Vikki advances my training, by whoring me out..

My wife, Vikki, and I have been sharing cocks for months now. A few weeks ago, she wanted me to put on a bukkake show for her, with me blowing a bunch of our cock supply. She suggested I wear some make-up, to " enhance my features" as she put it. I have to admit, I did like it. Especially the bright red lipstick I left traces of on lots of cocks.

Well, my slutty wife decided that I should join the slut ranks with her, and expand my talents beyond sucking cock. Till now only my mouth enjoyed our circle of friends, That was about to change, in a big way.

During an evening session between us, I was fucking Vikki in the ass, when she said I should try getting some meat up in my hole.

I admit, I had thought about it before. She suggested I go all in on my trek into a new game; The make-up again, but also an outfit to go with it.

Obviously, her sexy outfits wouldn't fit me, so we went shopping for lingerie. We came home with some incredible outfits ( she wanted "outfits', so i knew this wasn't a one-shot deal.

We decided on three of our closest friends; Hector, Al, and Patrick. They were more enthused about the idea than I thought they would be, we had never discussed it before.

The big night arrived, and we started getting me all shaved, made up, and dressed in my padded bra, panties garter belt and mesh hose.

When our three cocks showed up, we sat and had drinks, while the studs checked me out, in my new persona. I could tell they were enjoying the prospect.


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We decided on a 'natural' lubricant, so vikki and I began by giving Hector a quick, nasty blowjob, with him shooting his load into her mouth. She held the sum in her mouth, whil e got myself draped over the end of the couch. When i was set,, Vikki pulled my panties aside, and started tongue fuking me with her mouthful of cum and saliva. It got juic fast and she started finger fucking my once virgin ass. When she was vigorously fucking me with three fingers, she called Patrick over, gave his raging hard=on a few licke, and moved over to let him into the position. I'm glad Vikki had readied me, because he wasn't gentle at all about leaning in and shoving 8 inches into me, With hs balls moving right onto my sack

This first cock in my ass let me know I had been missing something I would never do without again. Patrick didn't last real long, but I knew he would be back in line, for another, longer fucking. I now had Hectors first load, Vikki's saliva, and Patricks cum in my stretched ass, and Al wasted no time in addind his.

After the frantic first loads, we chilled a bit, and had a drink, a little weed, and me strutting my new sluttiness. The next round was slower, and actually made me cum twice whle getting ass fucked.

I'll let you know how my new life is going.

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written by ptmcke

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