Shawn's Bi Adventure

Hi, my name is Shawn. I am a 26-year-old software engineer with a company in central Florida. I wanted to tell you about the most erotic experience I ever witnessed in my life. I live in a modest house with my younger sister. She is attending the university and our strict parents thought it would be a good idea if she lived with me for at least her freshman year. I didn't mind at all since my kid sister and I got along incredibly well for siblings. I would do anything for her and she would do the same for me.

A little bit about my sister, Maria; she just turned nineteen and graduated high school in the top of her class. She stands 5'3" tall. Her hair is long medium brown and always in a ponytail. Her eyes are chestnut brown hidden behind small-rimmed glasses. She fit the picture of the stereotypical prep-teacher except that she had the perfect picture of an ass. The curves from the small of her back, over her ass and blending into her firm thighs made heads turn anytime she would walk by. Of course, with the gift of her ass, she was cursed with tiny breasts. She almost never wore a bra since she didn't have much to hold up. At best, they were the size and firmness of an overripe peach. Normally, a brother wouldn't know what his sister's breasts felt like except for one night I hosted a party for Maria and her friends at my house. Well, they were playing games and started to play truth or dare. I wasn't part of the game but I could hear everything going on. Maria's friends were getting a little drunk; Maria doesn't drink; when her best friend Tara challenged Maria with a huge dare. Since they were always trying to outdo each other, I guess Tara was trying to get to Maria. She dared Maria to give me a blowjob in front of everyone. I was going to step in and stop the game but a feisty Maria stood up and agreed. I was shocked and was going to tell her no, but my dick was telling me something else. So, I dropped my pants in front of her friends and she started giving me a great blowjob. It was so hot that I had the natural urge to play with her breast. I reached under her shirt and massaged Maria's tits. They were soft and supple. As I massaged more, her nipples grew into huge bullets that were rock hard to my fingers. The more massaging I did, the harder and faster Maria sucked on my cock. Within minutes, I blew a heavy load into her mouth and she sucked most of it dry. I was amazed, shocked and embarrassed what happened with my sister. We never talked about it since.

Since Maria was very bright, she found herself hanging around with students in their senior year. One friend she was always hanging around with was Sandy. Sandy spent more time at my house than her own apartment. Not that I minded, she was beautiful. She had long red hair, green eyes, a nice body frame and legs that would not quit. She stood close to 6' tall and towered over Maria. They look cute together because of their size.

The most erotic experience I ever encountered happened a few weeks ago when I was supposed to attend a seminar in Atlanta that was cancelled the day before. I went home to unpack my things and get to work in my private studio room. I was working for about twenty minutes when I heard Maria come home. She had Sandy tagging along with her as they bounced in the living room and dropped their bags. I was going to go out and say hello but something held me back. I looked out the open entrance as I heard Sandy speak out.


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"So Shawn won't be home until Sunday night?" she giggled and moaned...

Giggling Maria mumbled something I couldn't hear until I heard, "You better not start something you cannot finish."

Then I heard a wet kiss.

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'What???' I thought.

I had to see more, I went to the studio entrance and looked out and saw Maria and Sandy in a very passionate kiss. Sandy was standing behind Maria bent over kissing her face passionately and actually, very noisily. Both her hands had found their way under Maria's loose shirt and were cupping and rubbing her breasts. I was in shock as I stood hidden watching my kid sister making out with her friend not more than five feet away. Since I was in the shadows of the room, I didn't think they would be able to see me. I looked on as Sandy was peeling off Maria's shirt slowly. For the second time I got to see Maria's breasts in their very aroused state. It was amazing how Sandy was caressing her nipples with her fingertips and Maria was so flush and turned on by her actions. Maria was so hot that her hips were rolling to the waves of passion that were quite obvious. In a move that was a blur to my eyes. Sandy's shirt and bra were off and Maria's lips were clasped on to one of her nipples causing Sandy's eyes to roll in the back of her head. Sandy's breasts were much larger than Maria's, although that isn't saying much, but the unusual thing about her tits were that they had upturned brown nipples. They looked perfect to latch on and suck for hours.

"Oooooohhhhh, you're so naughty." Sandy cooed to Maria's experienced tongue work.

Sandy held Maria's head to one breast and used her other hand to massage the other breast and work her nipples with her fingers.


Wow, Maria was good at this as the two girls fell artistically onto my sofa.

Of course my hand was a little busy to the real live action in my living room. I also realized that I was seeing my sister in a new light. Not as a kid sister, but as a mature, sexual woman that was more experienced than I ever thought.

The girls giggled a little more as they kissed and tantalized each other with their hands.

"Why don't you go first since I went first last night." Sandy said as she removed her shorts and panties if she was wearing them. Her long legs found a nice wide-open position on my sofa that allowed Maria to go in and taste her honey. Her legs were so long and she was spread so wide that another person could have joined for the feast. I needed to move so I could get a better view. It was erotic to watch Maria's pony tail bounce up and down as her tongue licked through the passion folds on Sandy. The more Sandy moaned, the slower Maria seemed to get as if she was teasing her. I was close enough to hear the smacking sound of Maria's lips and tongue caressing the very wet pussy.

"Come on baby, please lick my clit... I'm almost there." Sandy moaned as her hips started to move.

Doing as requested, I could see the tip of Maria's tongue flick the huge clit between Sandy's legs.

"Oh sweetie!....Oooooooo..."

Then I heard a little plop as Maria's wet mouth sucked in Sandy's clit. That was followed by a powerful scream of an exploding Sandy.

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....yes, oh.. yes!!!" The orgasm cried out of Sandy.

Her hips stopped bucking and her back arched as her legs spread even further. She unloaded a blast of cum onto my sister's face. The whole picture had me at my end, but I had to stop because these girls didn't look like they were done. Maria leaned back to savor the sight in front of her; and to give me a clear view of Sandy's pussy. Her lips were bright red and stuck out of the folds of her mound. She had a small tuft of hair on the very top and everything else was bald as can be.

Maria spoke up as they were switching positions and ridding her of the shorts she had on.

"Nice smooth shave. Patty do it?"

"Yea." Sandy answered. "It took us three hours though. We kept getting too hot and had to fuck each other with the 'blue beast'."

"But Patty is six months pregnant?" Maria countered "How could you fuck her?"

"Oh, it is so freaking hot. You got to do it tomorrow night when she is here. It is actually easy."

"Now sit back and ride the wave honey." Sandy told Maria as her face found my sister's juice box.

It was a little harder to watch the close action on Maria since she was much smaller and not as wide spread, but I could see that Sandy was a serious pro at this as my sister was cumming very quickly.


Her eyes were looking up at the ceiling and not seeing anything as the wave of passion enveloped her body and she clearly shuttered. The panting was very labored and her whole body collapsed on the sofa.

"Oh girl, you cum so easy." Sandy said teasingly.

"I know! You stay right there." She told my sister as she headed off to Maria's room.

I could now see my kid sister lying naked on the couch and I was incredibly turned on. This was the first time I saw her pussy. It definitely matched the lines of her ass. It too was shaved just like Sandy but her lips were hidden in the folds.

I was just about to erupt myself when Sandy came back wearing a strap-on dildo with a good size head on it.

"I know how to make you come over and over. Now bend over the couch and let me ride you a while."

Obeying her command, my sister bent over the sofa and spread her legs wide to allow for her friend with the rubber dick in.

In one complete thrust the whole dildo was buried in my sister only to hear a gasp of "Yess!"

There was a height difference on these girls but they must have practiced this many times because they were positioned right and Sandy's hips gyrated the dildo in and out of Maria.

"ooooooooohhhhhhh baby!!!" Maria called out.

"Yes, honey, take mommy's big dick. Take it deep and cum on mommy." Sandy instructed.

""mmmmmmmmmmm... ooohhhh." Biting her lip hard and moaning at the same time.

Then in a flash of quick thrusting and a change of angle, Sandy hit the spot.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..." Maria's scream filled the house.

Hitting the spot again, sis screamed again. Then a third time and this time Sandy left it there.

And I left a mess on the wall of my studio.

Sliding out of her pussy Sandy slouched back to the couch with the dildo sticking straight out. She rubbed it like a cock in her hand and massage her breast while my sister recuperated from her fucking.

"Ya know baby.. " Sandy said in a new light. "I haven't been fucked in the ass by you in two weeks. I think I need you to do that to me."

"Strap-on or the probe?" Maria asked.

"Let's do the probe for now so you can lick my pussy too. Tomorrow I want double penetration with you and Patty."

Maria went into her room to get her toy and Sandy removed her strap-on. Since Maria wasn't back yet, she buried her fingers in her pussy good and then she coated the brown rosebud nicely. My sister came back with this white probe thing that she was coating with lube, I guess.

The long legs found each end of the sofa and the probe found its target. It was interesting to see it slide into her ass as Maria seemed to take her time.

"Fuck!" Sandy called.

The probe seemed to be deep enough as Maria's face met up with Sandy's pussy lips. Although Maria seemed a little nervous with the anal probe, Sandy was getting off really easy and she let everyone know it.

"FUCK YES!!!" Aaaahhhhhhhhh... FUCK MY ASS!"

"Yeeessss..... I'm cumming!" Sandy called out to everyone.

Her explosion pushed my sister back onto the floor with the probe still lodged in her ass. Composing herself, Maria grabbed the probe and pulled it out slowly to Sandy's cooing and soft ride down from a very intense orgasm.

The relaxing was short lived as Sandy called out.

"We need to get a good shower, we have to be at Turner Hall in an hour."

The two girls gthered their toys and headed to the bathroom. When I heard them climb in the shower, as much as I wanted to stay, I left the house only to come back while they were on campus.

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