Jerking Off with My Best Friends

It was a beautiful day and Clive and Clinton were at a my house. We were playing video games all day when Clive opened is phone and his gay porn from the day before started playing. We were shocked because Clive always insisted he was straight. It turned me really on because I was also secretly bi. Clive said that he was just checking it out. And I said: "I would like to check you out", while having a throbbing 12 inch boner, which was clearly visible.

Clive said no at first but got a 7 inch boner himself even. Clinton said:" yeah Clive show your dick. Or well tell about the porn" Clive was hesitant at first but proceeded to unzip his pants and revealed his throbbing cock. I immediately did the same and Clinton did as well.

Clinton revealed his massive 11 inches and Clive was shocked by the sight of our cocks. We then proceeded to jerk each other of. They were my slaves since I had the biggest cock of them all. I told them they had to jerk me off. They did so with four hands. I was sucking Clinton until I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth and he came 10 shots.

It was a massive load. I came immediately afterwards and came so much that it first hit Clive's face then Clinton's and it was still going. Clive proceeded to cum as well and came almost two pints full. Afterwards we ate as much as possible and proceeded to jerk off a final time in the shower.

This is my fantasy. Where I wish to jerk off with my best friends and where I have the biggest dick of em all.

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written by joguar1

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