It's just sex

My freshman year at college was pretty much the same as my senior year at high school, the main difference being that my girlfriend didn't come to the same college as me which allowed me the opportunities to fuck some pretty hot girls who were experiencing their freedom from mommy and daddy back home. It was a very fun and sexually charged year. But then year one was over and soon the sophomore year began.

Anyway, I had gotten a little bit of a reputation of fucking and moving on from one girl to another. I'm not saying I was a stud or anything, just that I had good enough looks to keep me busy for the first year. Things suddenly changed when I became a sophomore and had a new on campus roommate. Brian was cool, laid back and love fucking girls as much as me, but he had just broken up with his girl of 2 years and had sworn off even asking a girl for a one nighter.

We had been moved into the dorm for a couple of weeks, going to our classes and doing our own thing, only stopping to see each other at the end of the day when we both were in the dorm room together. We were both in good shape, not embarrassed to walk around in our boxers, but that was as far as it went until bed time. Lights out, boxers off. We both slept in the nude, no big deal.

No big deal until one night I had had enough of not getting any pussy and was so horny that I couldn't take it any longer. I slipped my hand under the sheet and pulled my cock to its full erection length and slowly jerked off. Damn, it felt really, really good. I was probably going at it a little to loudly but I couldn't stop. I felt my orgasm growing from my nuts and then BAM! it was shooting out of my cock onto my chest and up to my chin. Now here's the part where I tell you to not get grossed out. I love to eat my cum. I just do. I love the taste, the smell doesn't bother me and it makes it's easier to clean up. I finished, rolled over and was out like a light. I slept like a baby that night.


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Morning comes and I was the first one up, to the showers and back to the room. As I walked back into the room from showering Brian raises up out of bed to say good morning. He asked me how I had slept, something he never had asked before and I told him that I had a great night's sleep.

For some reason I looked over at him on his bed and he had this shit eating grin that wasn't going away. "What's up with you?", I asked him, not even remotely knowing where the question would lead.

"I figured you must've slept pretty good after that load you swallowed" he said.

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Damn, I felt kinda faint all of a sudden and dropped to sit on my bed. It was my turn to speak and I had the choice of telling the truth or trying to lie my way out of it. "Yes, Brian, I jerked off and I ate it. I ate my own cum. There, I said it out loud. I love to jerk off. I know you have to do it too, Brian, I just haven't caught you".

Brian never stopped smiling, "Dude" he said, "I do it all the fucking time. And I eat my own cum too so don't get freaked out".

He was being pretty cool as he continued. "I think we have crossed a line that is monumental in our dorm relationship. We can jerk off whenever we want now, without being embarrassed. Like now, I am so fucking horny that I could fuck 3 girls at once. What do you say, want to beat one off with me?"

Ok, now I think I have established at the beginning that we both were straight so this conversation had me just fucking twirling in my head. Fuck!....."ok let's do it" was all I said and before I knew it Brian had his boxers off leaning back on his pillow, stroking his fairly large cock to it full staff. I just went for it and did the same.

"See, man, it's just sex. No big deal. Something all guys do".

We were lost in our own fantasies when I heard him grunt and I looked over and saw volley after volley of thick white cum erupting from his cock. He was still smiling, which had me smiling and at that moment my orgasm hit me and my cum went sailing through the air, landing on my stomach.

The next few moments were crucial, who would eat their cum first. I gave in and started and Brian was quick to follow. As we finished, Brian spoke, "ever tasted another guy's cum?" I was a little stunned but rolled with it, "no, have you?".

"Yes and it tasted about the same as mine, I wouldn't mind tasting yours if you wouldn't freak out, maybe you could taste mine? I'm not gay Evan so please don't think that. I am just a horny ass guy who will do about anything sexually to get my nuts off."

All I could say was "let me think about it. Let's go to sleep dude, I'm tired."

Morning rolls around like it always does, and I woke up with an incredible erection. I knew that I needed to jack off so I slide the sheet off me and started slowly dry fisting my cock. I had a small bottle of lube under my bed. I retrieved it and put some on my cock. Brian must've heard me at this point. He spoke quietly, "can I have some of your lube?"

"Sure thing, come get it." He got up and I got a glance of a pretty big cock.

"Dude, you're hung." He giggled and asked if it would be ok to lay down beside me and let's jerk together. I moved over as he got on the bed. As we jerked we both were getting hotter an hornier.

"Evan when your ready to shoot will you shoot it in my mouth? Please?" My head was spinning, I didn't care if he ate it but would it alter things, the dynamics of the roommates?

"Ok Brian, we will try it your way. Do you want me to straddle your face and try and shoot in your mouth? I have never really aimed and fired one off in a particular direction so you may have cum on your face".

"Just go with it Evan" was his only reply.

The orgasm was about to happen so I straddled Brian and aimed my very hard cock the best I could into his mouth. I was excited for some horny reason and I let go with 5 shots of white cum. Most went into Brian's mouth some on his face. He swallowed like he was drinking water and was moaning "fuck yeah".

At that moment I made a swift decision, one that I haven't regretted. I quickly flipped on my back and told Brian to straddle me shoot in my mouth. He didn't need a second invitation. He was on top of me in the blink of an eye, in a squatting position aiming his cock straight into my open mouth. He blasted my mouth with 4 or 5 shots of really nice tasting cum and I swallowed. Life was changing, sex was changing. I was happy and tired. I looked at Brian and he said with a shit eating grin, "we are going to have a lot of fun ".

And fun we had. Day after day of jerking off and eating each other cum. We were two horny dudes.

Our dorm room was small. Originally the beds were meant to be bunk beds but we had taken them apart so that both would be on the floor, taking up yet more space. We made the decision to put my bed back on the top and free up floor space. We normally jerked off on Brian's bed so the new furniture arrangement worked out.

We had also tried several angles of jerking and shooting off. The newest was that we would stand up at the beds and jerk off while the other would sit on the bottom bed and wait to have his mouth filled. It worked. We had large loads shooting in this standing position. So a new routine was in place for a few weeks. It was fun.

By just holding open your mouth, the shot of cum that you got went straight to the back of the throat. I kind of figured there would be a different taste if I could get it on the middle or front of my tongue so during one session as Brian was beating his cock in front of my face I heard him give me instructions to open up. I opened my mouth but this time I leaned forward and closed my mouth around his cock and sucked on it just a very little as he unloaded and unloaded his cum. I was right, tasted different and better.

"What the hell was that?" Brian asked. "You fucking sucked my cock". Uh-oh. I hadn't expected that reaction.

"Brian, I'm sorry, I just wanted to see if it tasted differently if I could get it on the middle of my tongue instead of in the back. And it does, taste even better. Please don't be angry. Let's not be afraid of experimenting. It's what we should do". I ended my speech.

Brian just looked at me and said "let me try it".

I jumped up and started jerking off as Brian sat down on the bed. "Let's do it my way" he said. And then he reached out and took my cock and gave me the best blowjob a guy could get. I busted my nut in no time and he didn't lose a drop.

After catching my breath I had to state the obvious, "Brian, you just gave me a blowjob and it was awesome. Are we starting a new routine?".

He just looked at me and gave me a nod and said "I want to do all things sexual".

Needless to say we just sucking each other that very night and every night after, never bothering to put on clothes while in the room. It was unspoken that when one of us needed to get off that we would get hard and stick it in the other's mouth. I was sleeping like the dead. It was just sex but it was great sex.

One night we were lying in bed, giving each other a blowjob when I moved my hand off Brian's leg to a more comfortable position. In moving my fingers I brushed lightly on Brian's asshole. He let out a whore's groan. It made me stop sucking and I started laughing. "Sorry Evan, that just felt fucking good. I use a dildo at home so it's been a while since I played with my ass."

I said "so you like you hole penetrated with a dildo? You ever tried a buddy's cock? I mean damn Brian if you want fucked I'll fuck you."

Brian replied, "you're making me sound gay Evan, it's not like that. No, I have never been really fucked but you and I are comfortable enough with each other that I am ok with trying it. Your dick becomes my dildo and my ass becomes your pussy that you've been missing. But I have to tell you that you will want to try it because it feels so different and so fucking good. No use waiting, let's do it now."

By this point my cock was rock solid against my stomach and the thoughts of sticking it in a hot tight hole was making me crazy with lust. i grabbed my lube and put a glob on my cock and finger fucked Brian to get him lubed up. He was already bucking like a horse. He was on his back, legs up, ass exposed. "Slowly at first Evan", he said.

My cockhead was at the opening and I pushed, slowly. As I pushed I saw Brian's eyes rolled backwards. I knew he was having pleasure. So I pushed some more and the groaning started. "Brian keep it down or the whole floor is going to hear us", I said.

"Evan, just start fucking my hole. You don't have to pull out when you cum, I know your clean so let's both enjoy ourselves and take our time and not cum too quickly. I'm in heaven dude. Start fucking me really hard when you're ready."

"Brian", I was pounding him already, "I don't think this first time is going to last long... feels too good and I haven't had pussy in months. I'm going to blow inside your ass in a minute but I want to do it as much as you can handle tonight. OMG this is feeling... fuck Brian! I'm cumming, cumming in your ass, damn, yes fuck yes." I opened my eyes and looked down at Brian. He had blown his load all over himself up to his face even.

After the 5th time that night Brian finally said that I had to stop for the night that his hole was raw and sore and maybe we could start back up the next night. I just rolled off him and said "sure" as I fell asleep beside. I didn't have the strength to get on the top bunk. He was out too so he didn't try to get me out of the bed.

I woke up around 10am realizing 2 things. It was Saturday and I had a massive hard on wedged in the crack of Brian's ass. I wondered if he was so sore that it would cause him too much pain for me to try and enter, but I sure wanted to try. He was sleeping heavily so tried to be quiet and pull back the sheet that was over us. He too had morning wood so I was hopeful that he wouldn't be mad as I tried to fuck him. I grabbed to lube and made sure that things were super lubed and then I put my cock head on his asshole and pushed.

It slide in easily so I just lay there for a minute to see if Brian would wake up at the intrusion. His heavy breathing hadn't changed so I went for it. I started fucking him and oh man did it feel good. Suddenly I realized something had changed and I looked at a wide eyed smiling Brian. "You know this is rape, right"?

I laughed and started pounding the shit out of him. He was enjoying it as much as me. He touched his cock and it exploded and with that my cock exploded yet again inside Brian.

We fucked all day and night both Saturday and Sunday. Brian and I moved into a house together for our junior and senior years. We had 2 bedrooms but unless one of us had a girl over we usually slept together, naked, hard, sucking and fucking all the time.

Yes it is just sex, but sex with my buddy Brian was the best sex I've had in my entire life.

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