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Joy Gets Tricked Into Lesbian Dildo Sex

"Here, I've brought you a drink. You look like you needed it". Joy for the first time noticed the two drinks on the table. Wondering how they got there she giggled, she must be further along than she thought. It was definitly time for her to leave. Thanking the brunette she sipped the drink. To her surprise it was what she normally drank, maybe a little stronger, but definitly the drink she preferred. Her surprise must have been evident as the brunette explained "I was at the bar the last time you ordered".
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Short Story About Mountain threesome

B fucked her and she sucked on my cock, this time it took over 15 minutes for me to cum. B was able to last a couple of more minutes, then he filled her hot cunt with his load. B got up to use the bathroom and I dropped down and began to clean up our combined loads now dripping out of her open cunt and down towards her ass. This was new for her but she loved it. This got me hard again and I started fucking her cunt again, I always enjoy fucking a well-fucked pussy full of hot sperm, it just feels so good, hot wet & slippery! We spent several hours taking our time, caressing, fucking & sucking. What a night!!
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Threesome in London

"Not here lets go to my place, I hope you don't mind if my room mate joins in, we share". I had, up to this point, never had two women at once though several times I would have 2 or 3 separate ladies spread out over an evening, but had always had a fantasy about two women at once!
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Adult Theater Adventure

Just then, I sensed someone standing behind me - very close. I had been sort of shifting my weight side to side and "adjusting" myself as my cock got harder watching the action on the screen and in the seats. Now as I shifted my weight again, I felt a sensation of a body very close behind me and a hardness pressing against my ass! Not sure what to do, I just stood there but still had to shift my weight and also reach down and rearrange my cock as it pressed against my pants. Each time I shifted my weight, his cock rubbed across my ass.
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Motel Threesome Meeting

We went into the room and wasted no time with preliminaries. They both immediately began undressing and I decided to follow suit. In the process, he turned on the TV which had many closed circuit porn channels of all types, straight, gay and bi (my preference) and she took a couple of vibrators from her purse as he flipped channels. Looking at the lady only reinforced my personal preference for what an attractive woman is. Forgive me, but I am not into BBW at all even though many men are. However, I was pretty much committed so decided to try to tough it out.
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Giving Commmands to Couple over the Phone

By this time hearing a woman moan was getting me hard again and I was feeling my 8 inch member all over again. Moaning women, licking cunt and sucking cock is something I'd say I love and something that I'm good at is something that I've been told many times by my friend and many girls whom I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. I told her that I'd love to see Minehs wet his middle finger with your mouth and finger fuck her with and nibble on her tits at the same time and well again she did just that and moaned "ohhhhh gooodddddd aarrrrgrgggghhhhhh oh this is so good yeah fuck me Minesh fuck me"
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Bisexual Hitch Hiker

He was squeezing the base with one hand, so the head was soon bulging, thin skin stretched so tight it looked like it would burst. I couldn't wait to get this beautiful thing in my mouth. I said "lets stop at the rest area up ahead, there are some trails off there where we could get some privacy." "I'm ready" he said. I unzipped my pants and dug out my cock, then stroked it to a full hardon, glancing at his when I could take my eyes of the road. We entertained each other for a few miles until we got to the turn-off, each slowly and sensuously jacking our cocks, watching the other, and now and then reaching over to play with the other's cock for a bit. I almost came before we got to the rest area.
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Two Girls To The Cook Out Party

By this time everyone was engaged in some type of sexual activity. I felt myself being sat on the table and the woman had followed. She pulled my legs apart. But before she could eat my pussy, Thom pulled her back. He settled himself between my legs, I saw the hugeness of him for the first time. I was a little scared. He put one of my legs over his shoulder and held the other one apart. I grabbed the edge of the table to brace myself. He shoved himself inside me. It felt so good. He immediately started pounding me with such force I thought he would pull me off the edge of the table.The woman was sucking my nipples, she put her hand on my clit. She could hardly keep it there because he was fuckin me so hard.
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Wife's First Swing

I loved watching his cock slide in and out of her slippery cunt while she moaned and continued to suck on my cock. J started very slow with long deep strokes, then he began to pick up speed, fucking her cunt harder and harder as she thrust her hips wildly against his pounding cock. I was so turned on it was all I could do to hold back and not cumm too soon. About 20 min. and I could hold back no longer, and as I started to cumm in K's mouth, J let out a long moan, pushed deep into K's cunt and filled her with his sperm. She had been having a climax every 4 to 5 min and now climaxed so hard she let out a little scream after swallowing my hot load. She then sucked J's limp cock clean and we lay there for a few min to recover.
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Short Story About Threesome Encounter

Her name was Tina. She said she was bored and had come out to have some fun. She told me she thought I was pretty and wanted to know if she could take me home. I was a little astonished. Before I could say anything she introduced her friend Mark. He was handsome and well built. Before long I could feel the alcohol. The woman started to rub my leg. I could feel myself getting wet.
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