Bi College Sex Stories

Bi-Sex in University

No names or places were changed. All things happened. Some details were omitted, added, or changed, only for readability purposes. This is a TRUE story, and contains sexually explicit material between M-F and M-M. I transferred from a BigTen school into a MVC university my senior year. Not knowing anyone was OK w/ me, as I figured I'd make new friends.
4.1 4703 words 21 mins first time & friendship

It's just sex

It was a very fun and sexually charged year. But then year one was over and soon the sophomore year began. Anyway, I had gotten a little bit of a reputation of fucking and moving on from one girl to another. I'm not saying I was a stud or anything, just that I had good enough looks to keep me busy for the first year.
4.3 2598 words 12 mins first time & friendship & masturbation

Short Story About Kinky Professor

I would accompany him to various college events and socials, always dressed up per his instructions. His return on investment was that he had the right to strip me naked, oil me up and photograph me naked with a hardon whenever he wanted. He would rub the warm oil all over my body and stroke my penis to erection before shooting any pictures. I never saw or heard from him again.
3.3 256 words 1 mins

Watching My 8.5 Inch Roomie Fucking Allison

Chris was about 5'9", yellow skin, pretty boy, wavy hair, muscular, jock. I had always wondered what his dick looked like. I got up to go take a piss when I looked down and saw that Chris lad left his draws laying by the couch. I looked closer to see that he had came in his draws. Not only did he cum in his draws but he left them laying so that I could see the nutt. There was one big pool of nutt laying in the pouch of his boxer briefs. I didn't' touch them. I got down on my knees and started to jack my dick. I blasted my own nut right next to his and left the draws laying there. I left and went over my girlfriends house. I got back about two hours later.
3.1 808 words 4 mins

College Sex Party

I quickly undressed and climbed into bed with her. I kissed her on the mouth as I ran my hand over her erect nipples. She reached over to the night stand and pulled out the gold vibrator. She turned it on and slid it between my legs. She ran it over my clit then quickly shoved it into my unsuspecting pussy. I moaned loudly. She smiled at me.
3.9 2059 words 9 mins

Carey And Tracy

Over the next couple of days, Carey would go about her business, getting ready for classes. She realized that Tracy had already bought her books well before classes started, and had been studying nearly non-stop. Dave had visited from another dorm almost everyday, and had commented that Tracy should get out more... Carey began to feel sorry for Tracy, for as the first week of classes passed, Tracy had left her desk only to eat, shower, and go to class. Carey saw Tracy running full speed into a nervous breakdown, and couldn't help but wish to help. Carey tried inviting Tracy out on several occasions with Dave, but each time, she refused.
3.1 1500 words 7 mins

It Was Not To Be

One night my father had come into my room when I was getting into my PJs and he got this worried look on his face. He kept asking me if I was all right, and did I have any pains of any kind, and I said I was fine, but he said I'm gonna have a doctor check you out. I want to be sure you're okay, so he made an appointment with Doctor Levine who gave me a complete physical, and then he went into his office with my father leaving me to have a private consultation, leaving me alone in the examining room. I was starting to get worried. Was there something really wrong with me? Was I going to die?
3.1 1504 words 7 mins

Ann And Peter Bisex Chronicles

This chance meeting developed into coffee after work. It became apparent to Ann that Peter was probably not college type. He was no scholar. But, Peter had a house trailer that he was renting and he was looking for a roommate and another couple to share expenses with. Ann smelled opportunity. After coffee they went for a walk around campus and had a long conversation. She offered to share the expenses of the trailer and help recruit another couple to share it with. Peter was mildly enthusiastic. He became a little warmer to the idea when he noticed that Ann had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse.
3.2 1498 words 7 mins

Brian And Me Join Forces For Bisexual College Experience

I went back to the work but kept looking over to make sure Brian was alright. He seemed to be totally out of it. Every so often stirring a bit but that was all. About an hour later he started moving around so I looked and he was trying to get his jeans off but not having much luck. Of course he couldn't really do it and all he had managed to do was unsnap them and that took 10 minutes. I paused then went to help. He didn't even know I was there when I called to him telling him what I was doing. Like a band aid, I figure I would just yank them off and get back to work but it didn't happen that way.
3.3 1428 words 6 mins


'But Jack would be stranded for hours. Maybe overnight. Com'on. If not for him, do it for me...' she said, forcing out a sexy tone, although the tone of desperation was too obvious. She came closer to me, walking ever so slowly, like she was trying to come on to me, and then placed her finger on my shoulder. I was not wearing any shirt, which I knew she liked it that way. She loved my body. And I, hers. She ran her finger down, crossing my chest, down to the navel.
3.6 1539 words 7 mins

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