Storm 1

That knock was expected. However, the event that followed was not. Opening the door reluctantly, I was staring at Norah, who looked so desperate; she would go down on her knees to beg me to help her. I was not willing. Only a nut would go out of the campus in the heavy rain, which weather forecast was saying that a storm would be expected.

'Pluzzz, Tyler. Help me, pleazzzze!' she begged.

'You know how it is like out there? You must be fucking crazy to think I would do that!' I said, shaking my head - still could not believe she would ask me.

'But Jack would be stranded for hours. Maybe overnight. Com'on. If not for him, do it for me...' she said, forcing out a sexy tone, although the tone of desperation was too obvious. She came closer to me, walking ever so slowly, like she was trying to come on to me, and then placed her finger on my shoulder. I was not wearing any shirt, which I knew she liked it that way. She loved my body. And I, hers. She ran her finger down, crossing my chest, down to the navel.


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Damn.. that really got me tingling. But I had to be firm. I was crazy about her, but not that crazy. I shook my head, and turned my back to her.

'Nope. Nah-ah. Not this time, Norah. I would be nuts to do the favor for you.'

There was a pause of silent. I thought she knew it was a hopeless case to continue to persuade me. I was firm.

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'Sure?' she asked, as she hugged me from the back.

She was naked. Her naked breasts were pressed against my back.

'Damn!' I cursed. There I was, trapped in the rain, and road congestion, zigzagging my way through the stretches of cars along the road. I'd gotta get control of myself, and not to be easily persuaded by a topless, 'big breasts' Norah. That one cheap thrill to look at her boobs had caused me an evening of staying dry.

The wind was not helping too. It was getting nasty, and the way the branches of the trees swayed to the slam of the wind were scary. I needed to stay focus. The rain, wet road and piles of almost stagnant vehicles made the motorbike ride felt uneasy.

The news had warned of an upcoming storm. It had been drizzling for the past few days. But there were hours when the rain stopped. But not this time. The rain had gone on since morning, and by the early evening, the rain showed no sign of stopping. It would be a matter of time before some places would start flooding.

Why did I get myself into all this mess?

Norah would be the answer. It was not a big secret that I had the hots for Norah. When I jacked off, usually Norah would be one of those that I thought off. And the load would come hard. Norah was easily my choice, given the great figure she had. Yeah, I had my share of girls. It did not come so hard for me, given my surfer look and body, but Norah was an off limit.


Jack Tanner.

Jack Tanner, the jock in the campus, was easily one of the most popular guys. Jack was hot. Girls talked about him, and I could imagine, having wet fantasies about him. Guys admire him. What was there not to be admired of his hard, well-toned body? His wide chests built from the regular push-ups, and the chests from other workouts in the gym. Six-pack above the navel, and 9, below. We knew. He did not seem to be bothered by the staring eyes in the shower. He seemed to be proud of his body, and did nothing to hide it, even for his early morning semi hard-on. His height was a plus. It made his waist looked fitter, instead of bigger.

And the look? He could be mistaken for one of those rugged good-look of a model, which was pasted on many men health magazines. I was only surprised that no talent agent had discovered him yet. Not that he looked like the type who would be interested.

You see, what we knew was that Norah was pleasured sexually. His known stamina and manhood took care of that need of hers. However, we figured she was emotionally drained too. Jack was not really that sociable guy.

That made me even more hesitating, to go over and fetch Jack. I mean, it was not like we were the bestest friends. I had the hots for his girlfriend, and I was not sure if he knew of it. And I did not particularly like to find out. Moreover, I was not sure if I knew what was there to say to him.

I was always second to him, in the group. In his presence, one would give Jack a second look. Not that I was anything less than average. My blonde look, lean body and 7 1/2 inches had helped to keep a few girls in the campus happy. I screwed around, cheating on my ex-girlfriends and so on. However, I had this charm on the girls that kept them coming back. Some said it was my eyes. Some said it was my smile. Some said I took care of them nicely in bed. But I knew it had to do with my body and cock size too.

Jack had gone out earlier, despite Norah's objection. He had to collect something from someone, he said.

But hours later, when the rain continued, and there were warnings of flashflood, Norah got worried. She checked with Jack through the phone, and found out that Jack was already on his way back, but was caught in a jam. And it was not getting prettier. It seemed that the water from the river was rising. Crossing the bridge might be impossible.

So, this was when I came into the picture. I had a bike. Norah figured I would be fast enough to get Jack back on my bike.

The falling rain was not helping my sight. A few times I almost ran into the unmoving cars. And the constant horning from the vehicles were disturbing, and I had to avoid fell branches. The road was impossible.

I thought of turning back. But I had gone so far, that it kept me thinking that I would be seeing Jack's car soon. So, I rode forward, cursing whenever the wind blew me sideway, causing me to lose control momentarily of my bike.

I cursed even more. Norah had better paid me more, than just flashing me her breasts. I saw his car eventually. I knocked on his window, and saw a surprised Jack. He winded down the window.

'Com'on,' I shouted through the rain. 'It might be flooded soon!' My finger pointed to the direction I came from. He understood - the bridge.

Jack parked his car by the roadside, and jumped on my bike.

Somehow, I figured the other drivers were watching us, and envied Jack. I was half-wishing I was in their dry cars, out of this rain.

I sped my bike, going back the way I came from. I prayed that I was not too late. Jack was on my back. I could feel his weight leaning on me, with his arms wrapped around my waist. I stormed forward, avoiding whatever things that were on my way.

'Here.' I could hear Jack shouted in the rain. I rode my bike to the next shelter I could find, and park my bike there. I looked around. We were stuck. A motel. We were seriously stuck.

It was 20 minutes earlier that we discovered the bridge was not useable anymore. The river had over flown. There were many standing in the rain, looking disbelief. They were still hoping that it was not a real thing, and that there was something there for them to unblock, to let the water flow back to the river. But it was a false hope.

Jack knew it, and tapped on my shoulder. He was telling me by his fingers gesture to turn back.

I did what he said, although I was not happy. I should not be in this. I was supposed to be in my dorm room, happily doing my stuff - finishing up my assignment, listening to music, surfing porn or jerking off. But not out in the rain, freezing my butts off.

'Any room?' I asked. The rain and the wind were not helping the situation outside, and I could not wait to get out of the rain, and my wet clothes.

An old man was browsing through his book log. On a normal day, I bet this motel would not see so many guests. Well, tonight he was kept busier.

'Two of you?' he asked, looking at the two wet guys in front of his counter. Water was dripping off us, onto his floor. The old man did not seem to mind. I bet we were not the first guests to do that tonight.

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