Played Gloryhole Game at ABS

I'm happily married late 50's male. I've dabbled with bi activity since college, often going years. I've had cock in my mouth, but never went to completion. But over the last few years, I've been increasingly turned on by shemales, crossdressers, bi-couples, and gloryholes. I've eaten my own cum for years, sometimes off my wife's tits or pussy even. Then last year I stumbled across this thing called "The Gloryhole Game" on a site. Idea is that the person playing it goes into an ABS and into a booth with a Gloryhole. Once inside, kneel in front of the hole and wait. If after five minutes nothing happens, then you can leave. However if a cock comes through the hole, you MUST suck it and you MUST swallow the cum.

I couldn't stop thinking about it. Then I had to make a trip that took me out of my area and to a place where there were three ABS near my destination. I decided it was time. So I went to the first one, but saw they didn't have Gloryholes, but rather those open "around the corner" booths. Where someone can be sitting on the seat watching porn but you actually have to peek around corner to see. So I modified the rules. Same five minutes, but the rule became if I peek around the corner and a guy had his cock out, I'd offer to suck it.

Well, I found a guy in a booth, and he was stroking. So I offered, and he stood up and motioned for me to take the seat, which put his penis right at mouth height. I took him in my mouth and sucked a bit, but he chickened out and left. So I went to another booth.

In that booth there was a hot bear with his cock out, hard, and stroking. I kneeled in front of him and he gently pulled my mouth around him. I sucked, caressed, stroked, and jerked him. He had me lick his nipples a bit while he talked dirty. Then I put my mouth around him again and his pace picked up. He started thrusting his hips, moaning, and asked if "I wanted Daddy's cum." I just kept sucking, and soon I got my reward. I tasted that salty load and just kept swallowing. I thanked him, he zipped up and left. I had just swallowed my first ever load from another guy.

About a week later I had to go to that area again, so I decided to try the other place. I guess I wasn't really playing the game anymore, as I was determined to suck and swallow at least two guys ... I wanted to learn the difference in taste. The first guy was an older construction worker type, trim, but manly with a nice beard. He was watching bi porn as I got on my knees and took him. Soon he was moaning and a moment later I got my second taste of cum. This one was bigger, several strong jets that hit me directly in the back of my throat. At one point I was gulping his yummy sperm and enjoying every moment. When he finished, I got up, whispered a "that was hot" in his ear, and immediately left for another booth where I had seen another guy.

When I got to that booth, he didn't have his cock out yet, but he stood up and started rubbing. At this point, I thought I'd just be honest, so I asked "Can I give you a blowjob?" He immediately pulled out his cock and I dropped to my knees. This guy's cock was much bigger than the others. Long, thick, and a big bulbous head. I'd been able to go balls deep on the other guys, not this one. He was hard in an instant, and I happily started licking and stroking him. He showed me that he liked having my mouth around the head while I vigorously stroked him. I dutifully did that, and soon I felt his warm load in my mouth. And for the third time in a week, I swallowed every drop.

What have I learned? Well, I'm not attracted to men, but I do love sucking cock. I also get really turned on being a bit of a blowjob slut. I didn't even think twice after swallowing one guy before I went searching for another load. Obviously I have to be super discreet, but I want to find a way I suck cock a bit more often than these once every six month trips out of area. I really like giving head, and it turns me on even more than I imagined.

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written by purely4fun2

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