Best Rated Bi Science Fiction/Fantasy Sex Stories

Ghost of a Slut Takes Over Body of a Lesbian

"Yesssss, my precious, now lay, and let me send you on your way.' Her hands were like millions of feathers covering my body, her tongue so pointed and quick, it actually hurt as it darted around my nipples and clit, driving such arousal deep within me, I begin crying and screaming for her to give me an orgasm, but none comes and I begin hyperventilating because of the delirious ecstasy my mind and emotional being is being forced through and beyond, until such an impossible to describe orgasm sweeps through my body, causing me to collapse and pass out. As I gain conscious awareness of my surroundings, I do not believe I was actually wakes, because Sally was still laying beside me, her tongue and fingers continuing to torment my clit and the inside of my pussy.
3.3 1530 words 7 mins

Falcon's Adventure

Falcon looked over and saw another feminine figure rise out of the hotspring. Angela was tall with blonde hair that fell down to her wonderful ass and large blue eyes. The girl's tits were both the sized and shape of melons and her legs were as long as Falcon's sword. Becky reached up and unclasped his swordbelt while Angela moved up against him and started to kiss him deeply, while unlacing his jerkin. He felt Becky pull his throbbing shaft free of the restricting pants. She stopped and gave his tool a quick inspection. It was at least seven and a half inches in length and had to be an inch and a half in diameter. She grinned as she took hold of it and slid the head into her mouth.
3.7 991 words 4 mins

The Harsh Addiction

She did not know much of the politics of this place, but she knew a little bit. This was a subterranean city of vampires. For some reason, she was chosen to stay in this place as a kind of food source and sex slave. She was, of course, immediately addicted to that wonderful and glorious pleasure she had felt, and the citizens here were happy to oblige. That, of course, was their intention. She had eventually learned that if she combined the feeding with other sexual acts, the feelings she experienced were beyond that which seemed humanly possible. It was as if she were making love to a god.
3.5 950 words 4 mins

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