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I vividly remember the first time that I bought pornography. It was when I was sixteen, near the end of my sophomore year that I bought my first dirty magazine. Billy, my ex- boyfriend and sometime fuckbuddy had just started dating another girl, so I knew I wouldn't be getting any action anytime soon. I think it was curiosity that motivated me as much as anything else. I didn't think of myself as gay or bisexual then, just oversexed.

I went into a convenience store in a neighborhood a distance from mine. It was so nice to finally have a car of my own! I waited until there were no customers in the store. I had terrible butterflies in my stomach. The boy behind the register was only a little older than me. I went straight up to the counter and asked him for a Hustler magazine. I'm not sure which one of us was more embarrassed. I paid him with a twenty. He didn't look at me when he counted out the change. Back in the car, the magazine safely in a brown paper bag, my heart rate finally slowed down, and I realized that my pussy was drenched. I took the magazine home and inspected it in the privacy of my own room. The photographs were lewd, the models impossibly busty, garishly made up and shaved, the poses shockingly explicit. I loved the raw sexuality of it. I came three times that afternoon.

After that, buying pornography became a minor obsession of mine. Not too often, but now and then, when I was bored and horny, and worked up the courage, I would go out and buy a magazine. I enjoyed the charge, the embarrassed, exciting sensation of actually buying them as much as I liked looking at the pictures and reading the stories. Often, the cashier would be a boy, or sometimes a girl, my own age. I liked that best. It excited me, the way they would blush, the way they kept their eyes down. I never got carded. I discovered that, while I liked the erotic stories inside these magazines (they definitely enhanced my masturbation fantasies), I liked the pictures best. I liked to look.

I was eighteen, a senior, a nerd-girl in a black leather jacket. My friends and I cut classes, sometimes smoked pot, and still got pretty good grades. I hadn't had a boyfriend since Billy, two years before, but honestly I wasn't all that worried about it. I knew how to get myself off.

Stacey and David were good friends of mine, and they had been dating most of the year. They seemed to make a really good couple, and the three of us hung out together a lot. I had been friends with Stacey longer than I had been with David, but we were all pretty close. I thought they looked good together. Really good.

We were hanging out over at Stacey's house, just the two of us. I don't remember where David was that afternoon. I asked Stacey if they did it a lot. She laughed and said, Yes, they had a very healthy sex life. She knew that I hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time. She wanted to know if that bothered me. I said Not really, and anyway I could take pretty good care of myself. We laughed at that. Then I asked Stacey whether they would consider letting me watch sometime. While they got it on. At the time, Stacey thought that I was hitting on her, or that I wanted a threesome. She would have gone for it too, she told me later. We actually did end up getting together, her and I, but that was a couple years later. At that point, all I wanted was to watch. It was very quiet in the room. I could hear my heart beating. I was afraid that I had just lost my two best friends, all because I had opened my big, horny mouth. Then Stacey said that she wouldn't mind, and she would ask David what he thought. About me watching them have sex together. I don't remember how we changed the topic of conversation after that. A couple days later, Stacey and David sat with me at lunch. Stacey asked me if I wanted to hang out with them that night. I asked what they were going to do, and Stacey said, Not much, hang out at David's house, his parents were going to be gone for the night. David smiled and blushed. Then all three of us got the giggles.

I showed up at his house at eight. We all watched TV and yacked for a while. The atmosphere was tense, we were all excited. Then David said that he and Stacey were going to go upstairs, and I could come if I wanted. Of course I did. David lit a candle, and turned out the lights, and they got on the bed. I sat in an armchair near the bed, and felt self-conscious. Then they started to kiss and make out. Stacey got his shirt off and started kissing him all over. David had a nice body. He was no jock, but he was slim, and his muscles were we well-defined. He had a nice smooth chest, and I loved the way he responded when Stacey playfully bit at his nipples. Then Stacey's shirt came off, and her bra.

She had bigger tits than me, and nicer, I thought. They weren't big and fake like the girls in the magazines, but they were full and round. Her nipples were large and erect. I liked the way her boobs jiggled when she moved. David sure seemed to like them. He was kissing them, sucking them, squeezing them, nibbling and rubbing them, while Stacey sighed and stroked his hair. At this point, I realized that I was soaking wet. I had honestly never been so excited in my life. I wondered if I was making a puddle on the chair, all the way through my panties and jeans. Still self-conscious, I unsnapped my jeans, and let them fall around my ankles. I slipped a finger down inside my panties, where my clit throbbed needfully.


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I shouldn't have been worried about what Stacey and David thought; they were off in a world all their own. Stacey had David's pants and underwear off. His cock was hard, bobbing in the air, head purple with excitement. I could see a drop of precome glistening on its tip. He lay on the bed, and Stacey began to go down on him. I had a great view. I loved the way her mouth opened wide to accept him, the way she took it all into her mouth, pressing her face into his pubic hair, the sexy slurping noises she made as she worked on him.

He stroked her hair as she sucked him. His dick glistened sexily as it slid in and out of her mouth. He began to hump back against her face, slowly at first, then faster and faster. With a loud moan, hands wrapped in her hair, he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all, milking the semen out of his wilting cock. They cuddled and kissed for a little while after that. "You can get naked if you want to, we don't mind." Stacey said, seeing me, with my jeans around my ankles, still rubbing myself under my panties. Then her attention was focused back on her boyfriend, who was kissing her again, and working on getting her pants off.

My clothes came off in a hurry. They had just been so incredibly intimate in front of me that somehow I was no longer embarrassed. Naked, I got up and sat on a corner of the bed. My sex was swollen and wet, my thighs were slick with my juices. David had Stacey's jeans off, and was working on removing her panties.

His dick was already hard again, and bobbed pleasantly as he moved. Stacey's legs were long and smooth, and I held my breath with the anticipation of seeing her pussy. I could see brown hairs peeking out from under the white material as he rubbed her through her panties. She raised her butt off the bed, and he easily slid them off. I was thrilled at the sight of her hairy, light brown muff, so different from the magazine models, different even from my own, which has dark hair and is sparse around the lips.

I could see the seam of her labia, pouty and moist. He touched her, and she seemed to open up like a flower. He was sliding one, then two fingers in and out of her pussy, her eyes shut tight, her fingers busy with her own nipples. Then he went down on her, and she started to moan out loud. I could see her juice all over David's face when he came up for air. I thought his butt looked cute as he lay there on his stomach, face buried between Stacey's thighs.

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