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Off Field Coaching

And as the track coach, I actually found myself quietly hoping my players wouldn't make it to the finals. And they did. Great - this would mean another weekend away. We did well on the first day, the weather was warm and despite my inward grumbling, I had actually enjoyed the day. Now was the hard part: making sure my senior students didn't get up to anything that would get them into trouble.
3.8 first time

Locker Room Watcher

I sat and dried myself and i noticed that the guy was removing his speedos. I watched and pretty soon i saw his cock. It wasn't that big, but he began to fondle it and it grew. He was circumcised, and he was "cleaning" a hell of a lot more than he needed to. He was sort of sheltering himself by facing the side wall, but i could still see as he rubbed his soap covered hand along his shaft and massaged the head. It seemed to me to be more than cleaning, but for some reason when he became fully erect he faced the back wall, hiding.

My Huge Dong Has The Longest Bisexual Athletics Foreskin

And if that wasn't bad enuff, girls wouldn't fuck me. The first time was when I was a freshman and was at a party. A junior gal came on to me so we freaked danced, and she felt my dick more than once. She led me to an empty bedroom upstairs, dropped her jeans, pulled off her sweater and laid on the bed. I tossed off my shirt and jeans, leaving my briefs on, my dick sticking out. I knelt on the bed and she pulled down my briefs, my dick popping out, fully hard. Her eyes went so wide I thought they'd pop out. She gasped and said,

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