Tonight I'm His

So this guy - older guy - that she's been cyber sexing or camming or whatever they call it now? He's really hung. No, I saw his cock on her desktop. Thick and pretty long. Cut with a big purple knob. She tells him it makes her wet when she looks at it. It makes me hard and drooling when I sneak a peek. I want him to Daddy me.

I think they leave it on just as cock teasing. They know I can see. They know I am watching their every move, can hear every heaving breath, feel every throb of heart fulfilling desire in animal lust. On screen. I want both of them. At the same time. Her lips brushing mine; his lips brushing my cock.

The hardest parts are when she moans. Actually I can't say "she" but the moans and cries are feminine and rhythmic. They make my cock hard just remembering, She or he was staggeringly feminine. Alluring, like some forbidden mythic demi-goddess, sexed but with a fluid gendering aura; now this, now that. Just sex.

I have to stand at the window to watch them. I know someone is watching. Watching me watching them. All of us stroking our genitals, pumping our cocks, coaxing the hot white cum to erupt. This older guy is like that. She says. I have. I have watched them and jacked myself. Hard, fast, rough. Shooting it like a geyser or a Roman candle. My cum splashing on the window pane where someone is watching. That's how this guy - the older guy - that's how he saw me. Watches me. He's cybering with both of us. Her and me. I don't give a fuck. A little bit of him is worth way too much of some other dude. This guy can Daddy me all night long. I want to just wrap myself around his thighs and wrap my lips around his cock. As she wraps her legs around my hips and we fuck like rabbits. But he's her damn Net Daddy, not mine. Not yet. I want to share; all three of us fucking.


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Because his wife? She wants my big D. Big time. Her hubby's a hunky dude but he's more feminine than she is. And she loves to get on her knees and play submissive to me. A threesome that just rocks. Simpatico, as they say. Her hubby wants some of Daddy's big D, too. All of it, in fact. All the way, down deep in his throat. I know they've been watching me. One night, last month. During the storms. I called on them to introduce myself like a good neighbor, It felt like I had a brilliant searchlight illuminating my crotch; their eyes fixed, absorbing every detail of my cock through my jeans. He slowly walked closer and lightly raked his fingers across the groin.

"You have a hot cock. Will you fuck my wife and me? We'd love it."

The wife snugged her soft hot skin against my back; hands groping my cock, oiling it, "Love it," she buzzed

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Almost before I knew it, she was sliding thick black circles around my ball sack, the base of my cock, and just behind the glans, "Love it," she repeated, sliding fingertips along the shaft, teasing precum from the slitted cockhead. "I want some of this. Daddy"

The hubby scooted closer on the bed. His fingers cupped Daddy's tightening balls. "I want it, too, Daddy." He cooed in a feminine voice. "I want it in my mouth, Daddy. Fuh. Muh. Mouuu,"

"No. Muh mouuu" the wife growled.


"No." She engulfed Daddy's thick cockhead and licked it with a lot of spit.

She almost laughed when hubby gagged. She'd suddenly thrust Daddy's cock into her surprised hubby's mouth. "Suck it," she hissed. "Worship Daddy's cock."

"Thank you. Than,,,"

"Shut up and suck it. I don't see the worship, bitch, Do you see it, Daddy? I didn't think so."

She reached out and seemed to turn a small screw at her hubby's crotch. He stiffened and uttered a soft whimpering cry. She reached down and flicked a fingernail across the tip of his cock.

"Did that feel good? O yes. I agree. You don't deserve Daddy's cock, do you? "

Daddy grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her face close. And why do you deserve it?

The wife took a deep breath and ran her forefinger over her husband's lips. "I can get these to worship your cock, Daddy. Whenever you want."

"And what about your lips?"

"Whenever you want, Daddy."

"Let me go back home and shower and come back. I'll bring some wine."

"We've got some nice smoke for later, too. If you're up for that,"

"Sure. Nice thing about living here, Ha ha ha."

Daddy pulled them close at the door. His left hand cupped her pussy; right hand grasping hubby's dick. "Belong to me now."

"Yes, Daddy," they echoed.

That night, Daddy tied the naked hubby to a chair while continuing to feel up his wife. She was still half-clothed and giggling loudly. The weed they'd smoked made her giddy and horny. "I want to suck everybody's cock. Everybody that has a cock, get it out, I am going to suck you dry. Put it in my mouth, Daddy. Put it in his mouth."

Between her thighs she was wearing a transparent wisp of black see-thru cloth, Now it glistened with her juicy wetness; swollen pink lips opening and throbbing, She urged her hips upward; begging him to taste her. "Do it, Daddy. Please."

At the same moment Daddy's tongue tip scratched wetly across her clitoris, his fingers slid inside her pussy, curling and caressing. Two fingers found her g-spot and began an erotic dance of taps and slides. Her hips bucked and bucked again. "Oh, fuck, Daddy," she said between gritted teeth. "Oh, fuck, you're making me cum again. Damn you, Daddy,"

It's one of Daddy's erotic games, Making his lovers cum before he does. Commanding, dominating, controlling the poor submissive's libido as well as his body. Willing, even eager, for bondage and sexual teasing torment and edging Daddy wants to exert on you, You know you want it. Want Daddy to wild out on you; take you to sexual heights and depths never imagined. Mouth, dick, hands, skin. Frottage me, Daddy. Rub everything against everything. Make us cum on each other, Just like that. Daddy. Just like that.

He's never satisfied at one. Daddy doesn't believe you're satisfied unless you have cum three times. He can do that. If he really likes you, he'll cum for you. If.

Daddy sent an invitation, "Cum for me, " Daddy wrote on a note, He left one behind the wiper on her windshield. He left one behind the wiper on the hubby's car,

He did that a lot. Daddy's little ways, Making them masturbate in their parked cars like that. They did it for him. He would send them each pictures of his own cum puddles; telling them he wanted the cum trickling down their throats, They begged him to hurry.

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