My Wife Turns Me

We were into the lifestyle mainly with 3 other couples. We had done the cockold bit and more then a few groups. We all knew that I was comfortable sucking cock to help out but was not something I was on the hunt for. My wife enjoyed playing with toys in my ass, although our friends didn't know about this. Like most couples we had fantasies we talked about. Mine was being taken by a group of people and used as their sex toy.

Well my birthday happen to coincide with a 3 day weekend. We met with two other couples for a cook out and I had the wife promise me that she wouldn't mention my b'day. I didn't think that the one gal I worked with would know.

Sometime in the early evening she asked if it was my birthday and the wife said yes. Well 2 guys and 3 gals were determined to give me a royal spanking. After the had me under control, I was stretched out across a coffee table and strapped down. They each took turns giving me a traditional birthday spanking. I think my wife hit the hardest, but nobody went lightly. My bare ass was burning, my screams were laughed at and tears ran down my face.

The gals then took some pity on me, or so I though, and started to apply cold cream to my butt. One of the guys though my red ass looked hot and ask me to suck him. Now at this point I am willing to do most anything to forget the sting of my ass so I'm sucking the guy, which I have done twice before. My wife is asking the lady of the house if she has a toy they can use on my ass and she says her husband is the biggest cock toy she has.

My pleas fall on deaf ears as my wife ask him to fuck me. The gals have already been fingering me and my ass is lubed with cold cream. Everyone except me is all in favor. I am being reminded that this is my fantasy. My head is being firmly held to this great cock and as the second guy hard 7" is guided into my asshole by our wives and everybody starts signing happy birthday.

After the initial pain I started to enjoy everything that was happening. It helped to have three beautiful women cheering me on and saying to save some for them. I was sallowing the first guy when I heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife cumming followed a few seconds later by the first load of cum heating up my gut.

The guy who did my ass had his wife rim me as his cum leaked out of me. The other gal and my wife treated us to a hot girl on girl show.

I was so spent the wife had to drive us home that night. As we laid in bed she said she kept her word and didn't bring up my birthday but admitted that the gals had talked about it the week before. I accused her of setting me up, she ask if I enjoyed it, of course I did. The only response I could give her was can we do it again without the spanking.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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An that is how my loving wife turned me on the the pleasures of bi sex.

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written by trione

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