It was Friday afternoon before the long Thanksgiving weekend. It was a slow day for classes as most of our members were getting ready for the holiday. Gisele was tidying up from our last group and I was easing gingerly onto the edge of the desk when she looked up and saw me. 'Back's really bothering you huh sweetie?' I nodded but the fact was I was near tears. 'Let's lock up and head over to my place for a Jacuzzi,' she suggested sympathetically. 'You've got to do something to loosen up those muscles before they seize completely.

The ride there was painful and she helped me out of the car when we parked. Fortunately we didn't have to wait for the lift. Within moments we were in her apartment and warm soothing water was filling the deep tub. Gisele poured us a glass of wine and she bustled about getting fresh towels while I sat wincing and sipping at my drink. She was a good friend and had been my partner in the Aerobics School for three enjoyable years.

I felt like a child when Gisele began to remove my things but the ache in my back made me welcome her attentiveness. Yet, it felt so strange. We had frequently seen each other naked whenever we changed or showered at the club. But now, to have her hovering so close and undressing me was making me tremble. Several times her hands brushed across my belly and breasts. I tried to read something from her expression that would tell me that she was feeling different too. Her eyes never met mine, and they never left the swell of my breasts or the curve of my belly while she prepared me for the bath.

The powerful jets pummeled my flesh and felt exquisite. Gisele sat on the edge of the tub rubbing my neck with her talented fingers until I could feel the tension ease down my arms and dissipate into the hot swirling water. The ache had been coming from a muscle in my lower back and she worked it relentlessly with her soothing thumbs until the knot all but disappeared.


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She seemed relaxed, almost serene, and we chatted as if we hadn't had a chance to talk in ages. She found a bath pillow and slipped it behind my head while I sank deeper into the comforting bubbles. Gently she began to wash my breasts, and like magic, the nipples reared to attention and the tips tingled. The washcloth lining her palm felt wonderful cupping my breasts and pulling gently at the stiff points.

I knew it was inevitable, and I thought I was prepared for it. But when her hand descended onto my belly I drew my breath in sharply and I felt my buttocks clench. It was only momentary, but enough to bring a soft smile to Gisele's lips as she realized my inexperience. The cloth floated off forgotten, and her hand traced tantalizing trails below my navel getting ever closer until it played in soft curls. Her other hand joined the first and curried my hips with her long nails. Unable to wait, my mutinous thighs parted prematurely. The bubbles surged into the widened gap, nibbling like soft mouths, tugging gently at my nether lips, and urging my clitoris into full erection. I was glad for the churning water to camouflage my own wetness. Without mercy, she teased me, holding back what I wanted so badly while I lay there like a slut offering everything.

Gisele's fingers found the soft upward curve of my behind and I moaned at both the sensation and the frustration of what she had bypassed to get there. My legs fell further apart at the same moment her finger pushed against my anus and I moaned again. Her finger probed deeper and her question took me by surprise. 'Does he do you there?' she inquired. The answer was so personal I could only nod. 'So does Roger,' she smiled speaking of her own husband. A shudder of sensuality shook through me as her index finger slid deep into my bottom. My shoulders and feet pressed against the tub, raising my cheeks and arching my belly out of the water. The pad of her thumb slipped into the waiting folds of my sex and pressed deliciously on my eager clit. 'Do you masturbate often?' she asked.

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'No...Yes...Sometimes.' I whispered as her thumb stroked expertly against me.

'Does he ever watch you?'

'Yes. He likes to watch.'

The intimacy of sharing such private secrets was like petrol on the flames of my desire. I wanted Gisele to make me come so badly that my hips rocked uncontrollably. Each time I was close she backed off, keeping me on the brink but not letting me. Nothing had ever felt so good. I never wanted her to stop. But I did want to come so badly. The last of the water was gurgling into the drain and I had the desperate feeling that it might end before I could come. I couldn't wait any longer and I heard myself pleading with her. 'Please...please, make me come,' I implored, lifting my hips towards her like some kind of sexual beggar.

Gisele kept me waiting long enough to pull off her top and her lovely breasts swayed over me as she bent down. Her tongue felt soft yet very strong as it pushed the soft folds of my sex apart to bare my rampant clit. It was ecstasy when she held the hoodless pearl between her puckered lips and sucked so delicately. Every nerve in my cunt was set aflame by her tongue and I came in a flood of indescribable pleasure that left me gasping for breath and sobbing for more.

I scarcely remember making our way to the bedroom, but I shall never forget sprawling like a wanton slut while Gisele brought me to peak after peak of exquisite delight. I came so often I lost count. It was the first time I'd ever been with another woman. The thought had always seemed abhorrent to me. Yet I felt no shards of guilt ripping at my conscience and no reluctance to spread my legs for her touch.

When it came time to reciprocate I totally beguiled by her body. The softness of her mouth on my own and the pungent taste of my juices on her gorgeous face lit fires of desire that I'd never felt before. Her breasts hung invitingly near my face as she knelt above me and I sucked each one into my mouth, laving the nipples with my tongue until she moaned her appreciation.

My arms circled her hips and I eased her forward until the wild foliage of her pussy hovered just above my lips. She was very wet and the rim of her vulva glistened generously with her lubricant. Each breath I took filled me with the musky aroma of her sex. I nuzzled her, pressing my nose to the cup of her fragrance and she lowered her belly to cover my mouth. The softness of her flower bloomed against the pressure of my tongue and I stretched in as far as I could reach. The walls of her channel were incredibly soft and the well of her arousal streamed along my tongue and soaked my face. My lips, surrounded by her vulva, were embracing the soft petals within. Buried in the coarse hair of her pubis my nose nudged the turgid stem of her clitoris causing her to mewl like a kitten. Gisele's hands supported my head between her thighs, possessively urging even closer communion between my face and her furrow.

Between the splayed cheeks of her athletic bum my inquiring fingers found the object of Roger's affection. With my thumbnail I scraped lightly over the undefended rosette while my fingers gathered moisture nearby. A groan of approval tore from her lips as I penetrated her behind pushing my slippery finger right in to the last knuckle. Within seconds, a torrent of love juice flowed over my chin and down onto the bedspread. Her breath came in short gasps punctuated with joyous whimpers and little shrieks. Gisele came thunderously, grinding her molten sex against my mouth in unrestrained ecstasy.

Exhausted, she tumbled beside me on the bed. Her dark red hair spread out like a fiery halo around her head. Perspiration glowed on her shiny forehead and her skin felt damp from the exertion. Between her thighs the hair was matted, wet from her secretions and my own saliva. She caught me looking there and opened her legs to my gaze. Her hand slid up the inside of my thigh and cupped my sex with our new found familiarity.

'Does Roger do you like that?' I asked tentatively.

'Not like that.' she confided. 'He licks. You suck. You're the best.'

For a long time we rested. Her hand played with the hair between my legs, pulling out the curls until they were straight and then letting them spring back against my mons. The lips were soft, relaxed and ajar. I tried to remember the last time I'd come with such intensity and couldn't recall of even once that I had.

Gisele's finger followed the line of my slit brushing back the hairs to make a path through the underbrush. My clit throbbed when she used her thumbs to open the flower and expose the pink thimble within. A long sigh escaped my lips as I felt her warm breath blow across its sensitive rim. I desperately wanted her mouth one more time. One more time now ... and a million times more after that. A flush came to my cheeks when Gisele moved my hand down between my legs. She pushed my folded knees wide apart and winked at me mischievously. 'Go ahead' she said. 'I like watch.' The long weekend seemed too long for the very first time. I couldn't wait to get back to work, and back to Gisele. My husband and I made love on the Sunday morning and it seemed very ordinary, very mundane. Until I closed my eyes and thought of her. When his hand caressed my sex I held onto it guiding the fingers to simulate her touch; imploring him to go down on me just the way that she had. He seemed surprised by my aggressiveness and uncomfortable with my directness. There had been an awakening in the depths of my belly and it disconcerted him to be driven by my demands. Even his cock had seemed superfluous. When he had ejaculated it was a relief to watch it shrivel along with his ability to continue. In the end, I finished myself while he took refuge in the bathroom, watching through the crack in the door. I ached for the many orgasms I'd enjoyed on Friday afternoon and I counted the hours till Tuesday.

On Monday we did it again and this time he seemed more prepared for my heightened drive. He tried to suck me the way I asked and it was good. Not the same, but good. When he mounted me he made sure that I was ready and he held off coming until I had. He was attentive and obliging and he even played with himself for me when I told him 'I like to watch'.

The suspicion that I had learned from another man must be playing through his mind but he's never asked. He just tries harder to be better.

I love my husband and continue to enjoy sex with him. But in my heart I know that the softness of a woman's touch will always be the standard of excellence. And I'm reminded of that almost every day at work.

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