Bi Interracial Sex Stories

Tasting A White Cock

She took the pinkish head in her mouth, her eyes wide open, looking at me. I sat on the edge of the bed stroking my 7in brown cock while she was sucking on Dam's curved pinkish white cock which was larger than mine and squeezing his huge balls. My wife is an excellent cocksucker, as she should be from having had so many different men's cocks in her mouth, along with her thick sexy lips.
4.1 521 words 2 mins

Straight White Male's First BBC

I thought about it 24/7 and couldn't seem to get it off my mind. Im not gay have no desire to be with a man, I just had to suck me a huge black cock. One day while scrolling on the internet I came across this site that hooked black guys and white guys together in specific areas. They gave me a free three day trial so I placed an ad. White male seeks huge black cock.
3.6 665 words 3 mins first time

Newly Bi Couple

Great sex life with the wife. One night changed everything and we've never been happier. I was at the gym yesterday and I was taking a shower after working out. This black man came into the shower wall and I hadn't realized i looked towards him and my eyes froze on this 8 or 9 inch long thick black dick. He looks at me and says it's ok to get a little peek my friend but it's impolite to stare.
3.7 1224 words 5 mins

When I Started Wanting Long Black Dicks

My fetish or obsession, fixation. It is in no way new. It all started at the park after swimming in the pool. Would come out of the pool and go into the showers. Taking the swimming trunks off everyone was naked. Then into the locker room to put dry clothes on. That's when I would see all their ass's, balls, and all of the dicks. I liked looking at them. My eyes would go right to them.
4 3936 words 17 mins

Little White Boy

I wanted to share a bit about me and some experiences growing up in Africa, cape cod. It was a different time back in the 70s to explore and learn. I was going thru puberty when we moved there for 3 years on my dad's contract. Life was about to change as I grew up. First was school and making new friends than learning my surroundings, where things took a turn.
3.7 2230 words 10 mins

The Couple Next Door

(or so I'm told) I recently moved into a rented house in town so that it would be easier for me to attend the local college, and being nosy, I was keen to meet my next door neighbours.
3.7 1647 words 7 mins

Boyfriend Has Sex with Girlfriend and Her Lesbian Friend

I kissed her again. Taking her breasts in my hand, I squeezed them. She moaned into my mouth. With her mouth open, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and I caught her tongue with mine. I ran my tongue along the length of hers and she did the same with me. I felt her hands move to the inside of my shirt. She pushed up my white cotton bra up over my breasts and pinched and flicked my nipples. I moaned hard. I felt the wetness growing between my legs. She pulled away from me and removed her hands from under my shirt. She turned around and I pulled her close, my hands wrapped around her stomach. We could both see the bulge in his pants where his cock was growing increasingly hard watching his girlfriend make out with her lesbian best friend.
3.6 1863 words 8 mins

Young Black Personal Shopper Guy

Once he rolled it up one leg to my crotch but continued across my crotch and down the other leg. Hmmm I thought. As he moved back and forth across my ass I definitely felt a greater pressure, especially as he moved across the crack of my ass since he not only rolled across my ass, but also slightly lower do where my ass curved back to my legs. Very sensual and I unconsciously responded by pressing back slightly...of course my wife Karen was taking all this in and I could see in the mirror a bit of a smile on her pretty lips as she shifted in her chair. Doug moved around to the front of my legs and looked in my eyes as he slowly moved higher. I gave him an imperceptable nod which he took as permission to continue.
4 1492 words 7 mins

Meeting Makya

There was a path from the beach into the brush which I followed. In just a few feet I rounded a bend and saw the home of the voice, a huge local boy about 20 years old. But when I say huge, I mean huge. He was probably 300 lbs, setting on a piece of driftwood extending me a can of Bud Lite. Must be on a diet I thought to myself.
3.8 2430 words 11 mins

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