel bag and thumbed a ride down to La Jolla to see if I could catch a few abalone to sell at the local restaurant. Diving in the kelp beds just off the rocks had been productive and I had sold four nice shells.
3.5 4955 words 22 mins

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